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5 Best Sneaker Bots for Adidas, Nike & Others (2023 Guide)

If you’re looking to up your sneaker copping game in 2023, using a sneaker bot is an absolute must. As an experienced sneakerhead myself, I’ve tested out countless bots over the years. In this detailed guide, I’ll share my picks for the 5 best sneaker bots based on hands-on experience and copping results.

These bots have proven their worth by securing me limited releases from Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Supreme and more. Whether you’re copping for personal pairs or reselling, these bots will take your sneaker copping to the next level. Let’s jump in!

What is a Sneaker Bot?

For anyone unfamiliar, a sneaker bot is a software program that automates purchasing limited release shoes online.

Bots integrate directly with sneaker retailer websites and apps to add products to your cart, fill in your payment/shipping details, and submit the order faster than any human could manually.

Top sneaker bots can checkout in under 3 seconds since everything is pre-loaded. This gives you a major advantage over everyone else fumbling to enter their info.

Bots are designed to mimic real user behaviors like clicking buttons, solving CAPTCHAs, navigating pages and submitting forms. Most operate silently in the background monitoring for new product listings and restocks.

According to estimates from Nike and Adidas, over 30% of all limited release sneaker purchases are made using bots. Some of the most popular bots checkpoint thousands of pairs a month for users.

Why Use a Sneaker Bot?

Simply put, using a sneaker bot levels the playing field. Limited shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas and Yeezy sell out in literal seconds.

Manually checking out against thousands of other buyers stands little chance. Sneaker bots get you to the front of the line by autosubmitting the entire checkout process much quicker than humanly possible.

Bots are essential for copping coveted, money-making releases. According to data from StockX, reselling limited Yeezy’s and Jordan’s can net over $240 profit per pair. High-demand Off-White collabs resell for 4-5x retail pricing.

Sneaker bots also provide other useful features like:

  • Restock monitoring – get instant notifications when sold out products are restocked.

  • Inventory tracking – see real-time size/quantity counts to target best options.

  • Bulk checking out – purchase multiples of a product in different sizes.

  • Account creation – generate new accounts to bypass purchase limits.

  • Data analytics – collect copping stats to optimize strategy.

How Do Sneaker Bots Work?

Sneaker bots use a variety of techniques to automate purchasing:

  • Direct API integration – Some bots tap directly into retailer inventory APIs to get stock data and checkout instantly. Nike and Adidas actively fight this with legal action.

  • Browser automation – Bots perform tasks like adding to cart, filling out forms and submitting orders by programmatically interacting with the site.

  • CAPTCHA solvers – Bot services use human teams or AI to quickly solve CAPTCHA challenges intended to block bots.

  • Proxies – Residential and datacenter proxies disguise the bot’s traffic as many different users to avoid blacklisting.

The best bots combine checker modules customized for each site, advanced proxy routing, CAPTCHA avoiding technology and ultra-fast server infrastructure to succeed.

Are Sneaker Bots Legal?

The use of sneaker bots is prohibited by most major retailers like Nike, Adidas, Shopify, etc. Their terms of service strictly forbid bots to try to level the playing field.

Nike’s terms state: “Use or operation of automated purchasing bots, robots, or similar devices is strictly prohibited." Violating retailers terms of service can lead to cancelled orders, banned accounts or worse.

However, sneaker bots themselves are not specifically illegal. Bot makers operate in a grey area, constantly tweaking their software to avoid detection. Many bot companies maintain public websites, support teams and thousands of customers.

Just understand that using bots does break retailer rules. Avoid them if you’re not comfortable with the risks of cancelled orders or banned accounts.

5 Best Sneaker Bots for 2023

Now let’s dive into the top sneaker bots currently dominating releases in 2023. I’ve personally used all of these bots extensively with great success.

1. Ganesh Bot

Ganesh Bot is my overall top pick for its wide retailer support, great success rates across sites and easy setup. Key features:

  • All-in-one support – Cop shoes from every major retailer like Nike, Yeezy, Adidas, Supreme, Shopify, Footsites, etc.

  • Advanced checkout – Ganesh uses advanced browser automation with Google Puppeteer to blast through checkout in seconds.

  • Built-in Proxies – Over 1 million residential IPs help you avoid blacklisting.

  • Powerful analytics – Granular stats cover success rates, inventory numbers, profits, times, and more.

  • Easy to use – Beginner-friendly dashboard, 1-click setups, and step-by-step guides.

I’ve used Ganesh to cop the most in-demand Yeezy, Jordan and Nike releases with great success over 85% of the time. From personal experience, Ganesh should be a top consideration this year.

Price – Rentals from $50/month. Lifetime license around $500

2. Kodai Bot

If you’re focused on Shopify sites, Kodai Bot is hands-down the fastest bot I’ve ever used. It’s absolutely unmatched for speed.

  • Blazing speed – Incredible sub 3 second checkout times give Kodai a major edge. I’ve seen it beat every other bot on huge Shopify drops.

  • Shopify focus – Kodai destroys even limited capsule drops on Kith, Bodega, Undefeated, Xhibition and more.

  • Yeezy Supply support – Has a custom-built Yeezy Supply module that works flawlessly.

  • Proxyless setup – Option to run without proxies makes it super simple for beginners.

