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7 Best Dating Apps in India That You Can Use

There is no doubt that online dating was once impossible in India but now it’s not the case, in fact, the word “Dating sites” was one of the most searched keywords on Google and the Play store and Appstore is flooded with these dating apps, some may not work and some are just fake. So to help you get going I made this list of best dating apps in India right now!

Are you one of those guys/girls looking to date someone and tired of flying paper rockets to your crush? I think you do; that is why you landed on this page; if so, why not use the technology we have to get a date, huh? that is why we made this list of the best dating apps in India that will hopefully get you a date.

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Best Dating Apps in India

1. Tinder

Tinder tops off the list with over 100 million active installs, and it is the world’s most popular dating app. If you are the person looking to date someone, then Tinder is the best choice for you. It was recently launched in India ( 2016 ). It became a hit in India very quickly with its easy swiping feature; Tinder claims to have 20 billion matches to date, which is a considerable number.

Using Tinder is pretty easy; first off, you need to add in your personal information and your interest to the app, then after you need to find your match for that, you need to swipe right on the app until the app gets a game for you if the other person also likes you back then its a game!

It gets you to match based on the filter you have set and the other person’s mutual interests, So there is no stress or rejections; you need to keep swiping!

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2. Happn

Happn is a local dating app with over 40 million active users, which lets you find people with whom you crossed paths in real life, and it does that. It means that you can have a date with whom you have seen ( or passed by ) in real life but didn’t have the dare to approach; that is what it differentiates from other dating apps.

This app creates the opportunity to get to know people around you. Not only can you find the person you have crossed the path but also you can find at what time, which location, how many times you have crossed the path, and many more awesome features like this.

In the list, if you like someone, you can directly send “Hi” to them and later date them ( hopefully ). Downloading and using this app is entirely free of cost, but using the optional feature “Saying Hi” is charged.

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3. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is Truly made for Indian folks by the Indian folks. It claims to be India’s best dating and matching app, and using your preferences and the information you have added to the app; it will find like-minded people who are single based on your location who are verified on the app if you don’t like the match it provided you can click the red arrow to pass them and if you want them to click on like, if they like you back you can start chatting!

This app lets you play quizzes and some games that will bring you better matches. There is a new feature in this app called the spark, which gives you more chances of getting like from the other person ( they charge Rs. 149 for five sparks ). With this app, you are not limited just to images. You can have a video profile too! And lastly, verifying your account with Facebook, LinkedIn, Phone numbers will give you more trust scores which in turn get you more conversations started!

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4. Woo

Woo is a dating and matchmaking app that puts women’s first; it has all the security features just made for women like placing internet calls without disclosing phone number, women’s personal information such as name, phone number, and location will all be private. This app is specially made for well-educated people.

This app comes with a truckload of features like Tag search, Voice Intro, Direct Messaging, Question Cast, and much more! This app is a lot like Tinder; Woo shows your profile to people based on your interests and location then after you can like or dislike the profiles by swiping right or left without revealing your identity if you get a like back from a person a new private chatting window will be open for you.

While Woo is entirely free to download and use but some features may be available for the premium users, which costs $ 12.99$ a month.

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5. Bumble

Bumble works more or less the same as Tinder. With over 21 million users on the app, you can start building relationships and finding friends with ease. Like Tinder, you need to swipe right until you find a match here; women take the first move here. If you like the profile and swipe right, you will have a private chatting window!

But there’s a twist the person should start the conversation within 24 Hrs. or else the match will disappear forever, but then if you run out of time, you can extend the timeline for 24 Hrs. Unlike many other apps on the list, Bumble is entirely free to download and install, but for some additional features like BumbleCoins, Bumble Boost, and some more, you will have to pay them.

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6. Bloomy

Bloomy is an international dating and messaging app where you will find attractive singles ready to mingle with the princesses of London, Moscow, and Eastern Europe and Guys from New York, Paris, and Russia. In simple words, it connects a guy to girls or vice versa from any part of the World!

Bloomy provides you an opportunity to communicate in real-time with beautiful people around the globe in few simple clicks and to ensure users' identity; photos are safe. They secure their team will moderate it every day. Like other apps on this list, Bloomy will take the preferences and the filter you have set to find the perfect like-minded match for you.

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7. Hinge

Unlike other apps on the list, Hinge is different; other apps may match you to an unknown single who is ready to mingle, but Hinge goes to another level, it will take the details of your friends and friends-of-friends from Facebook, and it will match you to a known person, who has the same personality as you. In contrast, some may like it, and others may not.

Hinge brings you the experience that mimics meeting in real life. First, it will show your friends then friends-of-friends up to three levels, So no random strangers here. After you have got the match, it will show complete details of the opposite person like their religion, height and much more and finally, you can start chatting with them.

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There is something for everybody by using the dating apps mentioned above. Not every app will serve the purpose you are looking for, but it all comes to the features and the purpose you need. I would love to know your favorite dating app in the comment section below!



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