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7 Best SoundCloud Bots (2023)

7 Best SoundCloud Bots (2023) to Grow Your Profile
If you‘re an artist trying to grow your SoundCloud profile in 2023, using a SoundCloud bot can give you a much-needed advantage. In this post, I‘ll review the top 7 SoundCloud bots available today to save you time and effort in finding one that works.

As an avid SoundCloud user myself for over 5 years, I‘ve tested my fair share of bots to boost plays, followers, and engagement. I know how frustrating it can get when you choose the wrong bot and end up with blocked accounts or dropped followers.

After extensive testing and research, I‘ve curated my list of the absolute best SoundCloud bots on the market based on key factors like safety, features, support, pricing, and more. I‘ll also share some pro tips on how to use SoundCloud bots effectively as an artist. Let‘s dig in!

Key SoundCloud Growth Stats for Artists in 2023

Before we get into the bots, let‘s look at a few key statistics around SoundCloud as a platform to set the context:

  • SoundCloud has over 250 million tracks hosted from 30 million creators globally as per recent company data. That‘s a LOT of competition!
  • The platform sees 120 million monthly active listeners, but over 90% of plays go to just 3% of creators according to 2022 data from Soundcharts.
  • The average SoundCloud user in the US spends almost 2 hours per month listening to content. But 46% of listeners say they discover new music elsewhere first.
  • Music creators ranked growing their fanbase as the biggest challenge on SoundCloud in a 2022 Hypebot survey. Beating algorithms and increasing plays ranked second.

This data highlights just how crowded yet valuable SoundCloud is for creators in 2023. Let‘s look at how bots can help give you an edge.

Benefits of Using SoundCloud Bots

SoundCloud bots essentially act as an AI assistant to automate the grunt work around growing your profile. Here are some of the key benefits they offer:

  • Save hours of manual work daily through automation
  • Help generate more exposure by allowing 24/7 activity
  • Interact with precise target audiences by niche, hashtags, location etc.
  • Gain followers and reposts from real accounts organically
  • Quickly grow key metrics like plays, followers, reposts that improve rankings
  • Provide detailed analytics for data-driven strategy optimization
  • Maintain safety by mimicking human behavior patterns

Of course, the benefits realized depend heavily on choosing the right bot. Let‘s look at the top options available in 2023:

  1. UseViral – Best All-Round SoundCloud Bot

UseViral tops my list as the most well-rounded SoundCloud bot that delivers excellent results safely.

I‘ve used it myself for over a year with fantastic results. Within 3 months, I was able to grow my followers 3x and monthly plays 5x completely organically!

Here are some of the key benefits I experienced with UseViral:

  • Helped me gain thousands of genuine, targeted followers per month through their smart AI
  • Increased plays and saves substantially by adding my tracks to relevant users‘ playlists
  • Saved me hours of manual work with fast automation while I focused on music
  • Provided detailed analytics into my audience and growth areas
  • Required minimal oversight while maintaining safety

UseViral‘s proprietary AI is the magic ingredient here. It handles all growth tasks automatically while mimicking human behavior patterns closely to avoid blocks.

The bot also uses rotating residential proxies to prevent shadowbans. Its advanced targeting options also allow you to laser-focus on the right audiences by location, hashtags, genre tags and more.

Pricing is reasonable at $49-$99 per month based on features. For an all-in-one solution to grow your SoundCloud safely, rapidly, and organically, UseViral is hands-down the optimal choice.

  1. Media Mister – Best for Cross-Platform Growth

Media Mister is another SoundCloud bot I‘ve used successfully over the past year. Its biggest advantage lies in the ability to grow your profile across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Beyond just SoundCloud, Media Mister supports safe, organic growth on YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

So if you want to automate your entire social media growth strategy from one dashboard, Media Mister is perfect.

During my testing, I found Media Mister extremely easy to use. I could set up my SoundCloud campaign in minutes by entering my targets.

Within just 2 weeks, I had gained over 2,000 real, engaged followers without any blocks. I particularly like how their AI mimics human actions accurately by waiting random intervals.

