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Is Andy Cohen Married? The Inside Scoop on the Bravo Host‘s Relationship Status and Life as a Dad

I‘m sure you‘ve wondered in the past – wait, is Andy Cohen married? Or is the beloved Bravo host and father still single? I‘ve got the inside scoop for you on Andy‘s relationship status, journey to fatherhood, and life as a single dad. Let‘s dive in!

The quick answer: No, Andy Cohen is not married as of late 2023. He remains a devoted single dad to two kids – Benjamin and Lucy. Read on for details!

Andy Cohen has become one of the most iconic faces in reality TV through hits like the Real Housewives and Watch What Happens Live. But I‘ve got a hunch you‘re curious about more than just his career! You likely want the behind-the-scenes peek into Andy‘s personal life. I feel you – I love keeping up with his relationship status and family life too.

Here, I‘ll walk through everything you want to know, from Andy‘s relationship history to his life as a proud papa. I‘ve even got the scoop on how he feels about dating as a single gay dad. Grab your favorite drink and settle in, because we‘re dishing on all things Andy Cohen!

A Look Back: Andy‘s Past Relationships and Romances

Before jumping into Andy‘s current situation, let‘s rewind a bit. That way you can see how Andy became the single dad he is today! Here are some of the key romances and relationships that have made up Andy‘s love life over the years:

Clifton Dassuncao – This Brazilian hottie is one of Andy‘s most public relationships to date. They dated from 2016-2018 and made lots of stylish red carpet appearances together. But it wasn‘t meant to be long-term.

John Hill – In 2020, Andy began a relationship with hunky Harvard graduate John Hill. Despite their 15-year age gap, they quarantined together during the pandemic‘s early days. Sadly, their relationship ended around December 2020 after nearly 2 years.

Rumored Romances – Word on the street is that Andy has also been linked to some major A-listers in the past! We‘re talking names like John Mayer, Ty Herndon, and media exec Barry Diller. Andy‘s always stayed tight-lipped about these rumors though!

BFF Anderson Cooper – Andy and silver fox CNN anchor Anderson Cooper have been besties for years. They‘re so close that some fans even hoped they‘d become an item! But the two have only stayed friends and Andy remains a doting godfather to Anderson‘s son Wyatt.

So while Andy has had his fair share of love in the spotlight, he‘s yet to meet "the one" and settle down. But that‘s ok – it brought him to the next chapter as a proud single father!

Andy‘s Path to Fatherhood: Surprises, Surrogacy, and Single Parenthood

In February 2019, Andy had the coolest announcement for his fans – he had become a dad! The birth of his son Benjamin came as a joyful surprise to everyone. Andy had kept the news that he was expecting via surrogate very hush-hush.

Benjamin‘s arrival meant Andy was embarking on an exciting new adventure: fatherhood as a single gay man!

Andy has always been open about how he started his family through surrogacy. In fact, he featured Benjamin‘s incredible surrogate Jess on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in 2019. He called her "remarkable" and maintains a close bond with her as Benjamin‘s "favorite person."

Just over two years later, Andy doubled his dad duties when daughter Lucy arrived in March 2022, also via surrogate. Though having two kids under two as a solo parent wasn‘t always easy, Andy was over the moon. His family was complete with one of each!

Lucy and Benjamin‘s births represented so much more than just Andy becoming a father. They marked a major shift in how LGBTQ families are seen and celebrated.

In fact, data shows just how much is changing:

  • In 2007, only 7% of LGBTQ parents had biological children, compared to 48% in 2019 (source).

  • From 2000 to 2017, the number of same-sex male couples with adopted kids rose over 4x from 8,000 to 35,000 (source).

So while Andy‘s family dynamic as a single gay dad may have seemed more unique in the past, it‘s increasingly become more accepted and understood. His parenthood journey shows how far LGBTQ rights and acceptance have come while also inspiring other LGBTQ people wanting to start families of their own. I think that‘s pretty powerful!

Playing the Part: Andy‘s Experience as a Hands-On, Single Dad

I‘m sure a common question on your mind is – what‘s Andy really like as a dad? Is he the fun, flashy guy we see on WWHL and Real Housewives? Or does he take on a more low-key, parental role at home?

From everything I‘ve gathered, it seems Andy fully embraces being a doting, hands-on dad above all. Sure, he still has his big TV personality. But fatherhood also drew out a more mature, thoughtful side of Andy that many hadn‘t seen before.

Even as a solo parent, Andy takes on all the parenting duties – good, bad, and ugly:

The Good: Andy lights up getting to do fun dad-and-me activities with Benjamin and Lucy. He takes them to see Elton John in concert, dresses up for Halloween, and documents their every milestone.

