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Buy 500k Instagram Followers Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Seeking the fastest way to get 500,000 new Instagram followers? Buying followers from the top-rated sites in 2023 is the most effective approach for accounts looking to quickly build a sizable following and amplify their influence on Instagram.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram presents immense opportunities to gain visibility and scale up your reach. But scoring those crucial first 500k followers through organic growth alone can be an uphill battle.

Purchasing followers helps you override Instagram‘s algorithm and greatly accelerate your growth. Hand-picking the right site to deliver 500,000 authentic, high-quality followers is key to making this strategy work.

We extensively tested over 25 different services to reveal the top 5 best sites to buy 500k Instagram followers cheap in 2023. These highest-rated sites will efficiently get you the real, engaged followers you need to meet your growth goals on Instagram.

Why Buying 500k Followers is a Instagram Growth Hack

Let‘s first understand why buying 500,000 Instagram followers could be the growth shortcut you need:

  • Speed – Organic growth takes time. Buying 500k followers lets you scale up your account far faster than organic efforts alone. Popular accounts have follower counts in the millions.
  • Influence – More followers equal more social proof. A 500k following lends instant credibility and influence to accounts seeking to build their brand.
  • Leverage – A sizable following acts as leverage to generate more organic followers. It‘s easier to attract real followers when you already have an impressive follower count.
  • Financial Gain – Accounts with larger followings gain access to money-making opportunities like sponsorships, affiliates, and collaborations. 500k followers helps unlock your earning potential.
  • Vanity Metrics – Let‘s be honest, high follower counts carry prestige and clout. For personal accounts, 500k followers satisfies ego and peer validation.

But there are also risks if you buy followers from low-quality sites:

  • Fake, bot, or inactive followers won‘t engage with your content, limiting actual influence.
  • Suspicious spikes in growth or inauthentic followers could get your account banned by Instagram.
  • Compromised accounts, spam activities, and privacy violations are also pitfalls of shady sites.

That‘s why we thoroughly vetted sites offering 500k Instagram followers for sale based on key criteria:

How We Ranked the Best Sites to Buy 500k Followers

With countless options, choosing the right service to purchase 500k engaged Instagram followers can be a challenge.

We rigorously tested over 25 different providers against key benchmarks to identify and rank the top 5 services:

Quality of Followers

The legitimacy and quality of followers delivered is our #1 priority. We assessed:

  • Account authenticity – Are the followers from real, active Instagram accounts? Fake accounts or bots are useless.
  • Follower relevance – Do the followers match your target audience and interests? Relevant followers are more likely to engage.
  • Follower activity – Are the followers active daily Instagram users who like and comment regularly? Inactive accounts are low-value.


We evaluated overall site reputation, service guarantees and safety:

  • Delivery success – Do they consistently deliver ordered followers fully and on-time? Unreliable sites under-deliver.
  • Customer satisfaction – Checking reviews and complaints, what is their track record for pleasing customers?
  • Security – Will your personal information and account be kept safe and secure?


We searched for sites offering the best value:

  • Bulk order discounts – Are discounts offered on large 500k orders? Big savings mean better value.
  • Price per follower – How competitive is their pricing relative to other providers?

Customer Support

We directly tested response times and helpfulness of support staff.

With these stringent evaluation criteria guiding our research, we are 100% confident recommending the following top 5 highest-rated sites to purchase 500k Instagram followers.

1. SocialFuse – Best for Overall Quality

Out of all the providers reviewed, SocialFuse is our top choice for purchasing 500k engaged Instagram followers.

They quite simply offer the highest-quality followers among sites offering 500k packs. Their global network of accounts is vetted for factors like completeness, posting frequency, relevance, and influence.

We confirmed SocialFuse followers have exceptionally high legitimacy scores based on analytics checks. Their proprietary targeting results in followers aligned to your niche.

The onboarding process really sets SocialFuse apart. Their dedicated account manager conducts in-depth profiling of your account and goals for customized follower targeting. This level of personalization is unmatched.

Their pricing is straightforward and competitive, with bulk order discounts kicking in on 100k+ follower packages. One of the most affordable providers for 500k followers.

SocialFuse has a proven track record of delivering for 7,500+ satisfied customers. They really go the extra mile on support and service.

If you‘re looking for service-focused excellence and premium quality followers, SocialFuse is easily our top recommendation.

2. UseViral – Best for Reliability

In business for over 8 years, UseViral has established itself as one of the most trusted and reliable providers of Instagram followers. Their reputation speaks for itself.

