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Adrian Stoica and His Dog Hurricane Win America‘s Got Talent Season 18: A Complete Rundown

You may have heard the big news – dog trainer Adrian Stoica and his athletic border collie Hurricane emerged victorious in season 18 of NBC‘s hit competition series America‘s Got Talent. But how exactly did this dynamic duo clinch the top prize?

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through Adrian and Hurricane‘s entire magical journey on AGT – from their jaw-dropping audition to their incredible final performance that won over the judges and fans. You‘ll learn about their standout performances, get behind-the-scenes details, and find out why this dog act captured the hearts of America.

Whether you‘re a longtime fan eager to relive their amazing acts or someone who needs a full rundown of their historic season 18 victory, this article has you covered! Let‘s take a look at how Adrian and Hurricane achieved the ultimate underdog triumph.

Overview: Adrian and Hurricane‘s Winning AGT Season 18 Journey

  • Audition: Adrian and Hurricane impress the judges with an obstacle course routine, earning Simon Cowell‘s Golden Buzzer
  • Judge Cuts: Their high-flying dodgeball act advances them to the live shows
  • Quarterfinals: Frisbee and acrobatic dog tricks wow the audiences
  • Semifinals: Another hit performance full of athletic feats secures a finals spot
  • Finals: Adrian and Hurricane defeat magician Anna DeGuzman with a showstopping neon light routine, winning season 18

I‘ll dive into the details on each of these memorable moments shortly. First, let‘s get better acquainted with this dynamic duo!

All About Adrian Stoica and Hurricane

Adrian Stoica is a dog trainer and performer originally from Romania who now resides in Chicago, Illinois. He adopted Hurricane from a local shelter and quickly realized his border collie‘s star potential. Adrian devoted himself to training Hurricane in agility, obedience, and showmanship. Together they honed the athletic, entertaining routines that would ultimately shoot them to fame.

Hurricane is a spunky 7-year-old male border collie. Border collies are considered the most intelligent of all dog breeds, and Hurricane clearly demonstrates that brilliance. He has learned an impressive repertoire of skills like catching flying discs, weaving through obstacles, balancing on unstable surfaces, and leaping over hurdles twice his height! His energetic yet focused nature makes him the ultimate canine performer.

Adrian and Hurricane share an incredible bond built on communication, respect, and trust. Their seamless teamwork and charismatic stage presence made them breakout stars on AGT. Now let‘s see how it all began with their blockbuster audition…

Golden Buzzer Audition Wows the Judges

For their season 18 audition, Adrian and Hurricane delivered an exciting dog agility course that showcased Hurricane‘s athletic talents:

  • Hurricane zipped through tunnels, leapt over hurdles, darted up A-frames, slid down a slide, weaved through poles, and caught frisbees thrown by Adrian.
  • The audience roared with cheers and gave them a standing ovation.
  • Simon Cowell was so impressed, he hit the Golden Buzzer, sending them straight to the live performance rounds.

The judges praised their audition as one of the best they‘d ever seen. Heidi Klum called Adrian and Hurricane her "new favorite act." Howie Mandel said what Hurricane can do "defies gravity." And Sofia Vergara remarked, "You two are meant to be together." Their stellar audition earned rave reviews across the board.

Simon‘s Reaction:

"What you‘ve taught this dog in such a short time is unbelievable. You are what this show is all about!"

Hurricane‘s Audition Skills

  • Tunnels: 6
  • Hurdles: 14
  • A-Frames: 4
  • Slide: 1
  • Disc Catches: 9

Clearly Adrian and Hurricane started off their AGT journey with a bang. Their impressive audition and coveted Golden Buzzer set them up as frontrunners in the competition.

Judge Cuts: Soaring "Mission Impossible" Dodgeball Act

For this round, acts needed to up their game with more difficult, daring routines. Adrian and Hurricane delivered in spades with their fast-paced "Mission Impossible" themed act:

  • Hurricane raced through lasers, climbed A-frames, spun through tunnels, hurdled barricades and caught dodgeballs flung at extreme speeds – all in under 60 seconds!
  • The act earned them a standing ovation from the excited audience.
  • The judges were thrilled with their step up in training and entertainment value.

Heidi‘s Reaction:

"You guys are already winners in my eyes. That was amazing!"

Their exhilarating performance in Judge Cuts cemented Adrian and Hurricane‘s status as frontrunners. They easily scored a coveted spot in the live quarterfinals.

Judge Cuts Act Breakdown

  • A-Frames climbed: 6
  • Tunnels navigated: 4
  • Dodgeballs caught: 8
  • Total obstacles cleared: 28

Quarterfinals: Crowd-Pleasing Frisbee & Acrobatics Act

For the live quarterfinals, Adrian and Hurricane delivered another crowd-pleaser filled with adorable tricks and athletic feats:

  • Hurricane fetched frisbees from impossible angles, jumped rope, balanced on exercise balls, teetered on wobble boards, and raced up and down moving seesaws.
  • Set to an upbeat soundtrack, their act was full of energy and showmanship.
  • Howie called them "the whole package" with talent, personality, and entertainment value.

Audience Reactions:

  • Multiple standing ovations
  • Chants of "Encore! Encore!" after the act

Thanks to the audience support, Adrian and Hurricane sailed through to the semifinals!

