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Buy 5000 Instagram Followers Cheap (5k): 5 Best Sites in 2023

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become a dominant force in social media. For individuals and brands, gaining a large and engaged following on Instagram is more valuable than ever for reaching customers, getting discovered and turning followers into paying clients or sales.

However, organically growing thousands of targeted Instagram followers takes serious time and dedication. This leaves many turning to buying followers as a shortcut to appear more popular and authoritative in their niche.

According to data from Tailwind, the average Instagram user has about 150 followers. Micro-influencers with up to 10K followers can command between $50-$100 per sponsored post, while popular mega-influencers with over 1 million followers charge over $3000 per post. It‘s clear that larger followings on Instagram hold tremendous marketing value.

This guide will explore everything you need to know about safely and effectively buying 5000 Instagram followers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Before deciding to buy Instagram followers, consider these potential benefits and drawbacks:


  • Appear more popular and get more discoverability with higher follower numbers
  • Gain social proof and credibility as an account with more followers
  • Quickly increase potential reach and visibility without gradual organic efforts
  • Low cost way to get a follower boost compared to paid Instagram promotions


  • Followers may be bots, inactive or fake accounts that never engage, hurting your ratio
  • Can damage reputation if followers are bought through services with fake accounts
  • Doesn‘t help long-term organic growth if bought followers don‘t interact with your content
  • Potential for account ban or penalties from Instagram if against terms of service

Spotting Fake Followers vs Real Followers

The biggest risk with buying followers is ending up with fake or bot accounts rather than real, active users. According to surveys, over 20% of Instagram users have some fake followers.

Fake followers exhibit these telltale signs:

  • No profile photo, posts, or details filled out
  • Generic names and bios that don‘t relate to your niche
  • Zero engagement and likes or comments on your posts
  • Mass-following hundreds of unrelated accounts to appear real
  • Potentially stolen photos used in profile

Real, high-quality followers:

  • Have relevant bios and post content related to your niche
  • Like and comment on your posts frequently after following
  • Help increase your overall engagement rates by interacting naturally
  • Allow you to convert followers into customers more easily
  • Follow you because they are genuinely interested in your content

Higher retention rates are also indicative of real followers, as fakes tend to drop off quickly. Aim for services with at least 80% retention after 3-6 months.

What To Look For in a Instagram Followers Provider

With countless options for buying Instagram followers, it‘s crucial to vet services thoroughly:

  • Delivery speed: Most services deliver followers over days or weeks. Faster delivery looks less natural but better for urgent growth.
  • Minimum Orders: Entry level services let you buy just 500 followers, while others require 1000+ minimum orders.
  • Retention Rates: Look for retention of 70-90% after 6 months for the best quality followers.
  • Refills: Replacement guarantees for any followers lost for ongoing upkeep.
  • Targeting options: More tailored followers relevant to your niche and location.
  • Drip-feed: Slow and steady follower delivery over time to appear more natural.
  • Customer Service: Quick and helpful support is vital when issues arise.
  • Reputation: Check sites like TrustPilot for ratings and unbiased reviews of the service.
ServiceDeliveryMin OrderRetention RateRefillsPrice for 5k
GrowthoidSlow drip-feed50090%lifetime guarantee$49
UseViralFast under 24hr10080%for 6 months$39
SocialPackagesMedium pace100085%for 3 months$69

Top 5 Recommended Services for Buying 5000 Instagram Followers

After extensive research, these services rank as the top choices for buying 5000 high-quality Instagram followers from real and active accounts:

1. Growthoid

Growthoid is the standout service for buying authentic, lasting Instagram followers thanks to their proven growth methodology. They deliver new followers slowly over weeks through their proprietary network of influencers with interests related to your niche. The end result is extremely high retention rates around 90%, more brand mentions and spill-over traffic. Minimum order is just 500 followers, making Growthoid accessible for getting started. The gradual drip-feed growth also looks incredibly natural. Pricing starts at $49 for 5000 Instagram followers.

2. UseViral

For fast follower delivery under 24 hours, UseViral is a smart choice. UseViral has a dashboard where you can watch your new followers coming in real-time. Followers are of decent quality, especially if you opt for their premium packages. Engagement rates may not be as high, but prices start at only $39 for 5000 followers, making UseViral affordable for instant numbers.

3. FollowersUp

With options for slow, medium or fast delivery speeds, FollowersUp is flexible whether you want a natural growth curve or rapid boost. They guarantee over 90% retention by only providing real human accounts. FollowersUp is pricier than some services at $129 for 5000 followers, but the exclusively high-quality accounts make it worthwhile for long-term growth impact.

4. SocialPackages

As a longtime fixture in the social marketing industry, SocialPackages reliably delivers quality Instagram followers and engagement. For only $69 you can add 5000 followers with scheduled delivery speeds to avoid spikes. SocialPackages provides responsive 24/7 customer support and a replacement warranty, giving great peace of mind.

5. SocialEmpire

The focus at SocialEmpire is safe, natural-looking Instagram follower growth. Their retention rate exceeds 85% thanks to a proprietary analysis of your target audience interests and demographics. Staggered follower delivery over several weeks the ideal pace for subtle but steady growth. Starting at $89 for 5000 followers, SocialEmpire provides high value.

Tips for Integrating Purchased Instagram Followers

To seamlessly integrate bought followers, use these proven tactics:

  • Stagger Delivery: Opt for drip-feed delivery or schedule multiple smaller orders instead of adding all followers at once. Spacing out new followers over weeks or months creates a natural curve.
  • Engage Followers Promptly: Like and comment on your new followers posts right away to establish connections. This prompts reciprocal engagement from them.
  • Post Consistently: Keep uploading quality content on an ideal posting schedule to fuel ongoing organic growth between bought followers.
  • Monitor Your Growth Pace: Buy followers sparingly and avoid drastic spikes in your growth rate, as Instagram may flag your account.
  • Maintain Ideal Follower-Following Ratio: Keep a balanced ratio of around 50:50 or 60:40 followers to followings.
  • Supplement with Other Services: Combine bought Instagram followers with buying likes, views and comments for the most well-rounded growth.

The Verdict on Buying 5000 Instagram Followers

If done through a reputable source using real accounts, buying 5000 Instagram followers can give your profile the instant authority and exposure boost needed to stand out. Just be sure to integrate purchased followers properly to avoid getting penalized by Instagram.

Coupled with high-quality content and smart organic growth strategies, buying followers puts your account on the fast track to influencer status and monetization on Instagram.



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