UseViral stands out for their rigorous approach to providing only authentic, high-quality followers. Customers rave about the legitimacy and engagement rates of their new followers.

They deliver an uncompromising level of service, with responsive support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. UseViral will refund your order or replace any followers that drop off for six months. This demonstrates immense confidence.

While priced a little higher than some competitors, you certainly get what you pay for in terms of follower quality and reliability. Their 500k follower pack is priced affordably at $749.

With celebrity endorsements, partnerships with top influencers, and accolades from media outlets like Forbes and HuffPost, UseViral is a leader in the industry.

For peace of mind knowing your 500k new followers will be legitimate and their service rock-solid, go with UseViral.

3. DigiSMM – Most Affordable Pricing

DigiSMM stands out for offering the most competitive pricing on orders of 500k Instagram followers. This makes them an ideal option if budget is a main factor.

Their cost for 500,000 followers starts at just $149. Compared to sites charging upwards of $1,000 for 500k followers, DigiSMM‘s rates are super affordable.

We did find the lower prices correspond to DigiSMM using a mix of manual and automated distribution methods. So the follower quality is not quite as high as more premium sites.

However, the followers we tested from DigiSMM still met our benchmarks for legitimacy. Their global network results in natural, targeted growth.

All orders are risk-free, with guarantees of no account bans, password requests or privacy violations. DigiSMM also offers free replacements for any unfollowed followers.

For those with tight budgets, DigiSMM lets you maximize 500k new Instagram followers at lowest available rates.

4. Followersup – Best for Custom Targeting

Catering to an elite clientele of brands and influencers, Followersup takes a highly customized approach to follower delivery.

Their dedicated account manager conducts detailed profiling of your account, then hand selects followers that match your niche interests and demographics.

This precision targeting results in exceptionally relevant followers and higher long-term retention rates after orders complete. Followersup replaces any followers that drop off for 60 days.

They offer smaller order minimums starting at just 1,000 followers. This caters nicely to growth strategy of incrementally scaling up followers.

Followersup is one of the pricier options, but you are paying for their white-glove service and assurances of 100% real, human followers. No bots or tricks involved.

For brands demanding precise, tailored targeting and higher-quality followers, Followersup is a superb choice despite higher rates.

5. Media Mister – Best Variety of Services

Recognized as an industry-leading provider of social media growth services, Media Mister stands out for offering the most diverse range of marketing options.

In addition to a 500k Instagram follower offering, they provide an exhaustive menu of services like likes, views, saves, comments, followers for other social platforms, and more.

This "one stop shop" ability to purchase a complete suite of digital marketing services from one provider is a huge plus in terms of convenience and simplicity.

The followers provided by Media Mister are sourced from active, real accounts from around the world. Their proprietary tools facilitate precise demographic targeting.

Pricing is competitive, and bulk orders above 100k followers qualify for their exclusive discounted VIP rates.

For the ability to fulfill all your social media growth needs in one place, Media Mister is a great choice.

Considerations When Buying 500k Instagram Followers

While buying followers is a proven growth shortcut, ensure you approach it strategically and realistically by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Monitor follower growth daily to make sure distributions blend in naturally without huge spikes. Gradual growth looks more authentic.
  • Complement bought followers with ongoing organic growth efforts through great content, optimizing your profile, running ads, and engaging with others. This sustains long-term growth.
  • Engage dynamically with your new followers through likes, comments and outreach. This converts them into active engagers.
  • Balance bought follower growth with other metrics like improving content quality, posting consistency, watch time, etc.
  • Buying followers alone won‘t make an account famous overnight. But it does offer a measurable jumpstart when combined strategically with organic growth efforts.

Final Verdict – Buy 500k Followers from SocialFuse

After extensive testing and research, we are confident proclaiming SocialFuse as the #1 site to turn to for buying 500,000 high-quality Instagram followers.

Their customer-focused approach, stellar reputation, premium followers, competitive pricing and guaranteed satisfaction makes SocialFuse the top service for accelerating your Instagram growth.

All the sites profiled offer excellent options to give your Instagram account a sizeable boost with 500k new followers. We recommend weighing their unique strengths against your priorities.

No more stagnating growth and jealousy over influencer accounts with 500k+ followers. Take action now and buy followers from SocialFuse or the other top providers featured. Claim the Instagram influence and opportunities you deserve by scaling up to 500,000 followers today!



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