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Buy YouTube Views: Which is the Best Site to Buy From?

Read on to know more about the services offered by Viralyft, which gives it an edge over its competitors and helps creators become popular quickly!

YouTube is the largest video-streaming platform on the internet. Among creators it’s popular for helping them monetize their account and create a large community where they can share their work and gain recognition. But with so many creators on the platform, it is difficult to catch the attention of the users.
That’s where Viralyft comes into the picture. Viralyft is a social media marketing agency that helps you rake in more YouTube views on your videos and accelerate your organic growth in a short span of time!
You can buy YouTube views from Viralyft to increase the view count of your YouTube videos and turn viewers into subscribers. Viralyft offers customized engagement packages to creators, brands, and artists across a number of platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Best Site to Buy YouTube Views: Viralyft

Key Highlights:
● Effective Packages and Pricing
● Round-the-clock live chat support
● Order tracking feature
● Instant & Over delivery

Packages & Pricing of YouTube Views

If you’re looking for a way to get the exposure you deserve, then you’ll need some YouTube views to get your channel started. Viralyft has over 50 years of marketing experience and will help you gain tons of views, subscribers, likes, and comments. You can opt for one of its five YouTube views packages, which are priced at $6.99 for 1,000 global views, $12.99 for 2,500 global views, $23.99 for 5,000 global views, $109.99 for 25,000 global views, and $374.99 for a whopping 100,000 global views for your YouTube video.

The views that you buy are genuine and of high quality. The website accepts almost every major credit card on the planet for payment and doesn’t require your YouTube account’s password to make the delivery, ensuring top-notch safety and security for your bank account as well as your YouTube account.

Why choose Viralyft?

If you are wondering why everyone considers Viralyft to be one of the best sites to buy YouTube views, you’ve come to the right place. The list below outlines just a few reasons why Viralyft is a favorite among brands, influencers, and creators when it comes to boosting their reach and visibility on YouTube.

● Reasonable prices
The first thing that most brands and content creators take into consideration before investing in any kind of social media marketing campaign or engagement is budget. If you head over to Viralyft’s website or scroll down to skim through the packages described below, you will realize that this company offers multiple packages for various forms of engagement on multiple platforms and charges reasonable fees to deliver these likes, views, and comments to your posts.
Viralyft is quite open about sharing its charges for these packages with the public, which speaks for its authenticity, openness, and service orientation.

● Wide range of services
If you’ve spent some time exploring YouTube and observed the marketing and promotion strategies used by your competitors and several other creators, then you have probably realized that they tend to promote their videos on multiple platforms. It is common for creators to encourage their followers to follow them on various other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify (if they are artists or upcoming musicians), and ClubHouse.
With Viralyft, you can get better at cross-platform promotions and direct traffic from your website or other accounts to your videos easily, as it also has several packages that help you gain followers on other platforms as well. Hence, Viralyft’s wide range of services allows you to easily strengthen your social media presence is across multiple platforms.

● Customer-friendly policies
Another important aspect of Viralyft’s service that plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers is its policies. Viralyft has several customer-friendly policies in place, such as a refund policy and a privacy policy, so you don’t feel like your money was wasted in a fruitless deal or purchase. This social media growth management site has an easy refund policy in place so if your product is not delivered as promised, you can always contact them and claim a refund (if you have sufficient evidence to support your claim).
Moreover, Viralyft provides a little more than the agreed-upon volume of traffic to make sure you have a backup in case you lose followers. The company even offers a refill service if the number of followers or views falls within 30 days of purchase.

● Safe and secure experience
When it comes to safety, Viralyft has left no stone unturned. It continuously builds and updates its software and security procedures, as it has over the past 50 years. Viralyft has secured its website using the HTTPS protocol and even offers secure payment options so you can pay for your desired package without the risk of your bank account details getting leaked and landing in the wrong hands.
Moreover, you don’t need to provide sensitive information like the password to your social media account in order to make a purchase: you only need to provide the link to your channel or video. Finally, Viralyft uses only legit methods of providing likes and views, so you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned or suspended due to marketing techniques.

● A long-term partner
With over 50 years of marketing experience, Viralyft has helped a number of creators, influencers, celebrities, and brands to become popular and achieve better engagement rates on various social media platforms, especially YouTube. Its level of service and reasonable prices make it a favorite among clients and a great partner for the long-term growth of your account.
Equipped with premium quality services, customer-friendly policies, and round-the-clock support, this site could provide engagement for all your social media accounts for years to come!

