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Top 10 Anilinkz Alternatives for Better Anime Streaming

Anime lovers face many difficulties finding a reliable website for streaming their favorite anime series, especially due to major ISP restrictions and sites shutting down. Anilinkz was one such website, but because it’s dropping off the search engines now and then, we’re left with searching alternatives to fulfill our experience and keep us updated with the most recent episodes. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best Anilinkz alternatives and websites, highlighting their main features, pros, cons, and others.

The history of anime is over a century old now. This term, derived from Japanese culture is a collection of special animated series and movies that introduce watchers to the different, detailed world and intense character development. Anilinkz loyally followed the paths of those characters as their tale unveils, but now it’s time to look at other sites that do just the same.

What is Anilinkz?

Amidst so many anime streaming websites emerging online, there is a tendency to put them all in an extensive library that can easily be browsed and viewed. Anilinkz did precisely that and exceeded the expectations of many as opposed to other, incomplete anime streaming websites.

Anilinkz was supported by an ad and provided free content at all times, without the requirement of registration. You could access different genres, get informed about what each anime is about, and watch different series ranging from mini-series consisting of only several episodes to big players consisting of hundreds of episodes.

Unfortunately to many, Ailinkz moved to, making it inaccessible to many of those who enjoyed watching anime on this website. That said, we compiled a large list of sites where you can watch your favorite anime free of charge, or for a minor subscription. Make sure to check them out!

1. Anime Simple

Anime Simple

Anime Simple is great for watching anime online and getting to know new people online. You can browse hundreds of titles, with new episodes being uploaded and featured every day on a slider on the front page. If you’re undecided, Anime Simple can pick a random anime for you.

The navigation through the website is intuitive. It operates free of charge, and won’t require you to make an account to watch anime online. It’s worth noting that, if you want to save anime for later, add to favorites, or rate an episode, you can make an account. Another interesting feature is that this website offers both dark and bright themes that you can adjust to your eyes.

There’s also a large community, with new members to the website being featured online, so don’t be surprised if other users welcome you. There is also a dedicated comment section on each page where users can discuss and make reviews of different episodes. Anime Simple also has a dedicated team of developers who open-source changes they make to the website in the form of patch notes on the site’s sidebar.

The only drawback is that the website is overloaded with unmonitored ads, which can often be of inappropriate content. This may turn away many children who also enjoy keeping up with the anime culture.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Doesn’t require registration
  • Large anime library with new titles constantly being added.
  • Large community.


  • Too many inappropriate ads.


2. Anime Take

Anime Take

If you’re looking for an anime-streaming site that can offer a great variety of genres and a huge anime library, Anime Take is the right place for you. Searching algorithms function in a way that users can choose a genre and then search by tags. You can sort anime by popularity, rating, how recently it was added, and much more.

While there are some newer titles, some of which have already been available in an English-dubbed version, most of the titles are rather old. This is good because people can reminisce about older titles and how the anime market functioned 10 or 20 years ago. However, those who are looking to keep updated with this year’s titles will hardly find what they’re looking for on this site.

The video quality is good, and the user can choose whether he wants to view subtitles or dubs. However, after pressing the Play button, a lot of ads will pop up, which can irritate you and ruin your watching experience.


  • Minimalistic design.
  • Simplistic navigation.
  • Many filtering options.
  • Respectable video quality.


  • More old titles than new ones.
  • A lot of pop-up ads.


Anime Take Also featured in

3. AnimeLab


AnimeLab may not craft the best potions, but there are a plethora of different genres and anime titles on this website. The most attractive asset of this site is its intuitive and user-friendly UI, which helps users easily navigate and search for titles to watch. The design is also optimized for mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry if you own a smartphone or a tablet. The content is consistently updated with the newest episodes as they come out.

The content on this website is completely free and legal, but only available to users from Australia and New Zealand. The website owners collaborate with the Japanese anime creators, which in turn offer their content completely free of ads.

This website offers great video quality, both subtitled and dubbed options, and no annoying buffering which is both irritating and annoying to wait for. Users can choose from different genres, and popular shows, or search for their favorite anime, alphabetically.


  • Intuitive UI
  • A plethora of titles and episodes.
  • Completely legal
  • No ads.


  • Restricted in a lot of countries.


4. Nyaa


Nyaa doesn’t have the most innovative-looking UI so it might be slightly confusing for new users to get used to it. However, it still has a large anime library, with new episodes and titles emerging every day.  The good part about this website is that you can also use it to upload anime and contribute, although you’ll need an account to do that.

One of the downsides aside from annoying pop-up ads is that some anime titles are listed in Kanji, being completely unreadable to users who don’t speak Japanese at all. Anime is easily filtered and sorted through the most popular and most recent titles. Additionally, you can change the mode to be more eye-soothing and dark. If you use a smartphone or a laptop, this change can also be more beneficial to your battery.


  • Users can upload their content.
  • Doesn’t require registration to watch.
  • There’s a cool dark theme.
  • A lot of anime titles and episodes.


