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Adriana Lima‘s Journey of Love and Heartbreak: From Fairytale Wedding to Shocking Celebrity Divorce

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima‘s wedding to NBA player Marko Jarić was the stuff of fairytales – a lavish Valentine‘s Day ceremony with a Vera Wang gown and celebrity guests. But this picture-perfect relationship met a shocking end just 5 years later when the power couple called it quits. This in-depth article takes a closer look at Adriana and Marko‘s romantic journey, from the extravagant wedding to the high-profile divorce that followed.

The Beginning of a Fairytale Romance

Adriana Lima, the exotic Brazilian supermodel known for her work with Victoria‘s Secret, first met Marko Jarić, the tall and athletic Serbian NBA player, at a party in 2007. Sparks flew right away between the gorgeous couple, who quickly became an item on the celebrity social circuit.

After a whirlwind romance of just 9 months, Marko proposed to Adriana in 2008 with a $75,000 oval diamond ring. Friend and fellow model Gisele Bündchen said, “We were all waiting for him to pop the question. They make a beautiful couple.” Adriana was over the moon, gushing “I just felt like this huge door opened in my life, and I’ve been so happy, it’s been amazing.”

The Fairytale Wedding Fit for a Supermodel

On Valentine’s Day 2009, Adriana and Marko tied the knot in an opulent ceremony in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Adriana made for an exquisite bride in a romantic Vera Wang lace gown with a dramatic veil. Her supermodel friends, including Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana and Selita Ebanks, were all in attendance looking glamorous in red.

The winter wonderland wedding decor featured a white canopy with twinkling lights, glittering candles and arrangements of red roses. Guests dined on tuna tartare, Brazilian churrasco skewers and a magnificent seven-tier wedding cake. As the couple exchanged vows against the scenic backdrop of the Teton mountains, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Adriana looking resplendent on her wedding day in 2009. (Image credit: Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

A Fairytale Marriage? Not For Long

Within a year of their lavish nuptials, Adriana and Marko welcomed their first child, a daughter named Valentina, in November 2009. The couple were over the moon about becoming parents. “It’s just amazing, the most rewarding thing that ever happened to me,” gushed Adriana at the time. Their family grew again in 2012 with the arrival of their second daughter, Sienna.

But it seems parenthood couldn’t keep the cracks from forming in Adriana and Marko’s relationship. Though wedded bliss lasted a few years, by 2014 there were rumors of trouble in paradise. The supermodel was frequently spotted without her wedding ring, and the pair looked tense and distant at public events.

In May 2014, Adriana’s spokesperson confirmed that the couple had “mutually and amicably” separated. While no official divorce statement was released, their fairytale had clearly come to an end after just 5 years of marriage.

Why Did The Celebrity Power Couple Split?

Several reasons emerged for the shocking split between Adriana and Marko:

  • Marko‘s declining NBA career – His skills were on the decline and he found it hard to secure team contracts. This may have caused financial stress and marital discord.

  • Adriana‘s demanding modeling career – Her intensive travel schedule and sexy photoshoots likely took a toll on the marriage.

  • Growing apart – With busy careers and young kids, they reportedly found little time for their relationship.

  • Rumors of infidelity – Tabloids speculated affairs from both sides led to trust issues. But no proof of cheating ever emerged.

  • Too much too soon? – Marrying after whirlwind 9-month romance may have meant inadequate foundation for the long run.

But the real reasons for the split remain unclear as neither Marko nor Adriana publicly addressed the end of their relationship. The sudden dissolution of their fairytale marriage and family came as a huge shock to fans worldwide.

The Frenzy of a High-Profile Celebrity Divorce

Being a superstar supermodel, Adriana’s split from Marko sparked a media storm with immense public scrutiny. Tabloids went wild speculating about cheating scandals, high-profile custody battles and who was really to blame for the breakdown of the marriage.

Every detail was microanalyzed – from social media unfollows to lacking wedding ring photos and separate vacations. For months, salacious gossip about Adriana and Marko’s impending divorce negotiations dominated entertainment news.

But the couple themselves remained tight-lipped amidst the glare of publicity. This kept the split surprisingly drama-free as neither publicly bashed the other or revealed any unsavory details, aside from confirming the separation. Their amicable split enabled them to shield daughters Valentina and Sienna from becoming tabloid fodder during the rocky period.

How Model Divorces Differ from Average Splits

High-profile supermodel divorces come with unique challenges not faced by regular couples ending their marriages:

  • Intense media scrutiny – Every detail is examined and speculated on by tabloids across the globe. There’s little privacy.

  • Public image concerns – Models rely on their glamorous personal branding for career success. A messy split can jeopardize this carefully crafted image.

