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5 Best Mailing Website of 2022

Don’t get puzzled by the term mailing website.

You might have heard about many mailing websites. Gmail, Yahoo email are a few examples of mailing websites. We’re referring to these websites here.

Now a question might arise what do mailing websites do?

Mailing websites enable their users to get into their email accounts using a web browser with an Internet connection.

Don’t have an Internet connection?

No. You cannot access the mailing website without an Internet connection.

There are numerous mailing websites and you might be a little bewildered to choose the best of them for your use.

We’d make your task easier and clear your confusion.

In this post, we’d learn about the five best mailing websites. The most fantastic advantage that is common to all these websites is they are offered at no cost.

Which mailing website should you choose?

Read through the post and decide which mailing website suits you the best for your business, personal use and so on.

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  1. Gmail

Gmail stands top among the mailing websites for whatever you do and wherever you do. The mail website is owned by Google the lead search engine and has more than a billion users from throughout the globe. In the United States, 60% of the mid-sized companies and 92 % of start-ups use and completely rely on it.

Gmail is best known for its ease of use. It’s probably the lone website with no ads in the inbox.

Thus, you won’t be facing any distractions while doing important work. Gmail has all the features of a clean and efficient mailing website: mail collection, spam filters, auto-reply. It has some advanced features as well such as Email forwarding and Undo Sent Features.

Gmail offers you 15 GB of free inbox storage space. Further, with a single Gmail account, you can have automatic access to other services offered by Google like Calendar, Drive, Google Plus, and Maps.

Gmail let you translate messages to other languages as well. You can attach files not exceeding 25MB and upload multiple documents at a time. It has features that scan for viruses and fishing. Thus you know the messages that you receive don’t contain any covered-up threat attached. Gmail comes with the feature of verification that involves two steps and the powerful spam filters to make it less probable that your account is hacked or that you get junk messages.

Gmail offers custom email services as well as for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Therefore, whatsoever the purpose of using a mailing website might be, Gmail is the most preferred by us as well as billions across the world.


Outlook stands in quality following Gmail. was earlier known as Hotmail. Its second most preferred mailing website. Outlook is run by Microsoft and mostly integrated with Windows 10. If you use, you’d realise important benefits. Official sources from Microsoft estimate the number of users to be in the range of more than 450 million.

Outlook has an advanced feature called Clutter. The feature makes low priority emails stand apart in the inbox. The feature helps you recover an email when you delete one by mistake or accident. uses a process of verification involving two steps. This makes it tougher for hackers to get into your account.  The real storage capacity provided is not certain. To start with, you have 5GB which is likely to be more over time.

The negative aspect of as compared to Gmail is its design.

You won’t get a customizable dashboard. It has a limited search capability and does not have the advanced search option.

Ads take a little space on your screen which can prove distracting.

  1. Yahoo! Mail

The new version of Yahoo! Mail is one of the best email service providers in the world.

The company is said to have been bought by Verizon in 2016.

Yahoo! Mail makes additional efforts to ensure your account is secure. This is done by enabling the spam filters and keeping the junk emails in the trash bin as against keeping them in primary mailbox.

Yahoo! Mail blocks the spam emails completely and does not direct them to the trash or spam folders.

Yahoo! Mail offers 1 Tb of free storage space – an amount of space that is offered by no other email service provider. It allows you send 500 email a day which is more than that offered by most other email service providers.

A con of Yahoo! Mail is that ads take a lot of space on your screen and makes it hard for navigating.

Sponsored ads are put into the message lists. This makes them look like valid emails.

The most important point is Yahoo! Mail is said to have been hacked multiple times.

  1. Zoho

Zoho mail came into being in 2008. Zoho mail offers you everything wishes to get from a free email service provider. These include conversation views, multi-level folders, drag-and-drop inbox organizing and filters. The best feature of Zoho email is that it’s completely free from ads.

With the free version of Zoho mail, you get 5GB f storage space. Zoho mail is compatible with other Zoho productivity tools like notes, calendar and tasks. The free version of Zoho Mai is best for small business productivity. It’s simple and easy to set up Zoho mail and manage.

  1. GMX

GMX Mail is the subsidiary of United Internet. United Internet is among Germany’s biggest internet service providers.

GMX offers you storage that is unlimited and you get protection with spam filters. It keeps your inbox safe and free from virus. A user can manage all their email accounts with their mail collector.

An outstanding feature of GMX Mail is that you can set the time – how long you wish to keep a message in your inbox or trash.

So far, you lean about the various email providers and you decide to choose one as per your need. In our opinion, Gmail is the best to use.



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