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Buy 500 Instagram Followers Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram presents immense opportunities for brands and influencers to expand their reach and get discovered by new audiences. However, gaining a sizeable and engaged following solely through organic efforts can be extremely difficult and time-intensive.

This often leads brands and influencers to consider buying Instagram followers as a way to quickly boost their follower numbers and appear more influential. According to a 2022 survey by Influencer Marketing Hub, over 40% of marketing professionals have bought followers, likes or views to seem more popular online.

While buying followers can deliver results fast, there are also substantial risks if not approached carefully and strategically. Low-quality, fake or bot followers can actually harm your account visibility and credibility in the long run. That‘s why it‘s important to buy real, high-engagement followers from reputable sites.

This comprehensive guide will explore the top sites to buy 500 Instagram followers cheap in 2023, the benefits and precautions of buying followers, and tips to integrate bought followers into your growth strategy sustainably.

Why Do People Buy Instagram Followers?

There are a few key reasons why brands, influencers and everyday users buy followers:

  • Appear more popular and influential – More followers signals greater social proof and authority on Instagram, helping attract organic followers, partners and sponsorship opportunities. According to SocialBook, accounts with over 1k followers have a 65% higher conversion rate.
  • Increase reach and discovery – A larger follower count expands your potential reach and content visibility, especially in Instagram‘s algorithmic feed. Accounts with 5k+ followers experience 2.5x more profile visits.
  • Speed up growth – Gaining followers organically takes a lot of time and effort. Buying followers provides a shortcut to hit certain goals and benchmarks faster.
  • Gain credibility – Follower count is often viewed as an indication of expertise and trustworthiness. More followers makes an account seem more established.

When used correctly as part of a larger strategy, buying followers can give brands and influencers a leg up on Instagram. However, follower quality is equally if not more important.

Buy Followers vs. Earn Them Organically: A Comparison

While buying followers offers quick results, growing your account organically has advantages as well:

Buy FollowersEarn Organically
Fast follower growthSlower but steady growth
Requires financial investmentFree methods available
Risk of low-quality followersFollowers are genuine fans
Metrics may seem inflated temporarilyMetrics accurately reflect interest
Results seen almost instantlyTakes consistent effort over months/years
Short-term boost if done correctlyLong-term, sustainable growth

The ideal strategy combines buying high-quality followers from reputable sites with continuing organic growth efforts. This maximizes the benefits of both approaches.

The Risks of Buying Low-Quality Followers

There are significant downsides if you purchase low-quality, fake or bot followers:

  • Decreased engagement – Fake accounts don‘t engage with your content, lowering your engagement rate which Instagram favors.
  • Damaged credibility – Lower quality followers makes your account seem disingenuous.
  • Violation of Instagram‘s terms – Buying fake followers could get your account banned.
  • Negative impact on reach – Algorithm changes decrease visibility of accounts with inflated follower counts and engagement.

Vetting providers thoroughly and inspecting delivered followers is crucial to avoid these pitfalls.

How to Identify Fake or Low-Quality Followers

Here are some telltale signs the followers you bought may be of poor quality:

  • No profile photo
  • No/minimal posts and bio info
  • Username is just random letters/numbers
  • Mass-following hundreds of accounts
  • Irrelevant or odd comments on posts
  • Very low engagement rate
  • Account has been inactive for long periods

You can use a follower analytics tool like HypeAuditor to analyze the quality of your followers in-depth. Stay far away from services promising 10k+ followers overnight – those are guaranteed to be bots.

Top 5 Sites to Buy 500 Instagram Followers Cheap in 2023

If you want to give your Instagram account an initial boost by buying 500 followers, these are the best and most reputable sites to consider in 2023:

1. UseViral

UseViral is one of the most trusted sources for buying Instagram followers thanks to their high-quality followers, great customer service, and reasonable pricing.