● Round-the-clock support, live chat, and easy tracking
There are times when you have doubts or apprehension about investing your hard-earned money into new ventures. This is often the case for new creators and businesses who want to expand their YouTube follower base but are not sure how to go about purchasing views.
To meet this need, Viralyft provides round-the-clock support in the form of live chat (available on Viralyft’s website), call, and email support. All you need to do is fill in your name, email id, and query and Viralyft’s support team will contact you as soon as possible.
Moreover, Viraliyft also provides a tracking feature that gives you regular status updates related to your order after you pay for the package, which makes it easy to keep track of your order.

● Easy purchasing process
One of the best things about buying YouTube views from Viralyft is that the entire process is a piece of cake. All you need to do is pick whichever package listed on Viralyft’s website matches your budget and requirements, provide the link to the video or playlist where you want views, and pay the rate.

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, and other widely accepted debit and credit cards. Your order will be delivered within a day or two of payment. If you have any queries or want an update related to your order, you can use the tracking feature or get in touch with customer support at your convenience.

● Helpful “About Us” and FAQs section
We gave brownie points to Viralyft for its extensive and informative “About Us” section, which helps new visitors and potential clients learn about the services it provides and the associated fees. It also answers commonly asked questions related to purchasing engagement and how it brings in likes, views, and comments on videos and posts without putting the account at risk.
Answers to questions like “How to buy YouTube views quickly?” or “What are the payment methods?” can be easily found on the website. The best part is that each page has its own set of FAQs, which makes it easy to find answers to platform-specific questions.

● High-quality engagement
Last but not least, Viralyft delivers high-quality views, likes, and subscribers, making it one of the best sites to buy YouTube views. It brings in authentic subscribers and views so that your channel can get the boost it needs to achieve a higher reach and engagement at a faster pace.
Unlike some companies, who deliver fake likes and bot accounts as followers, Viralyft uses its vast network and time-tested methods to ensure more interaction and engagement on your videos and channel, without your account getting banned or suspended. This not only boosts your statistics but also ensures that you have a high retention rate in the years to come as well!

Customer reviews on Viralyft

Here is a sampling of customer reviews that will make sure that whenever you think of buying YouTube views, Viralyft will be the first name that pops into your head.

Satisfied with the overall quality – What a positive experience it has been. From ordering to the delivery, everything went smooth and easy. 2 weeks after buying 5K YouTube views, I have gained an extra 77 subs so fast. More views and likes are building up alongside naturally. Definitely helping me out. Would recommend it to all. – Jay Demour

I've become a regular here – I can happily say that this is the best service I've ever used after trying 3 to 4 different ones. I have already bought packs for Youtube subs, likes, and especially views at least once. Thanks to this, one of my videos started getting recommended to people and might soon hit 100k views. Amazing results. – Tim Atwood

Great quality of views – I didn't believe their claims of real views at all at first. I've tried some other sites and half of them never arrive. Thankfully not the case here. Got them delivered fast and in the exact quantity. Never disappeared either. Big props for that. – TJ Simmons

Good delivery and supportive staff – I like their delivery speeds. My first 2.5K YouTube views order got delivered within 2 days. The second one didn't arrive for 2 days however, so I contacted their staff. They replied within 3 hours and told me about some server issues. The views arrived by evening and haven't had another issue again.- Lionel C
You can visit the site and read other customer feedback for Viralyft to make the decision-making process a tad bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

● How can I buy legitimate and active YouTube views?

If you want to buy YouTube views that are not only legitimate but also boost your organic growth and help you monetize your channel, then you need to make sure that you purchase them from authentic sites like Viralyft.
Unlike some sites, Viralyft provides real advert views from across the globe by promoting your videos among people who watch content similar to what you produce. This helps to increase views and helps your video rank higher in the trending section and search results, all organically.
● Is it safe to buy YouTube Views from Viralyft?

It is safe to buy YouTube views from Viralyft, as the company uses a tested approach to delivering genuine views and other forms of engagement to your channel, so your account doesn’t get flagged, banned, or suspended by YouTube for using unfair practices.
Viralyft has helped over 500,000 customers to achieve better ranking in search results and the trending section by using high-quality marketing techniques.

● Will this help me gain subscribers to my channel?

