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Is 123Movies Safe to Use in 2023? (& Best Alternatives)

Is 123Movies Safe to Use in 2023? Definitely Not. (& Safer Alternatives)

Let‘s be very clear upfront – using 123Movies and its many mirror sites to stream or download movies and shows is absolutely not recommended or safe. The 123Movies ecosystem is entirely illegal, at high risk of security threats, and has faced enforcement actions. If you value your privacy, security and adhering to the law, you should avoid this platform entirely.

Instead, rely on the many convenient and affordable legal streaming options available in 2023. The goal of this guide is to take an honest look at 123Movies, understand exactly why it‘s so dangerous to use, and explore better streaming alternatives.

The Rise and Fall of 123Movies

123Movies first launched in Vietnam back in 2015, quickly growing into one of the most visited streaming sites by 2018 with 60 million monthly visitors according to Reuters.

Powered by an extensive library of pirated content, easy accessibility and a functional interface, 123Movies gained significant global popularity for free movies and shows. At its peak, an estimated 98 million individuals used 123Movies each month according to piracy data firm MUSO.

However, major lawsuits and criminal investigations were soon filed against 123Movies by groups like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). In 2018, Vietnamese authorities officially shut down the platform and charged its owners with serious copyright infringement crimes.

[Table showing 123Movies traffic and status timeline from 2015-2022]

But much like the mythical hydra, whenever one 123Movies domain was cut down, multiple new mirrors and proxies emerged in its place across the web. Despite frequent domain changes and shutdowns, 123Movies links continue to be widely shared online to this day.

Is It Legal to Use 123Movies?

The short answer is no – 123Movies is very much an illegal service according to copyright laws worldwide. Hollywood studios alone lost an estimated $2.4 billion in revenue from users streaming pirated movies on sites like 123Movies according to NBC News.

Streaming or downloading any copyrighted content without permission or licenses is considered piracy across most regions. While rarely prosecuted, individual 123Movies users still participate in unlawful activity that hurts media creators. Frequent offenders in countries like the US have faced fines up to $200,000 under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

In fact, a resident of North Carolina was recently sentenced to 12 months of house arrest simply for streaming pirated sports and TV shows. Many countries consider streaming pirated material as serious of a crime as direct copyright theft and distribution.

[Pie chart showing global streaming piracy statistics]

Without paying studios and networks for licenses, every view or download on 123Movies directly robs creators of income while fueling the illegal operations. Perpetuating these criminal enterprises also exposes regular users to unfair legal and malware risks.

How Dangerous is 123Movies?

Accessing any illegal or unregulated streaming platform carries major inherent risks beyond legal issues:

  • Spyware infections – Studies by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky found 1 in 3 piracy sites contain malware, typically hidden in downloaded files or installers. Users have reported everything from password stealers to screen hijacking malware and cryptominers.

  • Data leaks – User emails, passwords and information commonly get compromised or sold when entered on pirated streaming platforms, which care little about your privacy compared to legitimate services.

  • IP tracing – Your IP address can be logged when accessing illegal streams, potentially resulting in legal notices or blacklisting by ISPs after copyright complaints.

  • Financial fraud – Entering any personal financial data like credit cards on pirated sites often results in fraudulent use and billing issues.

  • Unstable platforms – 123Movies mirrors change constantly, make it unreliable. Broken links, abruptshutdowns and fake websites are very common.

[Table comparing malware and IP tracing risks between legal and illegal streaming]

A 2022 study by Comparitech of over 5,000 streaming sites found 61% of pirated platforms contained tracking cookies, harmful malware or suspicious links, compared to only 35% of legal platforms.

Over 29 million visitors to just the proxy were exposed to malware clickjacking according to a 2020 assessment by cybersecurity firm ReasonLabs.

With an unpredictable legal status and zero accountability, any guarantees of safety or reliability with 123Movies are simply non-existent. While occasional lightweight streaming may fly under the radar, increased usage spikes your risks exponentially.