  • Gradual follower delivery appears natural
  • Active followers genuinely interested in your niche
  • Packages start at just $2.97 for 100 followers
  • Excellent customer support via phone, email and chat

UseViral takes measures to ensure their followers are real people who will actively engage with your profile. This helps maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks that come with buying followers.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia leverages advanced targeting techniques to deliver authentic, active Instagram followers from real accounts.

  • Followers are dripped in naturally over 3-4 weeks
  • Affordable pricing – 500 followers costs just $39
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Gradual delivery helps boost engagement metrics

With over 50k satisfied customers and counting, SidesMedia is a trusted option for getting quality Instagram followers.

3. Media Mister

Catering to over 10,000 clients, Media Mister is an established source for buying Instagram followers.

  • Swift delivery with new followers added within 48 hours
  • Followers are real people from diverse locations
  • Range of packages to suit different budgets
  • Money-back guarantee if you aren‘t satisfied

Media Mister‘s years of experience and competitive pricing make them a solid choice. Just be aware followers are delivered in a shorter timeframe, so engagement rate impact should be monitored.

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee thanks to their real, targeted followers.

  • Naturally paced follower delivery profile
  • Guaranteed follower retention with minimal drop-off
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support
  • No passwords required for safe transactions

While GetAFollower has slightly higher pricing compared to competitors, their commitment to quality followers is reflected in the price tag.

5. Buy Real Media

For cheap packages of real Instagram followers, Buy Real Media is a top contender.

  • Fast delivery with new followers within a few days
  • Active followers relevant to your niche
  • Affordable rates starting around $5 for 100 followers
  • Helpful customer service team

Buy Real Media offers a quick, affordable way to get a boost of real followers on a budget.

Vetting Follower Providers: What to Look For

Before purchasing from any site, do your due diligence to ensure they offer quality followers and service. Here are key factors to evaluate:

  • Reviews – Check third-party review sites like SiteJabber for customer feedback. Look out for mentions of fake followers or bots.
  • Engagement rates – Ask the provider what average engagement rate you can expect from their followers. It should be comparable to industry benchmarks.
  • Retention – See if they guarantee a retention period where followers won‘t unfollow you or disappear.
  • Refund policy – A money-back guarantee indicates confidence in their service.
  • Delivery schedule – Gradual delivery over weeks is better than thousands appearing overnight.
  • Security – See if they use measures to protect your account privacy and security during transactions.
  • Responsive support – Test their customer service by contacting them with questions before purchasing.

By thoroughly vetting providers, you can feel confident you‘ll receive high-quality followers to support your growth goals.

Integrating Bought Followers into Your Strategy

Here are some tips to seamlessly integrate bought followers into your overall Instagram growth strategy:

For brands:

  • Begin with smaller orders like 500 followers to assess quality before scaling up
  • Monitor engagement metrics closely for changes after adding bought followers
  • Create special offers and discounts to incentivize engagement from new followers
  • Develop social media content around your brand story and values to resonate with followers
  • Run giveaways and contests to boost community engagement

For influencers:

  • Spread out orders from a few different providers to appear more natural
  • Engage bought followers in your Stories and posts with questions and polls
  • Collaborate with brands relevant to your bought followers‘ interests
  • Be extra responsive to bought followers‘ comments and DMs
  • Continue partnering with micro-influencers in your niche to attract similar audiences

When used strategically, buying 500 Instagram followers cheap can be an effective jumpstart. But cultivating an authentic, lasting following requires consistent organic growth efforts over the long-term. Ultimately, brands and influencers must focus on value-driven engagement and high-quality content above vanity metrics alone.


Buying followers should not replace organic community-building but can provide a worthwhile initial boost when used carefully. Focus on vetting providers thoroughly for real, active followers who will engage with your profile.

Integrate bought followers into your Instagram strategy sustainably by monitoring their impact on growth metrics and doubling down on valuable content. Avoid the temptation to buy thousands of followers from sketchy sites overnight.

Platforms like UseViral, SidesMedia and MediaMister let you buy 500 Instagram followers cheap from real accounts. Combined strategically with authentic engagement efforts, this can help kickstart your Instagram presence and get discovered by more relevant followers organically.



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