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Top 5 Free Encrypted Email Services 2023: Hide Your Online Privacy!

Are you want to send email anonymously? However, there is no 100% anonymous online, Your IP address, User-agent, Mac address are needed when you use the internet! We can not change them but we can mask them, one of the best ways is to use encrypted technology!

This post I search some of the most secure email providers to protect your data security and personal privacy information, all email service offer powerful encrypted!

In this globalized world, the communication mechanism has become the most significant element in one’s life. Communication is needed to convey messages, information, offer job and get it done, and to make the world a single unit—in the real sense. Surprisingly, it does not take more than a minute to send a message or valuable stuff to any part of this world. It is all because of the recent developments and advancement by the technological arena of the world. Though, these enhancements don’t seem surprising anymore. I think we’re used to it now.

However, one thing which appears to be most challenging, when it comes to the technological world, is the privacy and security of the message and content being sent or conveyed and emailed. The channels of communication and its medium include WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, but what is popular and widely used by the people is Email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook—a few of the best email service providers. Unfortunately, email seems to be the quite risky medium of communication as it is quite difficult to secure its content effectively. And above-mentioned email service providers, nonetheless, do not offer complete securities or secure environment which would otherwise allow you to make material and data safe from hackers and the authorities. Security and privacy is a real challenge to it. So this article is about Top 5 Best Secure Email Services for Better Privacy.

Do you often send sensitive information to people via email? You always want to keep your messages private and fully secured. But, we send emails regularly and frequently “in the clear” which is vulnerable to interception by hackers. In this regard, you don't need to worry anymore. There are various ways through which you can send private and sensitive information backed by security via email. So for the betterment of our readers and viewers, we have gathered material which will provide solutions to these security issues. This way, you can send secured email, secure one-time information, and content, and secure instant messaging and encrypting files to be sent via email.

Let me help you in knowing the 5 best secure email services you can use to disseminate information and data and receive encrypted email.

5 Most secure & encrypted email provider 2021: Send email anonymously right now!



ProtonMail is the world's largest secure email service offer free encrypted email, developed by CERN and MIT scientists. We are open source and protected by Swiss privacy law

Link To:

ProtonMail seems to be one of the popular apps used across the globe. Its servers are located in Switzerland which restricted the ability of the US to shut them down or in any way, asked them to produce a certain type of information.

No matter what, the emails are encrypted end-to-end which reveals that it is impossible to intercept data and information. Besides, ProtonMail does not log IP address which means you are anonymous while consuming the service. Unsurprisingly, because of high demand, ProtonMail has reached its maximum capacity, and people who are invited can sign up. Although, paid accounts are available too.

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 Tutanota is the secure mail service with automatic encryption. We protect your mails from everyone – even us! Open source and forever free.

Link To:

Tutanota appears utterly open-source, free email service which offers end to end encryption of emails. It also enables Non-tutanota users to securely respond to encrypted emails.

The best part is when the receiver receives your encrypted email; they cannot view the subject, content until and unless they can produce a password mutually. Only through the password, one can unlock the data of the message.

Posteo is an innovative email provider that is concerned with sustainability and privacy and is completely ad-free. Our email accounts, calendars and address books can be synchronised – we use comprehensive encryption.

Link To: is the company offering email service which is based in Berlin, Germany. It is best when securing the privacy of its users. This service is not free, unlike, the above-mentioned 2 services.

It offers plans starting at €1/month for 2 GB storage capacity with POP3 and IMAP support. It doesn’t require any sort of personal information while signing up.

Kolab Now

Kolab Now

Kolab Now offer secure collaboration and email accounts.

Link To:

Kolab Now is the company based in Switzerland offering open-source email service. It has the target audience in the form of small and medium scale firms.

It also charges its users directly and has 2 plans starting from $4.99 for an individual account. Its features include an integrated note-taking app, email tagging support and much more.



CounterMail – The world's most secure web based email service,protecting your privacy – encrypted pgp email webmail

Link To:

Countermail seems yet another best email service provider that offers several best features. It uses OpenPGP’s encryption protocol with 4096 keys to protect your data. Not only this, it provides end-to-end encryption too.

The best thing is when it has a fully secured USB key option which makes it impossible to access the account without USB key inserted into a USB port. One can use Countermail for a week without any charges, but after which prices start at $6.33/month.


So this article must be helpful for you if you really need high security and privacy in your email. These 5 best email services have a very good reputation when it comes to securing your data and material. We hope this article will help you choose the best email service while helping you maintain your privacy. Good luck!



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