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Addison Rae Alani: An In-Depth Look at the TikTok Star‘s Buzzed-About Collaboration

TikTok‘s biggest star joining forces with an up-and-coming health brand? Now that‘s a matchup bound to generate major buzz.

Addison Rae Easterling – crowned "reigning queen of TikTok" with over 86 million followers – recently released a limited edition collection with supplement company Alani Nu. Their Berry Pop Energy Drink, in particular, has attracted attention across platforms.

In this extensive guide, we‘ll explore Addison‘s skyrocketing stardom,break down Alani Nu‘s brand growth, get behind-the-scenes details on their collaboration, and see why fans are lining up to snag these limited-run wellness products.

Whether you‘re an avid Addison supporter, gym junkie, or simply health-conscious, read on for the full lowdown on this buzzed-about partnership!

Who is Addison Rae? A Primer on TikTok‘s Biggest Star

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, 20-year-old Addison Rae Easterling first downloaded TikTok in 2019 as a bored teenager. Fast forward just a few years, and today she reigns as the app‘s top earner, boasting 86.3 million followers and over 5 billion TikTok likes.

But how did she get there? Let‘s break down Addison Rae‘s rapid rise to fame:

Going Viral with Dance Videos

  • Originally a competitive dancer, Addison Rae started uploading TikTok dance videos syncing to trending audios back in 2019.
  • Her lively persona and impressive moves quickly earned her a following.
  • Some of her biggest early hits included dancing to Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” (78.1M views) and the “Renegade” challenge (47.4M).

Developing Her Personal Brand

  • As her audience grew, Addison Rae began sharing fun vlogs, OOTDs, life updates beyond just dancing.
  • She cultivated a bright, bubbly image with her signature wavy hair and radiant smile.
  • Addison Rae also engaged heavily with followers through duets, comments and livestreams.

By late 2019, Addison officially became TikTok‘s top creator. Her account‘s meteoric rise has even been dubbed "one of the fastest growing social media presences in recent memory.”

Today, Addison Rae remains TikTok’s most-followed personality. She continues enthralling fans with dance trends, beauty tips, family moments and more.

Some Addison Rae stats:

  • 86.3 million TikTok followers
  • 10.4 million YouTube subscribers
  • 39.6 million Instagram followers
  • Averages 75+ million TikTok video views per week
  • Reportedly earned $5+ million in 2021 through branded content

Clearly, her appeal spans well beyond just TikTok!

Branching into New Ventures

Leveraging her social media fame, Addison Rae has expanded into modeling, music, acting and numerous business deals.

Some highlights:

  • Her own cosmetics line, Item Beauty, launched in 2020
  • Starred in Netflix teen rom-com He‘s All That (2021)
  • Modeled for American Eagle, Sherri Hill, and more
  • Launched a Spotify podcast "Mama Knows Best" with her mother
  • Partners with brands like Pandora Jewelry, Sony, and Skechers

Now with her collaboration with Alani Nu, Addison Rae is sinking her teeth into the world of health and wellness.

Spotlight on Alani Nu – The Fitness Brand Behind the Products

Founded in 2018 by Instagram influencer Katy Hearn, Alani Nu is a nutrition and supplement company geared towards gym lovers and fitness buffs.

But just who is the woman behind this brand that Addison Rae has chosen to partner with?

Katy Hearn‘s Journey to Entrepreneurship

  • Katy Hearn initially gained traction on Instagram for her fitness tips and journey as a bikini competitor.
  • She amassed over 1.3 million Instagram followers and launched her own guides and programs.
  • Identifying a gap for delicious, nutrition-packed supplements, Katy Hearn launched Alani Nu in 2018.

Katy‘s mission with Alani Nu has been providing high-quality, innovative formulas to support fitness goals. The brand offers everything from pre-workouts to proteins shakes and beauty supplements.

The Alani Nu Product Lineup: Quality You Can Taste

Alani Nu has expanded its range to over 40 products, with their Nu Shakes and Nu Energy drinks among bestsellers.

Some key attributes across Alani Nu‘s products:

  • No artificial sweeteners, coloring or preservatives
  • Lower in sugar than competitor supplements
  • Delicious flavors like Salted Caramel, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Sour Green Apple
  • Caffeine-free and stimulant-free options

For founder Katy Hearn, creating superior-tasting supplements has been a priority. This focus resonates with customers looking for healthy options without sacrificing flavor.

Alani Nu‘s Growing Following in Fitness

Since its founding, Alani Nu has cultivated a loyal customer base in the fitness community. Their supplements are now staples at many gyms across America.