Safer Streaming Alternatives

Thankfully, consumers today have no shortage of affordable, legal streaming platforms for enjoying entertainment:

  • Netflix – Still the gold standard with an unparalleled catalog of on-demand movies, shows, and original programming. Plans start at just $9.99 a month.

  • Hulu – Leading choice for new episodes of network and cable shows, with over 85,000 titles on demand. Ad-supported plan only $7.99 monthly.

  • Disney+ – The top destination for Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and other family-friendly content. Just $7.99 a month with high quality originals.

  • HBO Max – Features all HBO series plus blockbuster movies, DC films, Adult Swim and more for $9.99 a month with ads.

  • YouTube – Offers a selection of free ad-supported movies along with streaming rentals & purchases. Channels like Paramount+ now accessible too.

  • Amazon Prime – Included with a Prime subscription, also available standalone for $8.99 per month. Robust library with added perks like free delivery.

[Table comparing legal streaming services, prices, content catalogs and features]

Cord-cutting statistics show legal streaming subscriptions grew to 1.1 billion worldwide in 2021. With more competition, costs are dropping while quality and catalogs improve. There‘s simply no need to resort to piracy anymore for entertainment.

Do You Need a VPN for Extra Security?

Because of the multitude of risks on sites like 123Movies, using a VPN (virtual private network) does provide an encrypted layer of protection when streaming illegally. Here‘s a quick primer on how consumer VPN services work:

  • Encrypts your traffic – A VPN app on your device encrypts all network data and internet traffic through a secure tunnel. This prevents snooping of data.

  • Changed IP address – VPN servers assign you a different IP address and location to mask your identity and bypass geography-based blocks.

  • No activity logs – Due to a zero-logging policy, your VPN provider has no records of sites visited or data transferred while connected.

However, a VPN is ultimately just a content delivery tool – it won‘t keep you anonymous if prosecutors or copyright enforcers decide to legally pursue identified piracy activity. A VPN also provides zero legal protection. Think of it more like wearing gloves to hide fingerprints. If you get caught stealing, the gloves won‘t prevent charges.

For maximum anonymity, use a VPN in combination with The Onion Router (Tor) encrypted network. But fully legal streaming using site subscriptions remains the only 100% risk and trouble-free method.

Choosing the Best VPNs for Streaming

If used properly for legal means, VPNs can absolutely improve streaming reliability, speed and security:

  • NordVPN – A top choice for streaming with fast speeds, zero logging policies, obfuscated servers and streaming-optimized servers. Plans from just $3.29 per month.

  • ExpressVPN – Excellent speeds and reliability. Ideal for buffer-free HD streaming. 30-day refund guarantee available. Just $8.32 a month.

  • Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN great for streaming. Includes features like MultiHop and CleanWeb for privacy. Starts at only $2.49 a month.

Focus on VPNs with unlimited bandwidth, strong encryption, broadband server networks, zero logging policies, and optimized performance for streaming. Avoid free VPNs, which monetize your data.

Is a 123Movies VPN Kill Switch Important?

A VPN kill switch function that shuts off internet access if the VPN connection suddenly drops is strongly recommended when using sites like 123Movies.

Without a functional VPN tunnel, your IP address and traffic are exposed. Kill switches defend against accidental data leaks by disabling connectivity until the VPN reconnects. Leaks can potentially reveal your identity and location.


At the end of the day, no illegal streaming platform can ever fully guarantee your privacy, security or anonymity. The risks and unpredictable nature of piracy are simply not worth the hassle for most streaming consumers.

Instead, rely on the many excellent legal streaming options available in 2023 across both free and paid tiers. Quality legal platforms not only keep you safe and compliant with copyright law, but also properly compensate creators and encourage future entertainment production.

If you do opt to stream on sites like 123Movies, proceed with extreme caution. But the wisest choice is leaving pirated platforms firmly behind, and instead utilizing only secure legal streaming providers moving forward. Your security and entertainment experience will be all the better for it.



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