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25 Best Word Games for Android (2023)

Are you a fan of word games and want to know which ones are best for android? This article will show you the top best word games for android.

It’s common for people to say they don’t enjoy word games. It’s a specialized subgenre of the broader puzzle game. There are many reasons for this: newspaper crossword puzzles, silly game shows, and Christmas Scrabble marathons. In the alternative, it could be that you aren’t really sharp when it comes to assembling scrambled words to form meaningful ones.

Word games, for whatever reason, are a specialized subset of the puzzle genre. However, this is not the case. Many other word-based games have popped up, in addition to the standard scramble fare, but none of them feel like you’re doing your homework. These include clever pick-your-own-adventures, casual party games, and a slew of oddities that defy categorization.

In this article, I will take you on tour through the best word games you can enjoy on your android device. Let’s get started!

25 Top Best Word Games for Android

1. Words of Wonder

The first on this list is the amazing Words of Wonder on CrazyGames. In order to progress to the next level in Words of Wonders, you must connect letters to form words. Your vocabulary and spelling skills can make or break this crossword game, but don’t worry – there are plenty of hints to help you out. It’s a fantastic game and one of the best word games for android right now.

2. Sticky Terms

Sticky Terms is a game where you’re literally tinkering with the language. Reassemble abstract dashes and dots into words from all over the world by slicing them apart and putting them back together again. Quite an interesting game!

3. Letterpress


As someone who has played Letterpress and thinks of word games as dry, solitary pursuits, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. This is a great multiplayer game of chess in which each player competes against the other. It’s likely that the best part of Letterpress is that you can learn so much about the words you use and that you can then use that knowledge to your advantage when you play against your opponent.

4. Crossgrams

Word jumble meets the humble crossword in this inventive supergroup. With a little help from some slick design and a simple control system, you’ll be soaring like a bird.

5. Wooords

Each word you make must contain at least four letters, and you’re only given nine letters to work with. That’s a big part of what makes Wooords so fun. The other is its amazing fridge magnet design. Is this android’s best word game? Possibly – or perhaps not. Simple: the solution is hidden within those jumbled-up alphabets, waiting for you to decipher!

6. Spellspire

Word games aren’t just puzzles; they can also be fun. In Spellspire, your attacks are fueled by your vocabulary, making it an action RPG. Paying attention in that tedious language class pays off in the long run, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned RPG player; Spellspire’s unique playstyle is fun, engaging, and challenging enough to teach you a few new words.

7. TypeShift

SpellTower’s creator also created this excellent game. TypeShift combines crosswords, word searches, and anagrams in a compact and stylish package. If you’re looking for a game that’s both fun to play and beautiful to look at, this is the best option.

8. Words With Friends

Scrabble-like Words With Friends is one of the most well-known games on this list. As such, don’t expect it to be a cutting-edge creation like Letterpress or even SpellSpire. Instead, this is a classic Android word game focused on terms, which you can play with your friends or solo.

9. Alphabetty Saga

If you’re a fan of titles like Candy Crush and other endlessly challenging creations, this adorable “mousy adventure” is definitely worth a look. When it comes to word games, trust Alphabetty Saga to keep you at wit’s end.

10. Deadword


This game encompasses linking four-letter terms, collecting supplies, and avoiding zombies in an attempt to make your way through a desolate city. Survival games have always been popular, but this one is a lot more polished in the word session because of its unique pixelated approach. It’s true that zombies don’t talk, but they do leave messages all over the screen!

11. Supertype

For the first time in a long time, the shape and size of the letter make all the difference in one of the most innovative word games in recent times. With its eye-catching visuals, Supertype is sure to rise to the top of any list of must-have word games. With its clever use of expressions and puzzle-like nature, it’s a must-play in 2022.

12. Ord

Choose-your-own-adventure where every twist and turn is determined by a single sparsely animated word. That’s quite interesting. The fact that it’s a word game may surprise you, given the diversity of the games on this list. If you want an intriguing word game that can keep you busy, Ord is the best option.

