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5 Best Ad Blocker for Android That You Can Use

Google Play Store is flooded with a truckload on such ad-blocking apps, but in this article, we choose the best rated and the most popular ad blockers out there and made this list of Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android.

Ads are pretty annoying, and we need to get rid of them, but it is the only source of income for the content creators and the developers, including me. Ads are something that you and I would not like to see, but then they are the bread and butter for the websites you visit and the apps you use. Some ads are acceptable, and some occupy our whole screen, not letting us view the content we need, so in this case, ad blockers do a great job in blocking those annoying ads.

When it comes to blocking ads on computer devices, it is pretty easy; install an ad block extension of your browser, and it's done, but it is a whole different story when it comes to installing an ad blocker for your Android phone, as little to none browsers will not give you an option wherein you can install extensions, the most popular browsers for Android like Chrome, Firefox, UC browser doesn’t let you block ads, but now the technology has been improved. We can block ads from surfing the web pages on Chrome to watching videos on YouTube!

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

1. Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser is from the makers of the most popular ad-blocking Chrome extension Adblock Plus, Adblock browser is a simple, easy to use, and highly customizable browser that enhances your browsing experience with blocking annoying ads, which saves your battery and your mobile data, which in turn gives you a  very smooth and fast browsing experience, it’s Safe, Quick and Private!

This browser has a built-in ad blocker that blocks all the annoying ads, even on videos, and only keeps the good and respectful ads to help content creators. If you don’t want to support the content creators, you can block all the ads. Adblock Browser has more to offer you other than just blocking ads like, it will prevent any tracking apps or sites that track your data, it will prevent you from visiting any malware website, and also prevent malvertising, you can even choose which search engine you need, with all the features it offers it is entirely free to download, you should give it a try!

2. Adguard

Adguard is a unique app that will not only block ads on your browser and videos but also the games that you play or the apps that you use, which has ads in it without even needing to root your phone. Adguard is very easy to set up and highly customizable, and has all the features, in fact, more quality than just blocking ads on browsers which in turn gives you a pleasant and speedy performance on your phone with protecting your privacy.

Adguard blocks ads anywhere on your phone, whether it’s on Youtube, games, apps, and even the websites you visit while protecting your privacy from online trackers and malicious websites that are trying to steal your data. Using Adguard will give you the ability to turn off data to any particular app that you select, and also it has a feature to allow any apps that you like. All in all, Adguard is one of the best ad blockers for Android, which has all the features from basic to pro!

3. Free Adblocker Browser

As the name implies, it is an entirely free Adblocking browser for Android that blocks all the annoying ads on the websites you visit, making the sites load fast at the same time protecting your privacy from all the online trackers and malicious sites, which in turn gives you more battery life, saves your data and faster loading times!

Free Adblocker Browser blocks all types of irritating ads like popups, banners, and ads while watching videos; it stops Ad-cookies from the third party, it warns you if you are trying to visit any malicious and adware sites. Using this browser is pretty straightforward. Install the app and start using it; no registrations, no verifications, and 100% free to use.

4. Opera

While Chrome maybe your favorite browser, Opera takes it to another level by features it offers like ad-blocking, data saving, compressing images, and the performance it provides. Firing up Opera will welcome you with a screen where you can set your preferred language, then after you will be ready to search anything, the adblocking and the data saving features are turned on by default, you can turn them off anytime.

Opening up Opera will give you a range of news channels and a truckload of categories to read from like entertainment, technology, videos, and much more, or you can search on any topic right from the home screen. The sleek look it offers, the speed of surfing through the web pages, and the adblocking it has, make it one of the best ad blockers for Android; not to forget, it will display acceptable ads and only blocks annoying ads.

5. Adblock Fast

Just like how some web pages get loaded with irritating ads and trackers, some ad blockers too get bloated and increase your CPU usage. To reduce that, Adblock Fast is here. It claims to be the fastest ad blocker ever, which gives you 8x more speed in loading a webpage and 6x low CPC and other resources usage while in turn giving you the best battery backup out of all the ad blockers out there.

This app lets you block all the ads on the sites you visit without any root permissions, and no need to download any separate browsers for blocking ads. Apart from the features it offers, it only works Samsung Internet browser, which is the only downside of this Adblocker.


These are the 5 Best Ad blocker Apps for Android that are available right now, most of them are free of cost to download and install and come with their own merits and demerits, but if you need any extra features, you need to pay the developer. So, What’s your favorite Adblocker? and If you feel that I missed any title that is worth the mention, please do leave a comment below.



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