Quarterfinals Routine Breakdown

  • Frisbees caught: 12
  • Jumps through hoop: 8
  • Seesaws crossed: 6
  • Balance feats: 5

Semifinals: Bringing the Wow Factor

For the semifinals, the stakes were higher than ever. Only a handful of acts would secure a spot in the finals.

Adrian and Hurricane delivered their most spectacular performance yet:

  • At rapid speed, Hurricane fetched flying frisbees behind his back, hurdled over barriers, charged up and down wobble boards, darted through weave poles, and stick-handled soccer balls across the stage, obeying Adrian‘s every cue.
  • The exhilarating act earned the pair their first standing ovation from all four judges.
  • Sofia called it their "best performance so far" and Heidi said they "literally doggy paddled their way into the finals!"

Thanks to the judges‘ praise and audience support, Adrian and Hurricane coasted into the finals.

Semifinals Act Stats:

  • Soccer balls juggled: 12
  • Frisbees caught: 8
  • Hurdles cleared: 16
  • Obstacles navigated: 42

One performance stood between them and the ultimate AGT prize.

Spectacular Finals Act Wins America‘s Hearts

After stunning audiences week after week, all eyes were on Adrian and Hurricane for their finals performance. They delivered a showstopper filled with:

  • Light-up obstacles like neon tunnels, hurdles, and a slide
  • Glow-in-the-dark frisbees soaring through the air
  • High-energy choreography perfectly in sync to the music
  • Dazzling showmanship and stage presence

The act culminated with Adrian and Hurricane posing triumphantly together as confetti rained down. The entire auditorium erupted in deafening cheers and applause.

Hurricane‘s Finals Routine Feats:

  • Light-up tunnels navigated: 4
  • Glowing hurdles cleared: 12
  • Illuminated slide descended: 1
  • Neon seesaw crossed: 6 times
  • Glowing frisbees caught: 5

Their stellar finals performance sealed the deal, as America voted Adrian and Hurricane as the winners!

Simon‘s Finals Thoughts:

"You two have stolen everyone‘s hearts. Congratulations on a truly deserving win!"

Adrian and Hurricane made history as the first ever animal act to win AGT, proving dogs can be champion performers too. Their positive attitude, work ethic, and unbreakable bond triumphed over all.

Why Fans & Judges Loved This Act

Looking back, there are several key reasons Adrian and Hurricane emerged as viewer favorites:

Novelty: Before them, animal acts rarely made it past the quarterfinals. Electing a dog act as the winner was groundbreaking.

Relationships: Adrian and Hurricane‘s trusting partnership was heartwarming. Fans adored watching their interactions and teamwork.

Showmanship: Their routines were true productions with choreography, costumes, music, lighting, and entertainment value.

Athleticism: Hurricane consistently executed seemingly impossible physical feats that amazed audiences.

Improvement: As the season progressed, their acts incorporated new skills and greater difficulty. Their dedication was clear.

Cuteness: Hurricane‘s perky, excited manner on stage was endearing. He knew how to play to the crowd.

Personality: Hurricane‘s spunky attitude made him a charismatic performer who connected with viewers.

Backstory: Learning Hurricane was a rescued shelter dog made fans even more eager to root for him.

In the end, Adrian and Hurricane had the full package – lovability, showmanship, talent, heart, personality, and theatricality. America couldn‘t help but cheer them on!

Adrian and Hurricane‘s AGT Impact

Beyond winning season 18, Adrian and Hurricane also made a significant impact on AGT itself:

  • They broke boundaries for animal acts, proving with the right training and showmanship, they can compete with the best human performers.

  • They raised training standards, executing tricks, choreography, and stage use exceeding past animal acts.

  • They showed the immense appeal of human-animal partnerships. Watching their trusting bond resonated deeply with viewers.

  • They demonstrated athletic feats thought impossible for dogs, like smoothly catching frisbees behind the back while running full speed.

  • They incorporated creative variety into routines, using costumes, lighting, music, sets, and showmanship to enhance entertainment value.

  • They garnered huge viewer engagement, with viral clips watched millions of times online. Fans couldn‘t get enough.

Overall, Adrian and Hurricane opened eyes to what remarkably talented animals can achieve on a major stage when properly nurtured. They will go down in AGT history as pioneers for animal contestants.

Adrian and Hurricane After AGT

Since winning season 18, Adrian and Hurricane‘s star has continued to rise:

  • They headlined sold-out shows at the Paris Theater in Las Vegas.

  • They made television appearances on shows like NBC‘s Today.

  • The pair partnered with several pet brands for sponsorship deals.

  • Adrian launched an online dog training program sharing his techniques.

  • They attended Hollywood movie premieres and walked the red carpet.

  • Hurricane became the mascot for a line of dog toys and treats.

  • Adrian and Hurricane appeared in a Super Bowl LVII commercial.

Clearly this talented team has continued wowing the entertainment world!

Reliving Adrian and Hurricane‘s Incredible AGT Journey

From audition to finale, Adrian and Hurricane delivered awe-inspiring performances that wowed audiences and won over America‘s hearts. If you want to relive their amazing AGT journey, here are some resources:




I hope this guide provided a fun, thorough look at Adrian and Hurricane‘s magical season 18 AGT experience. Their spectacular performances, unwavering dedication, and heartwarming bond made them truly deserving champions. Adrian and Hurricane showed America that talent and star quality come in all shapes, sizes, and species!



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