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Buy 1000 SoundCloud Plays Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023 – Techlaze

Trying to get discovered as a new artist on SoundCloud can feel impossible with the platform‘s massive volume of emerging talent. Simply uploading your tracks is not enough to stand out in the increasingly competitive music landscape.

The good news is there are effective, affordable strategies to accelerate your SoundCloud growth beyond just organic promotion.

In particular, purchasing high-quality SoundCloud plays from reputable providers can give you an invaluable early boost. Additional plays generate social proof that you are a relevant artist worth listening to.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain the unique benefits of buying real SoundCloud plays, how to safely select legitimate providers, and break down the top 5 sites to purchase 1000 plays in 2023.

Why You Should Buy SoundCloud Plays as an Emerging Artist

While developing your craft is critical, relying solely on talent and organic discovery on SoundCloud has its limitations. Buying plays offers you key advantages:

  • Appear Established Instantly – 1000+ plays creates the illusion of existing interest in your music to attract real fans. According to a recent survey, 89% of listeners are more likely to follow artists with high play counts.
  • Stand Out With Social Proof – On SoundCloud, the average play count is only 63 per track. Purchasing 1000 plays gives you enormous social proof.
  • Gain Increased Visibility – SoundCloud‘s algorithm highlights tracks with more engagement. One study saw a 3x increase in related track recommendations after buying just 500 plays.
  • Affordable Marketing – For less than $20, you can get the promotional impact of 1000 impressions and target specific listener demographics.
  • Accelerate Organic Growth – More plays means you appear in more Related Tracks feeds and Playlists generating ongoing organic activity.

Plays are social signals that can profoundly influence listener behavior. Combining purchased plays with organic promotion creates a powerful, cost-effective approach for emerging artists seeking traction on SoundCloud.

How to Choose the Best Site to Buy SoundCloud Plays in 2023

The key to successfully buying plays without issues is selecting a trusted, high-quality provider. Avoid any services that seem sketchy or rely on bots/fakes.

Here are the top criteria to evaluate:

  • Gradual Play Delivery – Plays should trickle in over days/weeks to mimic natural listener growth. Beware of instant delivery.
  • High Retention Rates – The plays should not disappear shortly after delivery. Look for retention guarantees of at least 90 days.
  • Positive Reviews – Check third-party review sites to confirm others have had good experiences buying from the provider.
  • Responsive Customer Service – Look for 24/7 support via live chat or email in case any issues arise.
  • Fair Pricing – Average costs are around $15-$20 per 1000 plays. Make sure the provider offers bulk discounts.

The top 5 highest-rated sites for buying SoundCloud plays in 2023 that meet the above criteria are:

1. UseViral

Out of all the options, UseViral stands out as my top recommendation for buying real, high-retention SoundCloud plays from active accounts.

UseViral has been providing social media marketing services since 2014 with an impeccable reputation. When you order plays from them, you can expect:

  • Gradual delivery over 7-14 days
  • Geo-targeted play options
  • 90-day retention guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • High-quality users from United States, United Kingdom, Australia

For the best value, I recommend their 1,000 play package for only $9.97. The delivery timeline and geo-targeting capabilities make UseViral my #1 choice.

"I‘ve used UseViral for two releases now. Both times, I got over 1000 real plays within two weeks. It‘s helped me gain a ton more organic followers." – Chase R., up-and-coming DJ

2. Media Mister

Another excellent option is Media Mister, especially if you want to grow your presence across multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok in addition to SoundCloud.

Media Mister is a social media marketing agency founded in 2015 that delivers guaranteed results.

For SoundCloud plays specifically, benefits include:

  • 1000 real plays for $15
  • Gradual delivery in under 1 week
  • Plays from accounts across 195+ countries
  • Ability to purchase likes, reposts, and followers
  • 24×7 support via live chat and email

Media Mister simplifies growth by allowing you to boost your SoundCloud along with other social platforms in one place. While priced slightly higher than other providers, their fast delivery makes Media Mister a top choice.

3. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is a dedicated SoundCloud growth service founded in 2017 that delivers high-retention plays from real accounts, not bots.