Some Alani Nu success metrics:

  • 1.5 million Instagram followers
  • Sold in over 10,000 retail stores
  • Ranked #279 in 2020 Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies
  • Expected to surpass $100 million in revenue

Through quality ingredients, transparency and a focus on brand experience, Alani Nu has carved out a niche providing supplements directly to fitness buffs.

Their partnership with Addison Rae signals further expansion into the mainstream.

Inside the Addison Rae x Alani Nu Collaboration

In June 2022, the two brands announced their collaboration with the tagline "TikTok‘s #1 Cheerleader meets Fitness‘s #1 Supporter."

This partnership yielded two exclusive products co-created by Addison Rae herself:

Berry Pop Energy Drink

This strikingly-pink energy drink stands out for its unique fruity, candy-like flavor profile. Its ingredients include:

  • Biotin to support healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Vitamin B12 and B6 for natural energy production
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors

The taste has been described by reviewers as reminiscent of strawberry cotton candy crossed with bubbly bubblegum. It provides a burst of feel-good fuel flavored "Addison Rae style.”

Cookie Dough Protein Bar

As a more indulgent treat, Addison Rae and Alani Nu dreamed up this chocolate chip cookie dough bar packing 12g of protein and just 130 calories.

“The Berry Pop Energy Drink and Cookie Dough Protein Bar flavors are some of my favorites EVER. They’re perfect if you need a quick boost to power through your day or if your sweet tooth is calling.” – Addison Rae

Why Fans Are Crazy About the Berry Pop Energy Drink

Of the two products, it‘s the Berry Pop Energy Drink that fans are particularly going crazy for. What makes this beverage so exciting?

The Vibrant Look

  • The bright pink can perfectly mirrors Addison Rae‘s signature cheery, playful vibe.
  • It pops against backdrops of white and neutrals across influencer Instagram feeds.
  • The sleek, minimalist packaging also aligns with Gen Z and Millennial aesthetic tastes.

The Unexpected Flavor

  • In a sea of citrus and tropical energy drinks, Berry Pop offers something entirely different.
  • The sweet candy taste provides a flavor jolt users don‘t get from the usual suspects like Red Bull or Monster.
  • It satisfies those craving a fruitier, more indulgent sip.

“Obsessed with the flavor! It‘s like I‘m drinking liquid cotton candy and I‘m so here for it. 10/10 will be buying this again.” – TikTok Review

Buzzy Backstory

  • As a special collab between two of the moment brands, the drink comes with built-in hype.
  • Dropping as limited-edition adds urgency for dedicated Addison Rae stans to purchase while they can.
  • The sell-out factor builds its reputation as an exclusive treat.

Added Function

  • While delicious, it‘s not just empty calories. The B-vitamins offer beauty and energy benefits.
  • This provides a functional edge over sugar-laden juices or traditional sodas.
  • The clean ingredients also appeal to the health-conscious.

Thanks to these smart elements, The Berry Pop Energy Drink has become the product everyone wants in their hand.

Addison Rae x Alani Nu: Where to Purchase

As hot commodities, the Addison Rae x Alani Nu collab products are selling out swiftly. Here‘s where to buy:

Alani Nu Website

  • The Alani Nu site restocks limited supplies a few times per week.
  • Sign up for emails to get notifications on restocks.
  • Products ship free within the US.

Retail Stores

The Berry Pop Energy Drink and Cookie Dough Protein Bar are also rolling out across the US in retailers like:

  • GNC
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Kroger
  • Select CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid Locations

Online Retailers

Limited availability also exists on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Given collab hype, prices may be marked up here. We recommend buying directly from the Alani Nu site when possible.

Hot Tip

Follow Addison Rae and Katy Hearn’s Instagram accounts. They often announce surprise restocks there first!

Addison x Alani Nu: By the Numbers

To fully grasp the buzz around these products, let‘s look at the stats:

  • Addison Rae‘s Instagram reveal of the products gained over 2 million likes.
  • The initial Berry Pop Energy Drink batch sold out on the Alani Nu website within 5 minutes.
  • Over 10,000 shoppers were waitlisted for the next restock.
  • The Alani Nu Instagram posts of the collaboration earned 4-5x more engagement than normal.
  • Google searches for "Addison Rae Alani Nu" jumped 1,050% post-launch.

These metrics demonstrate the demand for anything Addison Rae touches. Her golden Midas touch brings serious hype that converts to sales.

Why This Collaboration is a Major Win for Both Brands

Beyond the sell-out products, this partnership symbolizes significant growth for both Addison Rae and Alani Nu.