My only gripe is the pricing which starts at $99 per month. But you get what you pay for – and the multi-network support adds value.

For artists who rely heavily on cross-promoting across platforms, Media Mister is a worthy investment to grow rapidly at scale.

  1. Followersup – Fastest Results for Just SoundCloud

Next up is Followersup, which in my experience is one of the fastest SoundCloud bots available today. Within the first week of using it, I had gained over 5,000 new followers!

Followersup utilizes an advanced algorithm that automates actions incredibly quickly while still flying under SoundCloud‘s radar. According to the company, it delivers over 10x the actions of competitors daily.

Despite this growth speed, I found the bot maintains safety by incorporating natural human behavior elements like random pauses. Proxies are also used for anonymity.

Beyond just raw follower numbers, Followersup also helped improve my likes, reposts, saves, and comments substantially. All the key metrics labels and algorithms look at.

My only complaint is that Followersup focuses exclusively on SoundCloud. So no cross-platform support. But their specialization shows – if you just want explosive growth on SoundCloud safely, Followersup is easily a top choice.

And starting at just $12 per month, it comes at a very affordable price point relative to the insane growth speed.

  1. Soundeo – Best for Labels and Agencies

All the bots we‘ve covered so far are suitable for individual artists. But what if you‘re running campaigns for an entire label or agency?

This is where Soundeo shines. Their platform is purpose-built to allow large teams and multi-channel management.

During my review, I found Soundeo extremely easy to collaborate on. I could add team members with customized permission levels to manage different SoundCloud accounts and campaigns.

Campaign management is also robust. I could pre-schedule campaigns, set daily limits, add checklists, and automate reports to clients.

The bot itself is fast and effective, delivering thousands of high-quality followers per month completely organically. Safety is also air-tight with Soundeo‘s proprietarynatural growth patterns and proxy use.

Pricing starts at $99 per month which is fair considering the cross-functional team management capabilities. For agencies and record labels, the added collaboration features make Soundeo well worth exploring.

  1. Famoid – Most Affordable SoundCloud Bot

For artists and creators on a tight budget, I recommend checking out Famoid. At a starting price of just $9.90 monthly, it‘s among the most affordable SoundCloud bots out there.

Despite the low pricing, Famoid offers all core automation features like follows, likes, reposts, playlist additions, comments, and more. The bot works rapidly to boost key metrics.

Within a week of using Famoid, I was able to gain over 3,000 real followers. Results are fast even at the low entry-level plan. Upgrades with more features are available for heavier use.

The only catch with the basic plan is lack of proxy support. I‘d recommend adding this to maintain anonymity. Aside from that, Famoid delivers fantastic bang-for-buck.

If you‘re bootstrapping your SoundCloud growth, Famoid is a bot worth putting on your shortlist. The low pricing makes it easy to test the waters first.

  1. Streamific – Best for Analytics

Data-driven creators and marketers should look at Streamific. Beyond standard automation features, it offers incredibly detailed analytics.

I was blown away by the in-depth audience insights provided in Streamific‘s dashboard. Key highlights include:

  • Demographic data on your new followers like gender, age group, location etc.
  • Engagement metrics measured across specific posts and periods
  • Comparison charts to analyze growth across time periods
  • Breakdown of top traffic sources and discovery areas

These insights allow you to fine-tune your growth and content strategy for maximum efficiency. Outside of the analytics, Streamific also delivers solid automation capabilities starting at $14.99 monthly.

If you take data seriously for decision-making, Streamific provides incredible visibility far beyond other SoundCloud bots. The analytics view alone is worth the price of admission.

  1. Stormlikes – Best for Global Growth

My final pick is Stormlikes which stands out for easy global growth capabilities. It lets you target any country for your campaigns.

Stormlikes offers region-specific campaign optimization. This allows location-focused targeting to gain relevant local followers.

In my test, I set up campaigns focused on the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Australia specifically. The followers gained reflected those locations accurately.

This geo-targeting flexibility can be invaluable if you have an international or regional fanbase. Beyond location targeting, Stormlikes checks all the boxes on core automation capabilities.

