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Top 7 Apps Like Showbox You Should Try in 2022 (100% Legal)

Watching movies from your mobile devices with apps like Showbox can often provide an escapade from real life. Whether you want to relax on the couch or head home after a long working day, using apps like Showbox to stream movies will make up for the time.

Spend your time streaming all types of entertaining series like Modern Family and Shameless after a long tiring day at work. Alternatively, you can engage in a deep and thoughtful show, like Westworld, to spend your free time on the weekend. While you can easily enjoy all of those types of activities on Showbox, you can look for the best alternatives to Showbox which offer better streaming quality.

Having Android mobile streaming apps like Showbox on your mobile phone will allow you to enjoy watching movies everywhere. Showbox provides movie streaming service for free and for that you can enjoy streaming every movie you want from your mobile devices. The free app allows you to stream everything for free but it cannot be accessible at times due to the illegal free streaming. Thus, it is important to find other Android mobile streaming apps which function perfectly well like Showbox.

Best Movie Streaming Apps like Showbox

Showbox undoubtedly has proven to be one of the most effective Android mobile movie streaming apps. Many users have become to grow attached to this app and used its service over time. However, the free service does not promote the legal way of streaming movies. In fact, it makes up for a bad streaming option in general. In return, Showbox often crashes down or disappears and often becomes inaccessible even though it has been revived several times.

Since Showbox often becomes unreliable when it comes to online streaming, you need to look for the best alternatives to it. Instead of staying with Showbox as the only streaming option, you can use other Android mobile streaming apps to watch movies. In order to help you out deciding which app best works for you, check out the list of alternatives like Showbox below.

1. Netflix

Netflix overview

If you look for the best streaming app for your mobile device, then Netflix will be the best choice for you. You can enjoy every single thing from Netflix within one app. Stream all kinds of movies and series available on Netflix library with a single tap of your finger. Aside from the most popular movies and series in general, you can also stream Netflix original contents from your device.

Go to the app store to download the Netflix app for free. Afterward, proceed to make an account first. Fill in the required information to pass through the registration process. Once your account is verified, you may log in the official Netflix site. Afterward, you can browse all kinds of movies and series you want to watch.

Once you get to the main page, you will see an abundance of movies and series you can stream. You can easily stream your select movies from Netflix library with the best quality from then on. Unlike any other free streaming apps for Android mobile, like Showbox, there will be no annoying advertisements flying over your screen all the time.

For the first-time user, you can try the streaming experience for free during a trial period. You can access all kinds of movies and series from this streaming site for free within a 30-day trial. When the trial period ends, you may continue to stream the movies and series from Netflix with a paid subscription.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon TV overview

Stream your favorite movies and series from your mobile device with Amazon Prime. Just like Showbox, Amazon Prime has all the popular movies and series to date in its collections. Aside from streaming from its collection of movies and series, you can also access a whole lot of different channels with this app.

If you are an eligible student, you can get a special promo from Amazon Prime. Eligible students may get up to six month trial period with .edu email. Once the trial period ends, the eligible students will only be asked to pay half the price of the premium subscription.

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3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV overview

Just like Showbox, Tubi TV also functions as a streaming app which provides all kinds of movies and series. As one of the best alternatives to Showbox, Tubi TV offers the best quality of movies and series to stream. Other than that, Tubi TV also manages to keep its movie and series collections in order.

If you want to try to stream from Tubi TV app, then you have to make an account first. Afterward, you must wait for the confirmation email from the official Tubi TV account. Once you have a verified account, you can log in to Tubi TV app and enjoy every content available for you.

4. Crackle

Crackle overview

Among the best alternatives for Showbox is Crackle. As Sony’s streaming service, Crackle manages to provide the best movies and series directly from the official provider. Navigate your way on this streaming app easily for its simple and clean interface.

With the neat display, you will find the movie and television series categories easily. It also allows you to select what you want to stream easily. Aside from movies and series, you can also stream anime on this site. With Crackle, you can stream everything within one single app.

5. Hooq

Hooq tv overview

As one of the movie streaming sites in Asia, Hooq will make your movie time more interesting than ever. Contrary to the popular streaming sites which provide Hollywood productions only, this streaming site offers everything produced by Asian movie production to its users. Since its first launch in East Asia and India, Hooq has managed to provide every single type of movie and series from different countries. Similarly to any free movie streaming sites out there, Hooq allows you to access the most popular and recent movies to date in its library.

With the vast collections, comes a neat categorization. If you have a membership on Hooq, then you can access a lot of different types of series and movies. You can start off from the popular and recent movie tags to search what movie you look for. If you do not manage to locate the movie or series you look for, you may simply type in the movie or series titles on the search bar. In case you wonder about watching Asian television series, then Viu will be able to facilitate the streaming experience for you.

6. Hulu

Hulu overview

If you have not heard of Hulu by now, then you must be new to the entire streaming business. Aside from providing a streaming service on its official site, Hulu is also available as an app. Much like Showbox, Hulu app curates all types of movies, TV series, movie trailers, cartoons, as well as anime series. In addition to that, Hulu also provides its original contents like The Handmaid’s Tale and Marvel’s The Runaways.

If you have other business going on, you can pause the stream on the Hulu app. Afterward, you can play the movie or the series you currently watch from the exact point you leave it off. What you need to do is register as a Hulu user and enjoy streaming every single content available from its collections from your mobile Hulu app.

In order to get the best streaming experience from Hulu, you must make an account first. Once you get your verified account, you will get to explore and enjoy all kinds of movies and series available. As a first-time Hulu user, you can stream everything Hulu has to offer for free during a trial period. When the trial period ends, you can continue to stream any kinds of movies and series from Hulu with a paid subscription.

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7. Vudu

Vudu overview

Enjoy streaming with ease from Vudu mobile app. Much like Showbox, Vudu provides all types of recent movies and series to date. In comparison to other Android mobile movie streaming apps on this list, Vudu allows you to download movies and series in the best quality. You can simply start off by browsing through each corner of Vudu’s library with ease.

On the other hand, you can also try a different method by using a search bar to look for the movie and series on Vudu mobile app. When you click on your favorite series, you can look for the download link below the video. If you wish to download the video, you will only have to press the download link. Soon after, you can select the video quality which is compatible with your device. At last, just wait patiently until the downloading process is done.


Showbox may be a perfect app to stream movies and series for free. When it comes to Android mobile movie streaming apps, you need to find one which is trusted and available in every season.

Despite its free service, Showbox often fails to operate due to its free and deemed illegal service. In order to avoid all of these troubles, you can try streaming from trusted Android mobile movie streaming apps, much like Showbox. Try one of the alternatives like Showbox we have listed above to get the best streaming experience.



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