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Buy Google Play Reviews: The 5 Best Sites in 2023 for Boosting Your App

Positive reviews are make-or-break for apps hoping to stand out in the Google Play store. Reviews build trust and social proof, increase conversions, and can gradually improve rankings. While authentic reviews should come organically over time through great user experiences, buying Google Play reviews remains a popular virtual shortcut to build momentum quickly.

But there are caveats. Low-quality or fake reviews could actually damage your app‘s reputation permanently. The key is finding providers who source authentic engagement from real human users – not bots. This requires carefully vetting potential partners.

In this comprehensive guide, we walk through the inner workings of buying Google Play reviews and analyze the top five providers based on quality, reliability and value. Whether launching a new app or revitalizing an existing one, buying reviews can provide the marketing spark you need to succeed on Google Play. But it must be done thoughtfully and strategically.

Why Google Play Reviews Are Critical for App Success

Let‘s first look at why reviews hold so much influence for app visibility and conversion rates on the Google Play store.

Reviews Drive Discoverability & Trust

Over 82% of active Android users report reading reviews before downloading new apps. When users see thousands of positive 4-5 star ratings, it builds confidence in the app‘s quality, safety and credibility. Users rely heavily on the wisdom of crowds.

In fact, a study by SensorTower found that apps with over 10,000 reviews have up to 85% higher conversion rates compared to similar apps with less than 50 reviews. Social proof is enormously influential.
Statistics showing importance of app reviews and ratings for driving downloads and trust according to consumers.
Positive app reviews also increase discoverability. They signal an app is widely used and liked, leading Play Store algorithms to display it more prominently in search results and top charts. While not the only factor, reviews influence discoverability.

Bad Reviews Damage Success

The inverse is also true – negative reviews severely hurt adoption rates. Having just a few 1-star reviews is enough to dissuade potential users from installing your app.

And once enough unhappy users leave negative feedback, it‘s incredibly difficult to recover. One study found apps with rating scores below 2 stars have 85% fewer weekly active users compared to 4+ star apps.

Google Cracks Down on Fake Reviews

Given the high stakes, some developers are tempted to simply buy fake positive reviews. But this is extremely risky. Google has complex algorithms and moderators constantly evaluating reviews and penalties for violations are severe.

Over 1 million fake reviews were removed from Google Play in a recent year as part of their systemic cleansing of fraudulent activity. Developers with a pattern of fake or incentivized reviews will see their apps removed outright.
Google Play infographic showing over 1 million fake review accounts removed.
The key takeaway is that buying real, organic reviews from genuine users drives growth safely and sustainably. Next, let‘s explore best practices for buying Google Play reviews effectively.

Factors to Consider When Buying Google Play Reviews

While buying authentic positive reviews is a proven promotional tactic, there are nuances to get right:

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

A few detailed, thoughtful 4-5 star reviews highlighting features users love are more powerful than 1000 generic one-liners like "This app is great!". Seek engagement and feedback quality above all else.

Ensure Relevance

Choose providers who can target demographically relevant users – like women for a fertility app or gamers for a gaming app. This guarantees maximum relevance.
Example of highly relevant app reviews from target users.

Combine Strategies

Buying reviews works best when combined with ASO optimization, social media marketing, influencer outreach and ads. A multifaceted strategy ensures sustainable growth.

Understand Compliance

Carefully follow Google Play policies, which prohibit any type of fake, paid or incentivized reviews. Work only with trusted review partners.

With this context in mind, let‘s explore the top sites to buy Google Play reviews.

1. Media Mister – Top Pick for Authenticity

Our #1 recommendation for buying Google Play reviews is Media Mister. With over a decade of experience providing proven marketing solutions for apps, SaaS platforms and more, they are the most trusted provider.

Media Mister Site Screenshot

Here‘s an overview of their key benefits:


Authenticity – Media Mister meticulously vets reviewers through a two-step process, filtering out any suspicious activity. Reviews come from real engaged users.

Targeting – You can target reviews by country, gender, interests and device type. This level of granular targeting ensures maximum relevance.

Customization – Their packages are customizable across quantity, speed and other variables so you can match campaigns precisely to your app and budget.

Satisfaction Guarantee – With responsiveness being a cornerstone of their business, Media Mister provides reliable support and backs their reviews with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Proven Results – With thousands of satisfied customers, Media Mister has an extremely positive reputation and track record of delivering successful campaigns.


Media Mister offers complete transparency into its pricing right on their website. Packages start at $199 for 100 reviews up to $2499 for 1000 reviews. Volume discounts are available.

On average, costs range from $2.50 – $3 per review depending on quantity. Pricing is on the higher end but reflects the premium quality and care put into providing real engaged users.

For apps focused on credibility and ROI from reviews, Media Mister is worth the investment. They allow you to buy Google Play reviews safely, ethically and effectively.