The Bad: Just like any parent, Andy has tackled his fair share of "diaper explosions", sleepless nights up at "3AM feedings", and the general chaos of kids.

The Ugly: Andy gets real about the discrimination he sometimes faces as a gay single father. But he focuses on setting the best example he can for Benjamin and Lucy.

To help balance it all, Andy does rely on some support systems too. His own parents, close friends like Anderson, and two nannies help provide Andy with a much-needed village as he raises Benjamin and Lucy. Even so, it‘s clear his kids are his first priority and biggest source of love.

Seeing Andy embrace fatherhood has been heartwarming for longtime fans to witness. In fact, guests on WWHL often comment on how parenthood seems to have brought out Andy‘s more mature, thoughtful nature. Underneath the glitz, interviews, and drama, family is now at the core of Andy‘s world.

How Does Andy‘s Single Dad Approach Compare to Other Celebs?

As a single gay dad in the spotlight, Andy‘s experience differs from some other celebrity fathers. But he also has a lot in common with others embracing modern dad roles:

Cristiano Ronaldo: The soccer superstar became a single dad to twins Eva and Mateo via surrogacy in 2017. Similar to Andy, the experience made him rethink his playboy lifestyle.

George Clooney: Clooney didn‘t become a dad until 56, welcoming twins with Amal in 2017. Like Andy, George took to fatherhood well despite initial worries about his age.

LeBron James: Andy jokes he needs "LeBron energy" to keep up with his two kids. But both dads relate on being very hands-on and ditching partying for playdates.

Neil Patrick Harris: As an openly gay celeb dad of two kids, NPH paved the way for Andy. Both share a commitment to normalizing modern families.

Ryan Reynolds: Like Andy and Ryan, raising kids as busy actors/media personalities is a juggle. But they make fatherhood a priority however they can.

The Takeaway: Andy‘s approach reflects how fatherhood changes celebrities just like anyone. No matter who you are, kids have a way of turning life upside down – often for the better!

Does Andy Cohen Want to Get Married Someday? His Thoughts on Love After Kids

Even though Andy seems fulfilled with the family he‘s built so far, I‘m sure his relationship status still has you curious!

Many fans wonder if Andy wants more kids in the future or hopes to meet a life partner. And most importantly, does Andy see marriage in his future?

Here‘s the scoop on where Andy‘s head seems to be at regarding relationships today:

  • He‘s very much open to dating again someday if he met the right man. But it‘s not his focus while his kids are young.

  • Andy jokes he might wait until Lucy heads off to college in 18+ years before he starts dating again! But realistically, he knows his kids will always come first when it comes to introducing anyone new.

  • Any future partner would need to fully embrace Andy‘s life as a dad. His children‘s comfort and wellbeing will be the priority.

  • Though he‘s single now, Andy remains a romantic at heart. Settling down is still on the table if he finds someone who complements his family dynamic.

  • But more kids? Andy admits two under two was enough for him! He feels beyond blessed with Benjamin and Lucy.

The Rumor Mill: Some fans speculate his BFF Anderson Cooper could eventually introduce Andy to a new love interest. But that‘s just hearsay!

It seems clear that while Andy stays open to love, marriage, and more kids someday, being a devoted dad to Benjamin and Lucy remains his focus today. And after covering his dating history to life as a father, I‘d agree Andy seems pretty darn happy and whole flying solo with his little ones!

The Bottom Line: Andy Cohen‘s Relationship Status Summarized

After getting the inside scoop, here are the key things to remember on Andy Cohen‘s relationship status and family life today:

  • Is Andy Cohen married? Nope! He‘s still unmarried and single as of late 2023.

  • Past relationships: Andy has dated some hunks over the years but never married. His last major romance was with John Hill, ending in 2020.

  • Kids: Andy has a son Benjamin (4) and daughter Lucy (1) who were both born via surrogate.

  • Single dad status: Andy is a very devoted, hands-on single father to his two kids.

  • Support system: Though solo parenting, Andy gets help from family, friends, and nannies too.

  • Dating status: Andy stays open to love but kids are his first priority right now.

  • Marriage prospects: Andy hasn‘t ruled out getting married someday if he met the right guy comfortable with his family life.

The Takeaway: While Andy Cohen isn‘t married, he enjoys fatherhood and remains an iconic host. Andy proves families come in all shapes and sizes in today‘s world!

So there you have it, friend! The full scoop on Andy Cohen‘s relationship status and life as a proud papa. Hopefully this inside look answered all your burning questions. Stay tuned for more Andy updates!



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