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Buy Fake Instagram Followers Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Hey there! Looking to give your Instagram account a quick boost in followers? Buying fake followers can seem tempting, but it also comes with substantial risks.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explore everything you need to know about purchasing fake Instagram followers in 2023 – the benefits, disadvantages, top providers, integration strategies, and safer growth alternatives. My goal is to give you unbiased, transparent advice so you can make an informed decision. Let‘s get into it!

Why Do People Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

While controversial, buying fake Instagram followers remains popular for inflating follower counts and creating the illusion of influence. According to recent surveys, over 55% of marketers have purchased fake followers at some point.

Some of the reasons people buy fake followers include:

  • Instantly increasing follower count – More followers implies larger audience, credibility, and social proof
  • Improving discoverability – Accounts with more followers tend to rank better with Instagram‘s algorithm
  • Leveraging follower count for collaborations – Higher follower thresholds can unlock opportunities with brands/influencers
  • Complementing other growth tactics – Can provide an extra boost when combined strategically

However, there are also substantial risks to consider:

  • Violating Instagram‘s Terms of Service – Explicitly prohibited, with penalties like shadowbanning or deletion
  • Damaging credibility – Savvy users detect fake/bot accounts, undermining legitimacy
  • Poor engagement rates – Fake followers don‘t engage with content, impacting authority
  • Compromising sustainable growth – Temporary vanity metrics like followers don‘t lead to lasting success

The truth? Buying followers provides a shaky foundation. Genuine, organic growth takes more work but pays dividends long-term.

Spotting Fake Followers: What to Look For

Before buying fake followers, it helps to understand how to recognize them. Here are some telltale signs:

  • No profile picture – Many bot/fake accounts don‘t have a photo
  • Odd usernames – Names with random strings of numbers/letters
  • No or spammy posts – Little to no original content shared
  • No followers/following – If an account doesn‘t follow others or have its own followers
  • Irrelevant content – Posts/bio unrelated to your niche or interests
  • Minimal engagement – Very few likes or comments, especially from real users
  • Sudden follows/unfollows – Drastic spikes or drops in followers
  • Location inconsistencies – Users supposedly from countries they don‘t live in

Staying vigilant for these red flags can help you detect shady providers and inauthentic followers on your own profile.

Where to Buy: 5 Top Sites for Fake Instagram Followers

Okay, buying followers comes with caveats. But if you plan to proceed, choosing a reputable provider is crucial.

Low-quality services deliver obvious bot followers that can get accounts banned. I‘ve researched the top sites offering realistic, high-quality fakes that are harder for Instagram to detect:


One of the most popular and well-reviewed choices, SocialPackages provides gradual, natural follower delivery from a mix of bot and proxy accounts.

Packages: Start at just $12 for 250 followers


  • Wide selection of packages + payment options
  • Competitive pricing with frequent sales
  • Responsive customer service


  • Followers may have lower engagement rates

2. Followersup

Reasonably priced starting at $6 for 100 followers, Followersup delivers high-quality bot and proxy followers mimicking real users.


  • Fast delivery speed
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Diverse packages: followers, likes, views


  • Follower engagement rates can be low

3. SocialFansGeek

With customizable orders and responsive support, SocialFansGeek is user-friendly. Packages start at $7.99 for 100 followers.


  • Customizable follower orders
  • Reliable delivery and auto-refills
  • Affordable pricing


  • Higher minimum order size

4. Mr. Insta

For higher-quality followers, Mr. Insta delivers realistic proxy accounts with posts/photos starting at $39 for 500.


  • Proxy accounts look more authentic
  • Auto-refills maintain follower count
  • Quick customer service


  • More expensive than basic bot followers

5. Instamama

A smaller provider, Instamama offers engaging, real-looking followers from $12 for 250. Their support staff offers hands-on account management.


  • Gradual drip-feed delivery
  • Genuinely engaging followers
  • Hands-on account management


  • Limited package selection
  • 250 minimum followers

How to Integrate Purchased Followers Naturally

When adding fake followers, gradual integration is crucial for looking natural. Here are some tips:

  • Drip-feed delivery – Opt for smaller incremental additions vs. sudden spikes in followers
  • Mix in genuine engagement – Blend fake followers with real account interactions
  • Target relevant followers – Choose niche-specific profiles related to your content
  • Avoid over-automation – Don‘t overdo unfollow/follow or spammy commenting
  • Monitor closely – Watch for any unusual drops in followers and refill as needed
  • Prioritize legitimate growth – Don‘t rely solely on fake followers. Focus on quality content and community building.
  • Post consistently – Stay active and engaged with your audience with regular posts

Blending purchased followers into your overall Instagram growth strategy takes finesse. But done carefully, it can complement other tactics.

Growth Hacking Tactics to Avoid

While buying followers may seem tempting, some growth hacking tactics can seriously backfire on Instagram:

  • Follow/Unfollow spam – Aggressively following then unfollowing users to gain follows. Highly frowned upon.
  • Comment spam – Leaving generic, repetitive comments on posts. Often flagged as spam.
  • Like spams – Indiscriminately liking thousands of posts in hopes of reciprocity. Risks shadowban.
  • Hashtag spam – Overloading posts with excessive irrelevant hashtags. Can reduce reach.
  • Bot automation abuse – Over-automating actions like following or commenting. Easily detected.

These shady shortcuts offer short-term gains but destroy credibility and violate terms of service. Tread carefully.

Safer Alternatives for Instagram Growth

While buying followers provides quick vanity metrics, legitimate organic growth strategies are better long-term bets. Here are some effective yet safe tactics:

  • Influencer marketing – Partnering with relevant influencers drives engaged new audiences. Make sure to establish clear expectations.
  • Hashtag and location optimization – Target specific hashtags and locations that reach users interested in your niche.
  • Engaging followers – Respond to comments, offer exclusives, and go live to nurture your community.
  • Contests and giveaways – Encourage shares and engagement for increased visibility. Require real actions like tagging friends or following.
  • Post consistency – Stay top of mind by posting high-quality content 2-3 times per week minimum.
  • Instagram growth services – Services like Kicksta grow your account safely through targeted outreach.
  • Instagram ads – Run paid promotions to increase followers and build awareness. Target lookalike audiences for your existing followers.

Seeking legitimate growth takes more vision and effort, but establish real authority and trust. Remain patient, consistent, and focused on value.

Final Takeaways: Is Buying Followers Worth It?

After considering all aspects, is buying fake Instagram followers a wise tactic? In most cases, the risks outweigh potential rewards.

While fake followers offer vanity metrics, they provide little real value. Genuine followers who engage with your content are true measures of account authority.

If you move forward carefully, buying followers can complement other growth strategies. But by itself, it builds a fragile foundation prone to cracks.

Instead, focus your energy on captivating content, community engagement, and influencer collaborations. Establish credibility and trust authentically. That‘s how you cultivate lasting growth and impact with your Instagram account.

Hope this guide gave you a balanced perspective on buying followers! Stay tuned for more Instagram tips and growth strategies. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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