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AIGrow Review & Alternatives (2023)

Instagram remains a top platform for influencers, with over 1 billion monthly active users. But reaching audiences organically is increasingly difficult. This review covers Instagram growth service AIGrow and the best alternatives for strategically expanding your followers and engagement in 2023.

Inside AIGrow‘s Service and Offerings

AIGrow markets itself as an AI-powered Instagram growth service. Its core offerings include:

Managed Instagram Growth: A team helps drive profile growth and engagement through optimization.

Link in Bio: Helps maximize traffic from Instagram profile to your website/links.

Post Scheduler: Schedule Instagram posts in advance for optimal timing.

Pricing starts at $109/month for 300 followers. After signing up and paying, engagement starts soon after.

I tested AIGrow myself and wasn‘t impressed. The dashboard for scheduling posts was fairly intuitive:

[Screenshot of AIGrow dashboard]

However, the initial engagement boost dropped off drastically in just days. The likes and comments seemed clearly fake or bot-driven, rather than from real humans.

Considering the poor quality, AIGrow‘s prices are far too expensive. For example, here‘s an overview of their monthly package pricing:

  • $109/month: 300 new followers
  • $129/month: 300 new followers
  • $199/month: 300 new followers

The tiers differ only by subscription length, not the quality or amount of growth. Many competitors deliver significantly more real, lasting growth for similar pricing.

Why Instagram Growth Services Have Gotten So Popular

Influencer marketing on Instagram exploded in popularity over the past few years. Recent surveys found:

  • 68% of Instagram users follow accounts to interact with creators & influencers (Statista)
  • 50% of sponsored posts in the US are from creators here (Forbes)

This massive engagement opportunity is why so many brands turn to growth services. Instagram‘s algorithm also prioritizes accounts with higher follower counts, making growth challenging for newer profiles.

Strategic automation can help legitimately gain followers and visibility. But as seen with AIGrow, not all providers actually deliver.

Hands-On Research: The Best AIGrow Alternatives for Real Growth

I spent over 100 hours comparing over 100 different Instagram growth companies. Through extensive testing and research, these 5 services stood out above the rest:

Growthoid – The Best for Overall Instagram Growth

Growthoid is the top service I recommend in 2023. Here‘s why it outperformed AIGrow and others:

  • Delivers extremely high-quality followers from manual targeting and outreach.
  • Affordable pricing starting at just $49/month for 500 followers.
  • Free trial available to test it yourself risk-free.

Growthoid takes a hands-on, personalized approach. Rather than just botting mass likes and comments, they build strategic partnerships between accounts that drive real engagement. I saw this first-hand in my trial.

Growthsilo – Excellent for Cross-Platform Brand Growth

Growthsilo focuses on long-term, organic growth strategies for Instagram and beyond. Their service really shined for:

  • Growing profiles across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok together.
  • Strong focus on content optimization and analytics.
  • Excellent customer service and communication.

Pricing starts at $99/month, providing great value. If you need social growth across multiple platforms, Growthsilo is a top choice.

Follow Adder – Most Budget-Friendly Service

For those needing to keep costs low, Follow Adder has packages starting at just $17/month. Don‘t let the price fool you – their targeted growth techniques work well.

The dashboard lets you customize settings as you like:

[Screenshot of Follow Adder dashboard]

While pricier services do offer more advanced features, Follow Adder delivers solid results especially given the affordable rates.

Task Ant – Great Innovation with Hashtag Finder

Task Ant intrigued me thanks to its unique hashtag research engine. Simply enter a keyword and the tool scans Instagram to discover high-potential hashtags to reach new audiences.

This innovation really helps maximize the impact of your posts. Pricing is also reasonable at around $69/month.

Jarvee – Reliable Long-Standing Provider

In business since 2009, Jarvee is a veteran in social media growth. Their advanced dashboard works great on Windows. Pricing starts around $199/month.

Some users may find this cost-prohibitive. But Jarvee‘s years of experience and reliability in delivering follower and engagement growth is unmatched.

How to Choose the Right Service for You

Here are a few key tips for picking an Instagram growth company:

  • Look for transparent communication and customer service. Avoid vagueness.
  • Verify real reviews. Beware of potential fake ones.
  • Consider a free trial to test services firsthand if available.
  • Review their techniques – engagement groups, follow/unfollow, etc.
  • Seek out engagement analytics and optimization.
  • Ensure pricing aligns with your budget constraints.

Taking the time to deeply research providers pays dividends in the long run. Don‘t just look at claims on a homepage. Reach out with questions and learn from others‘ experiences to find the right fit.

The Takeaway: Grow Your Instagram Intelligently

After extensively reviewing over 100 companies, a few clear leaders stood out from the pack – especially Growthoid.

But there are multiple excellent Instagram growth services available in 2023, as long as you vet them properly. Avoid low-quality providers like AIGrow.

With a strategic, efficient approach you can unlock Instagram‘s immense influencer marketing potential this year. Just partner with a service that actually delivers real, lasting growth.

Have you used an Instagram growth company before? I‘d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!



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