13. Alphabear 2

As in the original game, you must form words in order to build large bear-like blocks in Alphabet 2. It’s one of the best word games I’ve ever played. Is it just me who thinks this is the best Android word game ever? For some reason, I am inclined to recommend this game—perhaps because of the bear.

14. Four Letters

Assume you can only form four-letter words in a scramble game. Four Letters takes a seemingly limiting premise and turns it into a compellingly accessible score chaser. The number of four-letter words in the English language is truly astounding. This vast world of ‘fast, “slow,’ and everything in between is waiting for you to explore. Once you get going, it’s incredibly compelling.

15. Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter is an exception to the rule when it comes to titles in this genre, as it revels in a joyfully frenetic sense of chaos. What I like about this game is that it is quite different from conventional word games. Kitty Letter, as its name suggests, features exploding cats. Without a doubt, you’re going to enjoy playing this word game.

16. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon

There is no other game like AI Dungeon on the net today. An old-school text adventure is reimagined with the help of some machine learning, resulting in a series of unpredictable adventures. It’s hard to argue that AI Dungeon isn’t the best name for a game in this genre because it allows you to do so much.

17. Words Out

Words Out is a solitaire card game that uses the classic word game format. Make four rows of words with your letter cards and aim for a high score without encountering any dead ends.

18. Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast

A title that focuses on the power of words to inflict pain rather than a word puzzler. To defeat your smack-talking rival, you’ll need to come up with a series of clever insults. It’s probably one of the best word games for android because it’s sure to roast your vocabulary and sense of humor to a crisp. It’s a must-play game for anyone who wants to have fun with words.


What if you added letters to those cubes and tried to make words before dying a quick and (presumably) painless death? That’s exactly what BAIKOH does, but with a very beautiful approach in terms of visuals… or at least, sort of. Challenges await, and you must use your power-ups wisely in order to destroy the letters that don’t fit in. It’s just perfect.

20. Highrise Heroes

A unique title from the creators of Quell. With a compelling disaster story at its core, Highrise Heroes cleverly blends strategic blockbusting and word-forming. Highrise Heroes appears to be a simple game at first, but it will all come crashing down if you don’t pay attention and devise a strategy. It’s currently one of the most difficult word games available for android.

21. Ruzzle

With Ruzzle’s light and quick competitive word jumbles, you’ll be right at home if you’ve ever played the board game Boggle! Friends and strangers alike will enjoy playing Ruzzle because the game is both competitive and entertaining. That means that if you have a good command of the English language, you’ll have a better chance of winning than your rivals.

22. Lineweight

It’s a novel way of fusing text and video in interactive fiction that’s light on gameplay but heavy on ideas and visual impact. It’s a beautiful game in which terms are at the heart of everything that happens.

23. Word Forward

A minimalist word-jumble game in which you must drag out words from all directions. If you don’t use every letter, you’ll be penalized.

24. Boggle with Friends

Boggle With Friends

Zynga’s latest social word game revolves around the classic Boggle word scramble. Using a random alphabetical grid, come up with the best possible words.

25. Scrabble Go

At the very least, you can’t have a word game list without mentioning Scrabble. After captivating the world with its board game form, it is now enslaving the internet with its virtual counterpart. Is there a silver lining to this? Definitely, there is, and that’s the fact that the pieces can never be misplaced.


  1. What are the best word games for android?

There are many word games for android devices. You can try Scramble Go, Words of Wonder, Words Out, and many others on this list.

  1. What is the best free and fun word game?

If you’re looking to play some word games for free, you can try Alphabetty Saga Kitty Letter.


If you’re a fan of word games, this list will be of utmost help. There are thousands of word games on the net; however, the ones that made this list are currently the best, and they are making the buzz on the internet. Aside from the fact that they are games, they also help improve your vocabulary. You can play the games in your spare time to have some fun with words.



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