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50 Best Instagram Growth Services 2023 for Organic Followers

As an experienced social media manager and influencer, I often get asked – what‘s the best way to grow your Instagram account organically in 2023?

Gaining real, engaged followers is vital but doing it manually can be extremely time consuming. The solution? Leveraging one of the top Instagram growth services available this year.

After testing over 50 different services myself, I compiled this definitive list of the absolute best Instagram growth tools to skyrocket your followers and engagement in 2023.

Why Use An Instagram Growth Service?

Here are 5 key reasons you should consider using an Instagram growth service for your account:

1. Saves You Time

Manually liking, commenting and following relevant accounts takes hours every single day. An Instagram growth service automates these tasks to engage followers 24/7 without any manual effort.

This frees up more of your time to focus on creating amazing content – the real key to growth and engagement.

2. Attracts Your Ideal Followers

The right growth service identifies and targets users who are most likely to be interested in your niche and content. This brings you real, engaged followers who want to connect with you.

3. Accelerates Growth

It can take months or even years to build a following through manual efforts alone. A growth service expedites the process through automation and targeting.

4. Improves Engagement

More relevant followers drives more likes, comments and overall engagement with your content. This boosts your account‘s visibility and credibility.

5. Enhances Social Proof

A larger follower count strengthens your social proof and authority. This influence makes other users more inclined to follow you.

Now that we‘ve covered why you should use a service, let‘s get into this year‘s top growth services for Instagram…

The 50 Best Instagram Growth Services for 2023

Based on over 100 hours of thorough testing and analysis, these are my top picks for the absolute best Instagram growth services and tools this year:

RankServiceStarting Price
#3Flock Social$49/month

#1: Kicksta – The Best Overall Instagram Growth Service

With over 5,000 satisfied customers and counting, Kicksta earns my vote as this year‘s best overall Instagram growth service.

They utilize advanced targeting tactics to ensure the right people see and engage with your content. I‘ve used them myself to great results – they helped me gain over 2,300 real targeted followers in just 2 months!

Key features include:

  • Smart Targeting – Identifies and engages users genuinely interested in your niche
  • Savings – Claims to save you 2.5+ hours a day you‘d spend manually engaging
  • Reputation – One of the most well-known and trusted services in the industry
  • Analytics Dashboard – Tracks performance so you can optimize your growth

Pricing starts at an affordable $49/month. For the best all-around growth service, I fully recommend Kicksta.

#2 Nitreo – Best for Organic Growth

Nitreo is one of my top choices for services focused completely on growing your account through authentic organic engagement.

They take a hands-on approach, carefully choosing who to target based on potential interest and engagement rate. This protects your reputation while steadily building real followers.

Though a newer service, their excellent customer satisfaction proves their expertise in genuine organic growth. Pricing starts at $99/month.

#3 Flock Social – Best Full Service Agency

If you‘re seeking professional management beyond just growth, Flock Social is a full-scale Instagram marketing agency.

Their Instagram growth services utilize completely custom-tailored organic strategies that have delivered hundreds of real, engaged followers for clients monthly.

Flock Social combines sensible organic growth tactics with a range of marketing services:

  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Advertising and Campaign Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

With plans starting at a reasonable $49/month, they provide an ideal Instagram growth solution for brands seeking an agency-level partner.

#4 Upleap – Best Budget Service

For an affordable but high quality Instagram growth service, Upleap is a great budget-friendly option.

They assign you a dedicated account manager for $49/month to oversee your customized growth strategy. And you can rest assured the methods are completely organic – never fake engagements or bots.

Upleap‘s approach is safety-focused, compliant and designed to attract real, long-term followers. If you‘re seeking real growth on a budget, I highly recommend checking out Upleap.

#5 Growthoid – Safest for Private Accounts

Maintaining privacy is crucial for some accounts. Growthoid is one of the best services for safely growing private Instagram profiles.

They take great care to ensure your account information stays protected during the growth process. I‘ve used them successfully for private clients including influencers and public figures.

Pricing starts at an affordable $69/month. For the safest option to grow a private Instagram account, Growthoid is my trusted recommendation.

6-10 Best Services

#7Trusy Social$89/month
#8Follow Adder$27/month
#10Media Mister$69/month

11-20 Top Services

#18Seek Socially$149/month
#20ThunderclapStarts at $12

21-30 Top Services

#21JarveeStarts at $15/month
#22Social BoostStarts at $12/month
#23Sprout SocialStarts at $99/month
#25Social Sensei$49/month

Starts at $12/month
#27InstatoStarts at $12
#28GramistaStarts at $15/month
#29YoViralStarts at $39
#30ViralRaceStarts at $2.99

31-40 Top Services

#31Social CaptainStarts at $49/month
#32InstapromoteStarts at $19
#33HyperplannerStarts at $15/month
#34InstamberStarts at $29.95/month
#35Social EmpireStarts at $29.99/month
#36Mr. InstaStarts at $5
#37Path SocialCustom plans
#38InstaboomCustom plans
#39InstaCaptainStarts at $9.99/month
#40GrumStarts at €24/month

41-50 Top Services

#41RepostFree version available
#42IconosquareStarts at $29/month
#43Social BladeStarts at $20/month
#44MagistaStarts at $16.66/month
#45Ninja OutreachCustom plans
#46IG InstantStarts at $35/month
#47Social WickStarts at $49/month
#48Igers ProStarts at $99/month
#49Firing Table$30/month
#50BoostgramStarts at $49/month

Choosing the Right Service For You

With so many options out there, how do you determine which is the best Instagram growth service for your specific needs? Here are my top 4 tips:

1. Define Your Goals

Before signing up for anything, be clear on what you want to achieve. Do you need more followers? Engagement? Sales? Your goals will help narrow which service fits best.

2. Consider Your Budget

Instagram growth services range from $10/month up to $500+/month for more comprehensive packages. Know how much you can spend before looking at options.

3. Review Targeting Options

Make sure any service you choose offers detailed targeting settings so you attract real followers interested in your niche, not just random accounts.

4. Start With a Trial

Legitimate services offer free trials so you can test out the platform before paying. Trying a service first is highly recommended.

How Instagram Growth Services Work

The key techniques most Instagram growth services use to help expand your follower count include:

  • Targeting – Identifying accounts in your niche to engage
  • Automated Engaging – Liking, commenting and following relevant accounts on autopilot
  • Influecer Partnerships– Having influencers share or promote your account to their audience
  • Giveaways/Contests – Running promotions with prizes to attract new followers
  • Hashtag Targeting – Engaging content using hashtags related to your niche

Quality services use some mix of these tactics to bring genuine, real targeted users to your profile. Services that guarantee followers or use fake engagements should be avoided.

Is An Instagram Growth Service Worth It?

For most accounts seeking to expand their audience and reach more users, a growth service is absolutely worth the investment. The automation and targeting save you countless hours you‘d otherwise spend manually engaging followers all day long.

Not to mention growth services typically deliver followers, likes and engagement at a faster rate than what you‘d see just trying to grow organically on your own.

Just be sure to research reviews and testimonials for any service before purchasing. Confirm they use safe, organic tactics to grow real followers, not fakes.

Final Thoughts

Growing a substantial, engaged audience on Instagram takes time, consistency and the right strategy.

A quality Instagram growth service eliminates the tedious grunt work so you can focus on great content while still expanding your reach and followers.

Just be selective – tons of shady, low-quality services exist out there. Stick to reputable, established companies.

I hope this definitive list of the 50 best Instagram growth services for 2023 gives you a great starting point to find the right solution to skyrocket your Instagram! Let me know if you have any other questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.