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AB de Villiers Net Worth – What Makes Him One of Cricket‘s Wealthiest?

Hey cricket fans! If you love the thrill of watching AB de Villiers smash bowlers all over the park with his explosive batting, you‘ve probably wondered – just how rich is Mr.360? With his attacking shots, superman fielding and worldwide fame, ABD has amassed a staggering net worth that places him among cricket‘s financial elite.

In this in-depth guide, I‘ll break down the various aspects of De Villiers‘ wealth so you can fully appreciate how he earned his crorepati status!

A Net Worth Fit for Cricket Royalty

ABD‘s Estimated Net Worth: Rs 148 crores (or USD 21 million)

Yup, you read that right! AB de Villiers‘ net worth is estimated to be a massive Rs 148 crores (USD 21 million) as of September 2022. This colossal fortune comfortably makes him one of the richest cricketers in the world.

Among South African athletes, De Villiers trails only golfing superstar Ernie Els in terms of wealth. His net worth is on par with English cricketing legends Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen.

Globally, ABD‘s net worth matches up to that of West Indian greats Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo.

So how did AB de Villiers build such enviable wealth? Let‘s break it down step-by-step!

How ABD Amassed His Vast Wealth

There are three prime sources fueling AB de Villiers‘ astronomical net worth:

1. Career Earnings from Cricket

The bulk of De Villiers‘ net worth can be attributed to his salary and match fees earned during an illustrious career spanning 17 years.

2. IPL Salary from Royal Challengers Bangalore

ABD‘s long association with RCB as a marquee player has added enormously to his wealth.

3. Endorsement Deals with Big Brands

De Villiers‘ fame off the pitch has resulted in numerous profitable sponsorship deals and endorsements.

Let‘s look at each of these in detail:

De Villiers Has Earned Big From Match Fees

As an international cricket star for South Africa from 2004 to 2018, De Villiers raked in significant income from Test, ODI and T20I match fees.

With a career spanning 114 Tests, 228 ODIs and 78 T20Is, ABD earned match fees from 492 international games for South Africa!

Additionally, he has been a fixture in T20 leagues like IPL, CPL, BBL and PSL that have further filled his coffers.

Total Career Match Earnings: Rs 70 crores (Estimated)

So by monetizing his batting genius across formats and leagues, AB de Villiers has built a small fortune just from match fees over 17 years.

IPL Salary from RCB Has Multiplied ABD‘s Wealth

Since 2011, AB de Villiers has been an integral part of the star-studded Royal Challengers Bangalore lineup in the IPL.

He has been one of RCB‘s marquee players for over a decade, ranking among the highest paid cricketers in IPL history.

In his 11 seasons with RCB (2011 to 2021), ABD‘s cumulative IPL salary and match earnings are estimated to be over Rs 110 crores!

With an average salary of Rs 9-11 crores per season, De Villiers has been paid handsomely for his batting exploits and star power.

This massive income from IPL has catapulted De Villiers‘ net worth into the stratosphere!

Endorsement Deals Have Added Tens of Crores

AB de Villiers‘ countrywide popularity in India – thanks to the IPL – has resulted in numerous profitable endorsement deals over the years.

ABD has been signed up as brand ambassador by companies like Audi, Puma, MRF Tyres, Upper Deck and Gillette.

Globally, he endorses renowned brands including Montblanc, Myntra and Steyn City Luxury Resort.

His long-term deal with Puma itself pays him Rs 4-5 crores annually!

In all, De Villiers‘ annual income from endorsements amounts to an estimated Rs 6.5 crores.

These sponsorship deals have provided a steady second income stream that contributes handsomely to ABD‘s overall net worth.

AB de Villiers‘ Net Worth Journey in Numbers

Now that we‘ve outlined the main sources of ABD‘s wealth, let‘s break it down numerically:

AB de Villiers‘ Net Worth

Source of IncomeEarnings (Estimated)
Career Match FeesRs 70 crores
IPL Salary (2011-21)Rs 110 crores
Yearly EndorsementsRs 6.5 crores
Other EarningsRs 25 crores
Total Net WorthRs 148 crores

Phew! That‘s quite a financial report card! This table summarizes how De Villiers accumulated his Rs 148 crore net worth through cricket salary, IPL contracts and endorsements.

