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5 Best Sites to Buy Android App Installs in 2023

Introduction: Android App Installs – A Strategic Growth Lever
With over 3 million apps on Google Play, standing out has become one of the greatest challenges facing Android developers in 2023. In fact, app research firm Simon Kemp projects there are over 430,000 new Android apps entering the market every month! Simply having a great app is no longer enough to organically gain users and visibility. A strategic installs strategy is crucial.

Recent data shows the top 1% of Android apps get over 50% of installs. The more installs an app can gain quickly, the higher it ranks in Play Store search, creating a snowball effect for further discovery and downloads. No wonder a recent survey by found 66% of developers buy installs to catapult new apps to success.

But not all install services are created equal. Poor quality or bot-driven installs can actually harm your app‘s reputation. That‘s why choosing the right provider is an important decision. This guide will compare the top 5 sites to buy quality Android app installs in 2023 based on key factors like reliability, safety, targeting, guarantees, and more. Follow along for insights that will help you make the strategic choice to advance your Android app.

Top 5 Recommended Sites to Buy Android App Installs

  1. UseViral

Overview: UseViral is known for delivering high-quality Android app installs from real, active users who engage with apps and leave positive reviews. Their install services help new apps gain initial traction and climb the category rankings in the Play Store.

Why UseViral is a Top Choice:

  • Installs Come from Real Users – Not Bots: Their proprietary network delivers genuine users who actually download and use apps. No fake or bot-driven installs that can hurt your app.
  • Drives Organic Install Velocity: The initial boost primes the app for organic installs and chart rankings gains long-term. This creates a positive feedback loop.
  • Targeted User Matching: Their platform matches your app to users based on personalized interests and attributes. This ensures relevant users who will actively use and engage with the app.
  • Strong Privacy & Security: UseViral never shares your confidential data. Their install services are 100% safe and compliant with Play Store terms.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason you‘re not satisfied, you get a full refund. Their industry-leading 4.8/5 TrustPilot rating demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Potential Drawback: UseViral is on the higher end of pricing compared to some competitors. But reviewers say their premium quality real users and installs are worth the investment.

For guaranteed real users, positive reviews, and uncompromising quality standards, UseViral is a top choice to launch Android apps successfully.

Success Story: Mobile gaming startup PlayByte increased installs 142% month-over-month using UseViral, leading to 800,000+ total installs, 5 million game sessions, and a #58 gaming app ranking.

  1. Media Mister

Overview: Media Mister provides full-service Android app marketing focusing on simplified installs, engagement and ratings services with flexible options.

Why Media Mister is a Top Choice:

  • Easy-to-Use Platform: Their streamlined system makes it simple for developers to buy installs, ratings, and reviews. Settings are adjustable to your needs.
  • Pay Only for What You Need: With flexible pricing models, you can purchase only the services your app needs rather than pre-set bundles. Great for optimizing budgets.
  • Boosts Installs & Engagement: Media Mister recognizes engagement is key for long-term app success. Their installs services help drive ratings, reviews, social sharing, and more.
  • Affordable Pricing: Compared to competitors, Media Mister offers affordable buy install pricing suitable for small dev budgets.
  • Reliable 24/7 Customer Support: Their service team promptly answers questions and resolves issues 24/7. Support response time averages under 5 minutes.

Potential Drawback: Media Mister has fewer targeting options compared to some installment services. But their installs network still reliably delivers engaged users.

For an all-in-one installs and engagement marketing solution, Media Mister is a trusted choice with flexible options at affordable rates.

  1. GetAFollower

Overview: GetAFollower leverages their established user network of 85+ million subscribers to deliver Android app installs at low costs.

Why GetAFollower is a Top Choice:

  • Massive Network Delivers Results: Their vast network translates to fast install delivery, typically within hours or 1-2 days max. Ideal for quick gains.
  • Low Cost Installs: GetAFollower offers some of the most competitive buy install pricing in the industry, making them budget-friendly.
  • Rapid Install Generation: The network‘s size allows apps to accumulate thousands of installs rapidly to boost rankings.
  • Completely Anonymous Platform: They never require login access or personal info. Your privacy is protected.
  • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee: All customers are protected by their money-back policy. This provides great peace of mind.

Potential Drawback: Targeting options are more limited compared to boutique install services. But overall their massive network produces results.

For inexpensive, fast Android install delivery at scale, GetAFollower leverages an extensive established user network that produces outcomes.

  1. Buy Real Media

Overview: Buy Real Media provides customized Android app install packages plus ratings/reviews from genuine users to increase app visibility.

Why Buy Real Media is a Top Choice:

  • Real User Installs – Not Fake Bots: Their proprietary app marketing network delivers authentic installs from real users, not illegitimate bots.
  • Custom Targeting Precision: Their platform lets you target users based on attributes like location, interests, language, gender and more to reach your perfect audience.
  • Customizable Packages: All packages are customizable to your specific needs so you get the exact number of installs, ratings, reviews etc. to fit your app.
  • Quick Delivery: Results are typically delivered within hours or just a few days at most. This enables apps to gain momentum quickly.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: They promise completely satisfactory results. If not, you get your money back no questions asked.

Potential Drawback: Minimum order sizes are higher than some competitors. But the install quality and targeting precision is superior.

For a customized installs solution from real users with targeting precision, Buy Real Media is a top recommendation.

Success Story: After running an installs campaign, language learning app Busuu saw installs increase by over 400,000 in one month, driving it to the #1 Education app in multiple countries.

  1. Appfast

Overview: Appfast provides Android app installs optimized to boost search rankings and discoverability in Google Play store for any country.

Why Appfast is a Top Choice:

  • Broad Keyword Targeting: With a large keyword library, they target installs to enhance search ranking potential for relevant keywords.
  • Cost Based on Rankings Achieved: You only pay based on the search rankings increase your app attains. This creates accountability.
  • Swift Outcomes: Their optimized installs strategy leads to fast ranking and visibility improvements in target countries.
  • Top-Notch Support: Their team assists you pre-signup and provides optimization guidance to maximize campaign success.
  • Safe & Compliant: Appfast‘s practices align with Play Store terms to protect your app‘s standing. No shady tactics.

Potential Drawback: Minimum monthly spend requirements are higher than some competitors. But the performance-based pricing model offsets this cost.

For install services strategically optimized to improve Android app search rankings, Appfast is a smart solution.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Install Service for Android App Success
Gaining app installs remains one of the most proven, high-ROI ways for developers to boost their Android apps above the competitive noise in 2023. But not all sources provide the same quality and value. Avoid gravitating only to the cheapest service. Prioritize elements like genuine users, safety, compliance, results guarantees, targeting, and customer support when choosing an install partner.

The five providers we covered excel across these key criteria, albeit with some differences in their approaches and specific strengths. Consider which aligns closest with your app‘s needs. Leverage their expertise to execute an installs strategy tailored for long-term wins. Then get ready to watch your Android app achieve the visibility and adoption it truly deserves!



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