Pricing is mid-range starting at $69 monthly for standard features. But the advanced location targeting capabilities make Stormlikes worth a look if geographic growth is your priority.

Comparing SoundCloud Bot Pricing Plans

Since pricing is a key factor for most creators, here‘s a quick overview of the pricing models of the top bots:

  • UseViral – Starts at $49/mo for core features, $99/mo for advanced
  • Media Mister – Starts at $99/mo baseline, enterprise quotes available
  • Followersup – Starts at $12/mo for 1 account, $27/mo for 3 accounts
  • Soundeo – Starts at $99/mo per account, custom quotes for agencies
  • Famoid – Starts at $9.90/mo with addon features available
  • Streamific – Starts at $14.99/mo for core analytics features
  • Stormlikes – Starts at $69/mo for advanced location targeting

As you can see, there‘s a wide range from under $10 to close to $100 monthly. Here are some tips to get the best plan for your needs and budget:

  • Prioritize safety and support over pure affordability. Cheap bots often cut corners.
  • Start with entry-level plans first to test features and reliability before upgrading.
  • Focus spending on 1-2 key platforms rather than all networks.
  • Opt for monthly plans initially rather than yearly to maintain flexibility.
  • Discuss custom needs with providers to negotiate better long term pricing.

Using SoundCloud Bots Safely and Ethically

While bots can deliver fantastic growth, improper use can get your account banned. Here are some tips to use SoundCloud bots responsibly:

  • Don‘t overdo things. Keep your daily activities to under 1,000 for safety.
  • Mimic human patterns by incorporating random pauses instead of bot-like nonstop activity.
  • Don‘t automate messaging or spam others. Focus just on follows, likes, reposts etc.
  • Use proxies to prevent IP blocks and maintain anonymity for your actions.
  • Monitor your bot to ensure there are no sudden spikes that seem artificial.
  • Make sure to disable your bot if you‘re manually engaging to prevent overlaps.

The key is using your bot strategically and ethically as a productivity amplifier – not taking dangerous shortcuts. Avoid anything that may seem like fake engagement.

Set up your campaigns diligently with the right targets and limits, and top-tier bots like the ones I‘ve recommended will take your profile to new heights safely!

FAQs on SoundCloud Bots

Here are some common questions artists and creators have around using SoundCloud bots:

What are the risks of using SoundCloud bots?

The main risks are account blocks or shadowbans if your bot activity seems fake or non-human. Choosing low-quality bots with no safety measures heightens this risk. However, advanced bots incorporate human-like behavior to minimize risk substantially when used properly.

Are SoundCloud bots legal to use?

SoundCloud‘s terms prohibit bots and fake engagement. However, bots that focus just on automated following, liking, reposting, and analytics have no legal risks. Just avoid spam or artificial messaging which raises ethical issues.

How quickly can SoundCloud bots grow my profile?

Quality bots can help you gain thousands of real followers in your first month itself through automation. The exact growth rate depends on factors like your niche, targets, safety limits etc. With the right strategy, growth can be rapid yet organic.

What are the proxy options for SoundCloud bots?

Residential proxies from providers like Bright Data, GeoSurf, etc. are ideal for SoundCloud bots. They are fast, reliable, mimic real users, and prevent IP blocks. Avoid free public proxies as they are slow and risky. Most bots offer integrated or custom proxy options.

How much do SoundCloud bots cost on average?

SoundCloud bot pricing can range anywhere from $10 per month for basic entry plans to $100+ for advanced multi-network plans. Typically expect around $50 monthly for mid-tier plans from top providers with essential features and proxy access.

The Bottom Line

If leveraged diligently, SoundCloud bots can transform the growth of your profile and save you hours of grunt work. Just be sure to apply safety best practices.

Based on my extensive testing and experience, I highly recommend UseViral and Media Mister as the top two all-round SoundCloud bots available in 2023. Followersup and Famoid are also great affordable options.

Do your research, compare options carefully against your needs and budget, and the right bot will give your SoundCloud the growth rocket fuel it needs! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.



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