  • Some anime is completely untranslated from Kanji
  • There are lots of ads.
  • There’s also 18+ content.


5. Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs is an original website with a witty name that reminisces on horribly translated episodes that constantly emerge on the internet. Nevertheless, it provides reliable content, with reliable subs and dubs available at your disposal.

You can choose from various titles and genres that are alphabetically listed on the website. Aside from that, it offers reliable watching links with video quality ranging between 400 and 1080p. The website is supported through ads, although there are not too many of them.

Interestingly, the website recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and was giving away gifts to its most loyal fans. It’s also worth noting that each anime comes with a lengthy description that introduces visitors to the plot. There is also a comment section that serves for discussion and reviews.

Keep in mind that content on Horrible Subs isn’t entirely legal, so if you don’t want to get caught, it’d be best to use some reliable VPN software.


  • Extensive anime list.
  • Dedicated comment section.
  • Each anime has a detailed description
  • Not so many ads.


  • Not all content is legal and has a fishy origin.
  • Navigation may be difficult.


6. KissAnime


KissAnime is one of the largest anime streaming websites and it continues to expand its library and large community that contributes to its superb quality.

Many people refer to KissAnime because it offers a great variety of features like intuitive navigation, optimization for mobile devices, a dedicated chatroom for discussion, manga reading features, and more. KissAnime also hosts visual novels.

The website is free to use and is supported through ads. Ads help drive revenue to the website, but there’s a lot of inappropriate content, so it’s recommended to be cautious. Video quality is respectful; each anime has a summary; there are reliable English subs and much more.

Before watching anime, users will need to insert a captcha to proceed, and it gets annoying after a while.


  • Dynamic and responsive design.
  • Massive library of different titles and genres.
  • Good video quality.
  • Chatroom and forum for discussion.
  • No registration is required.


  • A lot of inappropriate ads.
  • Requires signing captcha before watching specific anime series.


KissAnime also featured in


If you’re a seasoned anime lover, then you know that is a must-visit alternative to Anilinkz. It’s a perfect place for watching dubbed anime episodes, with an extensive anime library that has been growing for over ten years. AnimeFreak is available to everyone. It boasts great-quality video, reliable subtitles, and much more.

You can easily sort your favorite content on AnimeFreak, filtering by recently added, most popular, genre, release year, and more. You can also find other things on AnimeFreak, such as trailers, manga, visual novels, and other features. There are a lot of ads, and in combination with long video buffering, it can get extremely irritating. Make sure to prepare a stable internet connection.


  • One of the longest-standing sites.
  • Extensive anime library
  • Manga is also available
  • The HD quality of the video.


  • Buffering issues.
  • Pop-up ads with inappropriate content.


8. is an anime-streaming platform inspired by KissAnime. It offers many titles sorted into different genres and classifications. However, on its homepage, it features some of the most popular anime classics such as Dragon Ball Super, Eureka Seven, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, My Hero Academia, and more.

Its user interface is extremely easy to navigate through, with additional features like a comment section to top your experience with user reviews and debates. The video quality on is superb, but unfortunately, not many can get to enjoy it as this website is available only to users from the USA. Other users will have to look elsewhere. All content on is available for free and it doesn’t require registration in order to work properly.


  • Featured anime classics for anime newsies.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fewer ads
  • Full HD video quality.


  • It is restricted in the vast majority of countries.


9. Animeland


Animeland caters to anime lovers that prefer watching with dubs. That said, on the homepage, you’ll be introduced to the most popular anime titles, but you can also navigate to the dubbed anime list. There are also various anime movies listed within different genres, as well as all-favorite classics such as Dragonball Super, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and others.

This website is supported through ads, and expect that they’ll pop up a lot no matter where you click, especially after hitting the Play button. Nevertheless, all content is free, and it doesn’t require registration.


  • Easy to access and navigate.
  • Strong links and video quality.
  • A lot of filtering options.


  • Inappropriate ads.
  • More dubbed anime than subtitled.


10. Masterani


Masterani is a popular anime-streaming platform with a simplistic user interface and search bar. There are two sections – anime movies and anime series from which you can browse for your favorite content. You won’t only find typical anime movies and series here, but also other animated content that you may find interesting.

Most content is streamed with 1080p quality, and some options boast a choice between subtitles and English-dubbed content. The website is run by ads, so expect a lot of pop-ups. Also, the website uses Adobe Flash, which is soon going to be outed, making it hard to navigate through.


  • The user interface is simplistic
  • There are various titles and episodes at your disposal.
  • Both subs and dubs are available.


  • A lot of ads.
  • Requires Adobe Flash, making it hard to navigate.



If you’re using an anime-streaming website with shady file origin, make sure to use VPN to avoid inconveniences with the law. This article doesn’t promote watching or distributing pirated content and serves solely for informational purposes. Which website do you use since Anilikz migrated? Let us know in the comments!



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