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Best Sneaker Bot Compatible with Yeezy, Nike, Shopify…

Using a sneaker bot can significantly increase the success rate of your copping, but how to choose it? The answer is in this article.

Best Sneaker Bot

Sneakerheads anticipate the release of limited edition the same way music fans wait for an album to drop. However, these sneaker sites only allow an individual to get one pair of sneakers. The idea of an ideal market that gives everyone a fair chance to obtain sneakers is no longer possible to achieve.

The sneaker market has been invaded by bots. These bots have changed how the sneaker market works. Retailers and sneakerheads use these bots to obtain multiple pairs of sneakers.

In this article, we have discussed sneaker bots. We have explained why you need to use them to cop sneakers. We have listed for you the characteristics of a good sneaker bot. We have also recommended for you the sneaker bots you can use to cop major sneaker sites.

What is a Sneaker Bot and How it Works

A sneaker bot is an application whose purpose is to automate the purchase of limited-edition sneakers.  These bots are way faster than human beings. Therefore, using them gives you an unfair advantage over human buyers.

The Limited-edition sneakers sell out in a matter of minutes after their release. You stand a little chance of getting a pair without using bots.

Sneaker bots require proxies to stay anonymous. The bot requires you to enter your information into the application. After inputting your credit card information, name, delivery address, and any other requirement, you can instruct it on what to buy. The bot completes the purchase faster than humans.

Bots are run on servers to increase their speed and connection to the sneaker sites. Proxies assign unique IP addresses to each bot to make it seem like multiple people are accessing the website.

How to Choose the Sneaker Bots

How to Choose the Sneaker Bots

  • Regularly updated

Sneaker sites do not want sneaker bots to exist. The sneaker sites try to pull these bots down before each release. Therefore, bot creators try to keep their applications running. To ensure they are running during a sneaker release.

A good sneaker bot is one that releases an update before the launch day. The updates are either free or at a small cost. Updated bots are less likely to be blocked.

  • Compatible with Popular Sneaker Sites

We recommend that you settle for sneaker bots that support most of the popular sneaker sites. Bots that are compatible with Adidas may not necessarily work on Jordan sites.

Go for bots that support a wide range of brands. They allow you to take advantage of different sneaker brand launches. The popular bots are regularly adding sneaker sites to their list.

  • Proxy support

A good sneaker bot supports good proxies. You will need proxies to look like multiple buyers to avoid being banned by the sneaker site. Remember, the higher the number of entries, the higher your chances of getting the sneakers.

  • Multiple account support

Sneaker bots that support multiple accounts can be used to simultaneously cop sneakers on different sites. Additionally, you can cop many pairs of sneakers on the same sneaker site without any limits.

  • Multi-thread technology

Multi-thread technology enables a sneaker bot to easily navigate the website, multitask, and complete all the tasks faster. You require a bot that can maneuver through all the processes faster to increase your chances of getting the sneaker pairs.

  • Dedicated support

A great choice of sneaker bot is the one that has a responsive support team to help out when things go wrong. A sneaker bot with an unresponsive support team can cost you finding the sneakers you are copping.

The best way to know if the support team is working is by checking for reviews by customers.  These reviews also provide information like bot features, ease of use, and compatible sites. They help you decide what you will buy.

Sneaker Bots for Yeezy

Yeezy supply bots run on a platform called Demandware. Demandware is a system that randomly picks customers while they are waiting for a release.

Sneaker Bots for Yeezy

The website refreshes every minute before selecting the customers who will get access to their sneaker site. The lucky customers get access to the purchase page. They can complete the checkout process and wait for their sneakers.

Yeezy bots increase the number of users waiting to be selected. Therefore, instead of having a sing account waiting, you have as many accounts as the bots you have. You stand a higher chance of getting your pairs of sneakers. The shoe bots may give you the options to check out manually or the bot to check out. It has a fallout browser feature just in case the bot is not able to check out.

There are specialized Yeezy bots that launch multi-session browsers on the Yeezy page. The bots allow you to check out manually. Here are the recommended Yeezy bots: AIO BotBackdoor, DasheIO.

Sneaker Bots for Nike

It is difficult for Nike bots to stay in the market because the sneaker site does everything in its power to pull them down. The site is regularly releasing security updates to make this possible. The main feature that eliminates most sneaker bots is the augmented reality feature. The feature scans your feet to determine your shoe size.

Sneaker Bots for Nike

Nike bots can crack the code of the site to offer their customers an opportunity to obtain the sneakers they want. They manage to bypass these security checks and still appear as human beings.

Consistency matters a lot for Nike bots. The shoe bots release a lot of updates before the day of the Nike release. The types of bots used to cop Nike sneakers are few. Therefore, they are expensive because their demand is high.