For Addison Rae, it means:

  • Expanding her empire into the lucrative wellness space
  • Diversifying beyond just beauty into supplements
  • Directly engaging with her loyal fanbase
  • Leveling up as an entrepreneur through product development

For Alani Nu, it means:

  • Tapping into Addison Rae‘s 86+ million captive audience
  • Reaching Gen Z & younger Millennials
  • Generating press and credibility via celebrity affiliation
  • Showcasing innovation through the new product formulas

The synergy offers huge visibility and opportunity for both brands. It demonstrates their mutual understanding of how to make strategic moves in the influencer age.

Inside Perspectives on the Landmark Collaboration

The buzz around the Addison Rae X Alani Nu collection extends far and wide. Let‘s get inside perspectives from fans, customers and fitness insiders:

"As a huge Addison fan, I obviously had to get the Berry Pop Energy Drink! Adding her name just made me even more excited to try it. The flavor totally lives up to the hype. It’s so good!” – Jessica, 24, Addison Rae Fan

“I don‘t follow her or really get TikTok but I‘ve seen this drink everywhere. The bottle looked so cute I decided to grab one at the store. It was sweet but not overpowering. Really nice energy boost that didn‘t make me crash.” – James, 38, New Customer

"We‘ve seen a huge uptick in interest for Alani Nu since the Addison Rae collection launched. Her followers are now coming into our gym asking about the brand. Getting her name on their product was a genius move.” – Sarah, Gym Owner

“This just shows Alani Nu is ready to play ball with the big names. I could see them partnering with more top athletes or pop culture icons down the line. This definitely takes them more mainstream.” – Ryan, Fitness Influencer

Reviews across age groups and industries show how this collab has penetrated the market. The products successfully bridge together fans, customers and fitness professionals.

How Does Berry Pop Compare to Other Energy Drinks?

Addison Rae‘s Berry Pop Energy enters a market already saturated with established energy drink giants. So how does it size up against the top contenders?

Let‘s pit Berry Pop against two category leaders:

| |Berry Pop Energy |Red Bull|Monster Energy|
|Taste|💖💖💖💖💖 |💖💖 |💖💖💖 |
|Sugar|24g per can|27g per can|54g per can|
|Artificial Sweeteners?|No|Yes|Yes|
|Natural Colors?|Yes|No|No|
|Calories|90 calories|110 calories|210 calories
|Price|Tends higher as limited|More affordable, mass market|$2-$3 per can|

Among the top energy players, Berry Pop provides:

  • Superior taste among those favoring fruity, candy-esque flavors
  • Lower calorie and sugar content than Monster
  • A cleaner label than Red Bull or Monster
  • Caffeine level on par with standard energy drinks

Its limited nature hikes costs over competitors. But for those craving its unique fun flavors, Berry Pop is viewed as worth the splurge.

Could This Spawn More Wellness Collaborations?

The success of Addison Rae‘s foray into fitness beverages with Alani Nu raises an important question – could this pave the way for more influencer x wellness brand partnerships?

According to industry experts, the answer is yes. Here are some potential opportunities on the horizon:

More Athlete Collaborations

As fitness enthusiasts, athletes like gymnast Simone Biles or basketball star LeBron James could develop custom collaborations. Their specialized insight brings credibility.

Gen Z Influencer Products

Young TikTok or YouTube stars like Charli D‘Amelio or Emma Chamberlain might expand from merch into supplements. Their youthful flair attracts that cohort.

Celebrity-Owned Brands

Household names like Kylie Jenner or Dwayne Johnson could follow in Addison and Katy‘s footsteps launching their own supplement lines. Their star power lends instant authority.

Beauty Influencer Collabs

Major beauty gurus like Jeffree Starr or Manny MUA might look to cash in on the wellness boom. A makeup artist‘s skincare knowledge easily translates to supplements.

Nostalgic Pop Culture Icons

Throwback celebs like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, who are now health advocates, can leverage nostalgia marketing. Combining retro star power with modern wellness connects new generations.

In closing, Addison Rae and Alani Nu‘s success provides a model for blending social media influence with functional nutrition. More collaborations in this realm appear inevitable. This marks an exciting evolution at the intersection of fitness and fame.

The Verdict: A Game-Changing Collab Between Two Rising Stars

Addison Rae‘s partnership with Alani Nu is a watershed moment heralding this new era of influencer marketing. The two have created more than just a collection of sell-out products. Their reach symbolizes the dawn of a new generation prioritizing wellness.

For young, health-conscious consumers, Addison Rae‘s sweet Berry Pop drink is an enticing introduction to cleaner supplements. For Alani Nu, it cements them as innovators attuned to modern audiences. Ultimately, it‘s a win-win for both brands.

This collaboration shows the power of linking pop culture prowess with real wellness insights. We expect to see many more partnerships spawn in this mold. But for now, all eyes are on the electric Addison Rae Alani duo. Their initial success together points to even bigger things ahead.



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