  • Success tracking – Advanced analytics for monitoring success rates, profits, inventory numbers and other metrics.

I run Kodai strictly for major Shopify and Yeezy Supply releases where speed is the top priority. It simply can’t be beaten. If you’re focusing on those sites, Kodai is a must have.

Price – Lifetime license around $500

3. Balko Bot

If you target Footsite releases, Balko Bot has to be the choice based on its proven track record. Balko is the undisputed king of Footsites like Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs and Footaction. Here’s why:

  • Footsites expertise – Deep integrations with Footsites backend allows Balko to dominate releases. User reported success rates typically exceed 80%.

  • Intelligent development – Balko is updated using detailed statistical analysis to optimize performance with every release.

  • Powerful monitors – Live inventory counts, restock monitors, sizes in cart and other data give users a leg up on drops.

  • Proxy generator – Built-in residential proxy generator is hugely valuable for avoiding blacklisting.

  • Wide retailer support – Also works on Nike, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Adidas, Shopify, etc.

Time and time again, Balko has proven it’s the sneaker bot to beat when it comes to copping Footsite releases like exclusive Jordans and Yeezy models. It’s the specialist bot for these retailers.

Price – Lifetime license around $700

4. Phantom Bot

Up next is Phantom Bot which is quickly building a reputation as one of the best “bang for your buck” Shopify sneaker bots out there. Here‘s an overview:

  • Blazing Shopify speed – Phantom absolutely flies through checkout on sites like Kith, Bodega, Xhibition, etc.

  • Built-in proxies – Comes loaded with thousands of residential proxies optimized for sneaker sites. Huge value add.

  • Easy to use – Beginner-friendly workflow with very little configuration required for new users.

  • Automated updates – The bot self-updates in the background so you always have the latest fixes and features.

  • Success tracking – Clean interface shows your copping stats like success rates, times, profits and more.

I always make sure to run Phantom on my top Shopify targets because it consistently performs well beyond its very reasonable price point. If you’re on a budget, Phantom is hands-down the best bang for your buck right now.

Price – Lifetime license around $300

5. TSB Sneakers

Last up is TSB Sneakers which continues to impress me as an up and coming bot specialized for Shopify.

  • Shopify expertise – TSB absolutely dominates capsule drops and limited releases thanks to site specific optimization.

  • Speedy checkout – Consistently blasts through checkout in under 5 seconds. Speed is vital for beating the masses.

  • Bot protection bypass – Uses integrated tools to avoid bot detection, blacklisting and cancellations.

  • Easy setup – Straightfoward interface and configuration make it super beginner-friendly.

  • Unlimited proxies – Comes with a built-in proxy generator to give you all the residential IPs you need.

For a relatively new bot, TSB massively overdelivers on performance. The team is hyper-focused on Shopify which pays off in success rates. If you’re new to botting, TSB‘s an amazing entry-level option.

Price – Lifetime license around $300

How to Choose the Right Sneaker Bot

With all the bot options out there, choosing the right one comes down to a few key factors:

Checking Supported Sites

The #1 priority is making sure your bot supports the sneaker sites you want to target.

Going for an all-in-one bot like Ganesh gives you the most coverage across every retailer.

Or choose specialist bots that excel on specific sites, like Kodai for Shopify or Balko for Footsites.

Speed & Checkout Times

Every second counts when trying to beat out other manual users and bots.

Prioritize bots like Kodai and Phantom known for blazing speeds under 5 seconds on major releases.

Monitoring User Success Rates

Bot providers share data on success rates, number of checkouts and profitability.

Vet user reviews and community feedback on sites like BotBroker to verify performance claims.

Ease of Use for Beginners

If you’re new to sneaker botting, choose user-friendly options like TSB Sneakers with simple setup and built-in proxies.

Evaluating Costs & ROI

Bot pricing ranges from $50/month rentals to $1000+ lifetime licenses.

Factor in costs against earning potential and focus on proven performers like Ganesh.

Researching Customer Support

Strong customer service via Discord, knowledgebases and ticket support is invaluable when starting out.

Key Tips for Sneaker Botting Success

Here are some key tips I’ve learned over the years for getting the most out of your sneaker bot:

  • Use quality proxies – Invest in dedicated sneaker proxies from providers like Leaf or Soxy Proxies. Avoid free or shared proxies.

  • Master bot setup – Take the time to properly configure your bot including profiles, sites, delays, proxies etc.

  • Learn the sites – Study how Shopify, Yeezy Supply and other sites function. Understand their anti-bot measures.

  • Expand server capacity – Run multiple copies of your bot across servers to increase chances of copping multiples.

  • Analyze your stats – Review detailed analytics and adjust your approach. Don’t keep making the same mistakes.

  • Stay up to date – Botting is an arms race against retailer defenses. Keep your software updated and stay informed.

Final Thoughts on Dominating Sneaker Releases

As you can see, having the right sneaker bot set up dramatically improves your odds of copping coveted, profitable releases in 2023.

Use this guide to pick the best bots for your target sites. Invest in high quality proxies and servers to run them on. And take the time to properly configure everything.

It will take some learning and tweaking to really master sneaker botting. But the profits and bragging rights of copping the most exclusive drops are well worth it!



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