The Nike bot visits the sneaker site and completes a purchase using a virtual card behind proxy IP addresses. The bot solves any security check placed on the site to limit the use of bots. It then completes the checkout process. Here are the recommended Nike bots: NSB Bot, Better Nike Bot, Another Nike Bot.

Sneaker Bots for Shopify 

Shopify stores have their line of products, accessories, and collaborations. Apart from that, they occasionally drop limited edition sneakers. They release Adidas, Nike, or any other popular sneaker that has high demand during its release.

Sneaker Bots for Shopify

You can only increase your chances of getting your pairs if you use Shopify bots. The list of bots compatible with Shopify occasionally changes. The site is trying all means to keep bots from accessing their site. There is no guarantee that a successful bot in one release will work on the next drop. A good Shopify bot should release updates to its application before the release date.

The Shopify bot adds a sneaker to a cart and quickly completes the checkout process. It auto refreshes the product page until the product page is available. Here are the recommended Shopify bots: Cybersole, Dashe.

Sneaker Bots for Supreme 

Supreme sneakers have sneakers that are in high demand. The American brand only has its outlets in 12 locations. Therefore, the majority of people make their purchases online. Your odds of getting hold of a Supreme sneaker are extremely low. That is where supreme bots come in.

Sneaker Bots for Supreme 

The Supreme company is doing all it can to keep bots at bay. They are regularly updating their site to ensure bots do not access their sites. Supreme bots can bypass these security checks.

These bots are extremely fast in completing the purchase that a human being doing it manually does not stand a chance. They connect to the Supreme servers with the credit card information given. They outpace customers keying in all the information required, and by the time they finish, all the items are sold-out.

The bots automate the whole check-out process, allow multiple concurrent checkouts by a single user, and increase your chances of getting multiple pairs of sneakers. Here are the recommended Supreme bots: ForceCop, Supreme Pro Bot.

Sneaker Bots for Footsites

Footsite bots can be used to automate the purchase of sneakers on any of the Footsite websites. Footsite is a group of sites. It has several websites under it. The websites include all Footlocker sites, Eastbay, Champ, and Footaction. Limited edition sneakers released on these sites have a high demand.

Sneaker Bots for Footsites

The Footsite bots developers ensure they release updates to counter any security changes the sites may introduce. Therefore, a Footsite bot should have regular updates.

A great Footsite bot has the Multi-thread technology that enables the bot to navigate the site easier, multitask, and complete all the tasks faster. You need a bot that can complete the purchase processes faster and check out. The odds of getting your sneaker pairs are increased.

Most of the Footsite bots only support Windows operating system. Ensure you also check the browsers that are compatible with the bot. The bots should allow you to use proxies. Keep in mind that using Footsite bots only increases your chances of copping your favorite sneakers. It does not guarantee that you will get them. Here are the recommended Footsite bots: AIO Bot, SoleSlayer, Project Destroyer.

FAQs About Sneaker Bot

1. Do Sneaker Bots Guarantee You Success?

Sneaker bots do not guarantee you success. Many people are getting aware of these sneaker bots and are starting to use them in copping sneakers. The competition in getting your favorite sneakers is quickly increasing.

As much as these bots do not guarantee that you will get your sneakers, they increase your chances of successfully copping the sneakers.

2. Are Sneaker Bots Illegal?

Bots are not illegal. However, most sneaker sites add measures to prevent the use of bots on their websites. Using bots may violate the site's terms and conditions.

Major sneaker sites like Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and Shopify are aware that users are using bots to cop sneakers. Therefore, they update security checks against bots accessing their sites. They change codes that can tell the difference between human beings and bots.

To keep up with these security updates, app developers also update their bots to divert any new security measures. Sneaker bots are not like ticketing bots that are illegal in the USA. Therefore, using sneaker bots is legal.

3. Do I Need a Server to Run Sneaker Bot?

No. You do not need a server to run your bot. It is possible to run your bot on your personal computer if you want your bot to run 24 hours, seven days a week. The only thing you need to do is to keep your computer on.

Using a server to run your bot will produce better results.  They have fast internet speed and processor speeds.  They can run powerful applications and improve bot performance.


Sneaker bots allow you to cop more than one pair of sneakers. The bots automate the purchase process of the sneakers. They are faster than human beings. Therefore, they increase your chances of successfully copping sneakers.

We have explained how bots work on popular sneaker sites like Nike, Shopify, Yeezy, Supreme, and Footsite. We have also highlighted some of the features you should consider when choosing sneaker bots. They should have regular updates, have responsive customer support, multi-thread technology, and should be compatible with good proxies.