An increase in the number of views of your videos not only helps them get better results and rankings but also increases the visibility of your channel. Additional views help your video show up in the recommendation section of new users’ feeds, once the YouTube algorithm notices the steady increase in views and engagement on your videos. Thus YouTube views also help your channel gain subscribers and strengthen your online presence on the video-streaming platform.

● What details do I need to share to buy YouTube views?

It is very easy to buy YouTube views from Viralyft, thanks to the user-friendly checkout process. Once you have selected the package you want, all you need to do is provide the link to the video you want the views for and your email id. Once you’ve filled in your payment details and paid the fee, you can sit back and relax while Viralyft starts delivering the order to your video!

These are just some of the features that give Viralyft an edge over its competitors and make it the top choice for YouTube creators looking to boost engagement on their profile without spending a fortune. Viralyft offers several other useful features, like creating customized packages to meet your business needs, so get in touch with the support team for further assistance if you have unique needs!

Some tips to keep your YouTube channel going

No matter how much money you invest in buying views or subscribers, you won’t be able to make it big on YouTube without being creative. So here are some tips which will help you optimize your videos and channel and create higher-quality content to get the desired results in a shorter period!
● Find untapped content
The best way to gain more views, subscribers, likes, and comments is to create unique and engaging content that will make it easier for users to search your videos while also increasing your channel’s search rank. A better search rank means both more views and more subscribers for your channel. There are numerous ways to find unique topics for your video. You can start by finding a topic within your niche, then researching it all over the internet or observing your competitors’ videos.
You can also ask your audience about the kind of videos they would like to see. Once you have these things figured out, then you can create a YouTube video strategy that will help you roll out content that will not only engage your present subscribers but also bring in new ones. So start googling for unique topics and use their untapped potential to rake in more views to grow your channel organically on YouTube.
● Optimize your videos
Optimizing your videos is one of the fastest ways to boost your views and subscriber count on YouTube. Video optimization is an important part of YouTube SEO and helps to increase your video’s search rank. Some of the major ways to optimize your YouTube videos are:
● Use keywords in the video title as well as the description and try to make it look natural.
● Research and find the optimal length of your video.
● Try to keep your video description to the point and packed with keywords without making it look forced.
● Tag other people in your video title if they are featured in the video.
● Use popular keywords as video tags to categorize your video.
● Embed your video to increase engagement as well as views.
● Ask people to like and share your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel.
● Add an SRT file to add subtitles and closed captions to your video.
● Add cards and end screens to increase views on other videos as well.
Once you start using these techniques, you will see a significant boost in your video’s views, likes, comments, and subscribers.
● Use engaging thumbnails
Using engaging thumbnails is a good way to target your audience and get their curiosity-driven views. The question is, how do you create engaging thumbnails? Here are some steps that will help you create thumbnails that will attract attention:
● Use clear, high-quality images that are under the 2MB limit set by YouTube.
● The image should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and its aspect ratio should be 16:9.
● The image should convey the message even after it’s sized down considerably.
● Use close-up shots of faces with extreme facial expressions, as people are easily drawn to them.
● Use bright colors and texts of varying fonts and sizes to make the thumbnail more catchy.
● Add a video title and your brand logo without making it too crowded.
Once you nail these steps, you will soon see a surge in your organic YouTube views.
● Turn viewers into subscribers
Once you have figured out what kind of videos you want to make, your next course of action is to convert your viewers into subscribers. Here are some ways to do that:
● Set a reasonable subscriber goal and let your audience know that you want to get there.
● Collaborate with other creators and brands to increase your reach.
● Ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel at the end of every video.
● Add annotations and on-screen buttons to make it easy for them to subscribe and be notified about your upcoming video(s).
● Host exciting contests and giveaways for your subscribers.
These steps will help you gather views and convert them into subscribers as well as traffic for your other channels.
● Share your content on other platforms
If you want to get more likes, comments, views, and followers on your video and YouTube channel, you’ll have to leverage all your social media might. Here are some ways to use other social media platforms to boost traffic on your YouTube channel:
● Post your video link on your social media.
● Share the video link to relevant communities, groups, and posts.
● Add a link to your channel on all your social media profiles.
● Piggyback on trending hashtags and topics.
● Tag people on your post and ask them to share it on their social media accounts.
● Shorten your YouTube video URL
These methods will help you boost engagement and convert your followers on other social media networks to YouTube subscribers in no time. Viralyft can be your ultimate companion in pumping up those numbers and expanding the reach of your videos, quickly and affordably. This is the way to become famous on the platform!



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