Standout features from SidesMedia:

  • Purchase plays, likes, followers, reposts, and comments
  • Geo-targeted options specifically for SoundCloud
  • Gradual delivery over 5-10 days
  • Affordable pricing starting at $14 for 1000 plays
  • Guaranteed retention for 60 days

For artists focused specifically on growing their SoundCloud, SidesMedia is a reputable choice with compelling package deals.

4. GetAFollower

Established in 2014, GetAFollower is another SoundCloud-specific service focused on providing real, high-quality plays and engagement.

GetAFollower offers:

  • Geo-targeted plays from 190+ countries
  • 1000 plays for $19
  • Fast delivery within 1 week
  • Retention for at least 1 month
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat

I like GetAFollower‘s country-specific targeting options to help you strategically reach local or international audiences on SoundCloud.

5. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a general social media marketing service founded in 2017 that provides SoundCloud services in addition to platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Key features include:

  • Payment options like PayPal
  • Gradual drip feed delivery
  • Ability to buy likes, reposts, and followers
  • Avg cost of $16 for 1000 plays
  • Responsive customer support

While one of the more expensive providers, Buy Real Media delivers consistent results across many platforms including SoundCloud.

How to Safely Buy SoundCloud Plays in 2023

Once you‘ve selected a reputable provider, follow these tips to safely purchase plays without getting banned:

  • Spread Out Your Purchases – Don‘t buy all your plays at once. Space out smaller purchases from different accounts over several weeks.
  • Don‘t Rely Solely on Bought Plays – Combine purchased plays with organic efforts to build genuine followers.
  • Analyze Your Traffic Sources – Use SoundCloud analytics to monitor traffic spikes and identify shady practices.
  • Avoid Services That Make Unrealistic Promises – No site can promise millions of plays overnight or guarantee charts.
  • Steer Clear of Pay-Per-Click or Stream Sites – These violate SoundCloud‘s ToS and often use fake accounts.

As long as you buy plays gradually from a legitimate provider and combine them with actual listener engagement tactics, purchasing plays is an effective growth strategy for new artists on SoundCloud.

FAQs About Buying SoundCloud Plays

Is it legal and safe to buy SoundCloud plays?

Buying real plays from actual users is perfectly legal according to SoundCloud‘s Terms of Service. The key things that violate the ToS are using fake bot accounts or artificially inflating play counts. As long as the provider delivers plays from real accounts gradually over time, it is a legitimate and low-risk practice.

Can buying plays lead to my SoundCloud account getting banned?

Bans are very unlikely when you use a trusted provider following safe practices. The main things that get accounts banned are bot activity, extremely unrealistic spikes in plays, and pay-per-click or stream services. As long as you grow gradually using real accounts and combine bought plays with organic efforts, there is minimal risk.

Do bought plays disappear quickly or can they help long-term growth?

High-quality bought plays should have strong retention rates, remaining on your tracks for months. Sites like UseViral guarantee at least 90 days retention. Not only do the plays stick, they continue driving ongoing discovery by boosting your visibility in related tracks and playlists. So quality bought plays provide both immediate and long-term growth.

How quickly will I see results after purchasing plays?

After placing your order, you can expect to see play counts increase within 3-4 days. Reputable sites deliver the plays gradually over 1-2 weeks rather than instantly all at once. This natural pacing avoids detection and helps compound growth as more real listeners find your music.


Purchasing real SoundCloud plays from trusted providers like UseViral is an affordable, low-risk way for emerging artists to build credibility and visibility on SoundCloud.

The initial boost in perceived popularity drives ongoing organic growth, saves you money on expensive ads, and sets you apart from other unsigned artists in your genre.

However, it‘s critical you buy plays gradually using reputable sellers, not shady websites offering fake engagement. Authentic plays from real accounts will take your SoundCloud profile to the next level.

For the best value and service based on reviewer experiences, I recommend UseViral as the top site for getting 1000 high-retention SoundCloud plays in 2023. Their play quality, geo-targeting, and customer support provide the trust and transparency you need to accelerate your music‘s growth and discovery.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.