No wonder he‘s called Mr. 360 – ABD seems to earn crores from every direction!

What Makes ABD One of the Richest Cricketers?

By now it‘s evident that AB de Villiers‘ astronomical net worth places him among the financial elite of cricket.

But what specifically about ABD has enabled him to become one of the wealthiest cricketers globally? Let‘s look at the key factors:

A Long, Successful International Career

ABD represented South Africa for 15 years, racking up over 20,000 international runs. This provided him financial security.

IPL Marquee Player for Over a Decade

As RCB‘s batting superstar since 2011, ABD has enjoyed top-tier IPL salary packages.

Global Brand Ambassador

De Villiers‘ popularity and appeal make him a hot property for endorsements.

Visionary Investments

ABD has invested smartly in startups and real estate to grow his personal wealth.

Financial Planning

He has managed his finances prudently and leveraged cricket success into long-term wealth.

Post-Retirement Earnings

Ventures like coaching, commentary and leagues continue to supplement ABD‘s income.

By combining cricketing success with smart investments and endorsements, AB de Villiers has capitalized fully on his on-field genius to create extraordinary wealth.

Let‘s look at some incredible stats and records that laid the platform for his fortunes:

AB de Villiers‘ Cricket Career At a Glance

  • 6,000+ ODI runs in just 182 innings – fastest by a South African
  • Fastest ODI 50, 100 and 150 by a South African
  • 69 ODI 50+ scores
  • 3 IPL centuries
  • Most Test catches by a wicketkeeper – 222
  • 43 Test 50+ scores
  • 69 Test catches

How Rich is AB de Villiers Compared to Other Cricketers?

ABD‘s estimated net worth of Rs 148 crores places him among the upper echelons of cricket‘s rich list. But how does he compare to other icons?

ABD vs Virat Kohli

  • Virat Kohli‘s net worth: Rs 900 crores
  • ABD‘s net worth is ~16% of Kohli‘s

ABD vs MS Dhoni

  • MS Dhoni‘s net worth: Rs 800 crores
  • ABD‘s net worth is ~18% of Dhoni‘s

ABD vs Rohit Sharma

  • Rohit Sharma‘s net worth: Rs 185 crores
  • ABD‘s net worth is ~80% of Rohit‘s

ABD vs Virender Sehwag

  • Virender Sehwag‘s net worth: Rs 250 crores
  • ABD‘s net worth is ~60% of Sehwag‘s

So among modern cricketers, only all-time greats like Kohli and Dhoni surpass AB de Villiers in terms of net worth. But ABD has accumulated more wealth than contemporaries like Rohit Sharma and Sehwag.

His shrewd financial planning off the field has enabled AB de Villiers to come close to the big beasts of cricket in terms of overall fortune.

The Road Ahead – Will ABD‘s Wealth Grow?

At just 39 years of age currently, AB de Villiers still has ample opportunities to grow his net worth in the years ahead. How can he add to his crores going forward?

IPL Comeback

A comeback with RCB will allow ABD to earn big money again

Cricketing Ventures

Coaching consultancy, commentary gigs and veterans‘ leagues can open new income avenues. Already set to debut in Nepal‘s Everest Premier League.


ABD‘s appeal with brands is still strong, especially in India. Sponsorships provide long-term earning potential.



New Roles

Punditry, coaching and mentoring future stars will enable monetization of ABD‘s cricketing experience.

So while AB de Villiers is already worth nearly Rs 150 crores, fans can expect his net worth to continue rising in the years to come through strategic decisions.

After all, ABD knows a thing or two about fetching big money!

Summing Up AB de Villiers‘ Net Worth Journey

It‘s no exaggeration to say AB de Villiers is the epitome of a cricketer who has successfully converted on-field success into long-term financial security.

With astute planning, smart investments and leveraging his star power, ABD has accumulated an astonishing net worth of Rs 148 crores – a figure that will likely grow in the future.

De Villiers‘ wealth serves as a blueprint for cricketers globally on how to maximize earnings from salary, leagues and endorsements. While already wealthy, fans can expect ABD‘s net worth to touch even greater heights in the years ahead!



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