  • Complex assets to divide – Models often have elaborate investment portfolios with luxury homes and other assets in different countries. This complicates divorce proceedings.

  • Rigorous travel schedules – Frequent photo shoots and appearances across the world can strain model marriages and make co-parenting logistically challenging after divorce.

Average US Marriage DurationCelebrity Model Marriage Duration
8 years5 years (Adriana Lima)
7 years3 years (Miranda Kerr)
8 years5 years (Gisele Bündchen)

Table showing shorter marriage durations of celebrity models versus national average

But Adriana’s experience shows that supermodel breakups don’t have to be dramatic media circuses either. Her amicable split from Marko and focus on smoothly co-parenting their girls has been exemplary, just like her successful modeling peers who consciously uncoupled, such as Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen.

Co-Parenting After the Split

As with any divorce involving children, Adriana and Marko’s top priority after separating was ensuring their daughters’ wellbeing. Though no longer a romantic couple, they continued to amicably co-parent Valentina and Sienna.

  • Joint Custody Agreement – They agreed to legally share joint physical and legal custody of both daughters to nurture relationships with both parents.

  • Coordinated Schedules – With Marko based in Belgrade and Adriana traveling for modeling, they coordinate their schedules to maximize time with the girls.

  • A United Front – During the initial media frenzy, Adriana and Marko presented a united front to shield their daughters from uncomfortable publicity.

  • An Amicable Relationship – Neither badmouths or criticizes the other publicly or privately. This creates a harmonious environment for raising their girls.

  • Prioritizing the Kids – Adriana and Marko put their children‘s interests first – like accommodating each other for birthdays, holidays and milestones.

Their mature approach to co-parenting enabled their daughters‘ adjustment and wellbeing after the marital split.

Adriana Lima‘s Blossoming Love Life Post-Divorce

Professionally, Adriana Lima‘s career barely skipped a beat as she continued her spectacular reign as Victoria‘s Secret‘s longest running Angel during and after her split from Marko. But her personal life also saw an exciting evolution as she blossomed into the single life again.

Briefly after her separation, Adriana sparked rumors with several eligible bachelors:

  • 2014 – Spotted getting cozy on a yacht with mega rich Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel in Ibiza
  • 2015 – Linked to football superstar Julian Edelman after they were seen out together in NYC
  • 2016 – Adriana and NY art dealer Joe Thomas fueled romance gossip after being photographed hand-in-hand at a tennis match

But it was in 2017 that Adriana made things officially official again with Metin Hara, a Turkish author and occasional actor/model. The handsome couple shared steamy snaps aboard yachts and other exotic vacations, appearing head over heels for about a year and a half. But the relationship ran its course by early 2019 amidst unconfirmed rumors of Hara‘s jealousy over Adriana‘s sultry photoshoots.

Since then, Adriana has chosen to remain unattached and focus her energy on raising her daughters and passion projects like ocean conservation. “I’m so happy in this moment of my life,” she has stated. But fans eagerly await the next chapter of love for the stunning supermodel!

Marko Jarić‘s More Private Life After Adriana

Unlike his ex-wife Adriana whose love life still makes headlines, Marko Jarić has maintained a far more low-key personal and professional profile after their celebrity divorce.

Unable to reclaim his basketball glory days, Marko pivoted to exploring business ventures. In 2016, he setup a state-of-the-art basketball academy for youth in his hometown Belgrade, Serbia which still operates successfully. He is also an investor in several California-based tech startups.

While he maintains an active presence in his daughters‘ lives with frequent visits, Marko has kept his romantic relationships, if any, tightly under wraps after Adriana. He appears to be relishing the bachelor lifestyle once again in Belgrade where he was recently spotted partying at a nightclub.

Close friends confirm Marko harbors no ill will towards his ex-wife, and they cooperate effectively as co-parents. Like Adriana, his main priority now is being the best father possible to their girls.

Conclusion: Not All Celeb Love Stories Have Fairytale Endings

Adriana and Marko‘s marvelous love story enthralled the world, only to shock with its abrupt ending after just 5 short years. But the demise of their celebrity marriage illustrates that even the most idyllic relationships can sometimes run their course.

Rather than a bitter breakup, they chose to take the high road with an amicable split and gracious handling of the media storm that ensued. Both have sailed smoothly into the next chapters of their lives, while still remaining partners in raising their beloved daughters.

This commendable maturity and ability to prioritize their children‘s wellbeing makes Adriana and Marko exemplary role models for couples facing the challenges of divorce. And supermodel Adriana Lima demonstrates that there can be super life after a super split. Her journey shows that a failed fairytale doesn‘t have to spell unhappily ever after.



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