Visit MediaMister to Buy Authentic Google Play Reviews

2. GetAFollower – Fast Turnaround

For buyers who need reviews delivered ultra-fast, GetAFollower is a solid choice. They focus on speedy delivery, often within 3-7 days.

GetAFollower Site Screenshot

Here are the key highlights of their service:


Speed – GetAFollower emphasizes fast turnaround times, aided by their direct relationships with thousands of active reviewers.

Affordability – Compared to competitors, GetAFollower offers very reasonable baseline pricing, starting at just $69 for 100 reviews.

Satisfaction Guarantee – They promise a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if any reviews drop off within their promised timeframes.

Discounts – GetAFollower provides semi-regular coupon codes and discounts, especially for large bulk orders.

The tradeoff is that their focus on speed and scale leads to somewhat less vetting upfront. Some buyers report varied authenticity and engagement levels. But for new apps seeking an initial influx of reviews rapidly, GetAFollower delivers.


100 Google Play Reviews$69
250 Google Play Reviews$149
500 Google Play Reviews$199
1000 Google Play Reviews$299

Pricing starts at an very affordable $0.69 per review for 100, going down to $0.29 at scale.

For fast delivery of decent reviews at bargain prices, choose GetAFollower.

Visit GetAFollower to Buy Google Play Reviews

3. Buy Real Media – Premium Quality

Buy Real Media is renowned for providing the highest quality Google Play reviews focused on authenticity and engagement.

Buy Real Media Site Screenshot

Here‘s an overview:


Authenticity – In-depth reviews from real engaged users. They manually verify reviewers and continuously monitor quality.

Targeting – Advanced targeting by gender, location, interests, and more ensures highly relevant users.

Engagement – With an average length of 150 words, their reviews are more substantive. Reviewers also install and use apps.

Responsiveness – They offer stellar customer service with experts available 24/7.

For apps focused solely on review legitimacy and engagement quality over quantity, Buy Real Media is the best fit despite higher pricing.


50 Reviews$225
100 Reviews$400
250 Reviews$900
500 Reviews$1700

With premium quality reviews starting at $4.50 each, costs are higher but deliver on engagement. For long-term credibility, Buy Real Media adds value.

Visit BuyRealMedia to Buy Authentic Google Play Reviews

4. UseViral – Budget Pick

For buyers on tight budgets, UseViral delivers decent value. Despite lower prices, they still promise real reviews from human users.

UseViral Site Screenshot

Here are the highlights:


Affordability – Their pricing is very reasonable, especially for larger orders above 500 units.

Simplicity – The ordering process is simple and transparent. UseViral focuses on ease of use.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Like all reputable providers, they promise 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Decent Reviews – While lacking personalized targeting or vetting, reviews come from real accounts.

For new apps with limited budgets seeking a baseline volume of reviews quickly, UseViral delivers that at affordable rates.


100 Reviews$39
250 Reviews$69
500 Reviews$129
1000 Reviews$199

With pricing starting at just $0.39 per review, UseViral offers the most affordable entry point for buying Google Play reviews.

Visit UseViral to Buy Budget Google Play Reviews

5. SidesMedia – Niche Targeting Specialists

SidesMedia takes a unique approach. Instead of contracting broad reviewers, they specialize in reviews from niche communities like gaming, parenting, health/fitness, etc.

SidesMedia Site Screenshot

Here are their key differentiators:


Specialized Targeting – Get reviews from users genuinely passionate about your niche, leading to higher engagement.

Granular Campaigns – They customize campaigns around your specific app goals and ideal user profiles.

Community Knowledge – With an ear to the ground in key niches, SidesMedia draws real conversations.

For apps in clearly defined verticals like gaming or dating, SidesMedia attracts more authentic engagement through niche communities. The tradeoff is higher minimum order sizes and costs.


SidesMedia requires minimum order quantities between 200-500 reviews to undertake a niche targeting campaign. Their service costs more given the highly targeted nature, starting around $1000-$1500 minimum.

For apps with specialized targets, their ability to tap genuine niche communities adds unique value.

Visit SidesMedia to Buy Niche Google Play Reviews

Key Factors When Choosing A Google Play Review Provider

Now that we‘ve explored the top providers, let‘s summarize the key considerations for choosing the right partner:

  • Authenticity – Real engaged humans provide lasting value. Prioritize this above all else.
  • Targeting – Look for demographic, interest and location targeting for relevance.
  • Value – Compare delivery timelines, packages and pricing across providers.
  • Customer Service – Seek responsive support and satisfaction guarantees.
  • Compliance – Stay fully within Google‘s guidelines. Avoid shady providers.
  • Supplementary Marketing – Combine bought reviews with complementary digital strategies.

The right provider matched to your app, niche and goals will provide tremendous promotional value. But buying reviews is just one piece of the puzzle.

Maximizing the Impact of Bought Google Play Reviews

While buying quality reviews initiates momentum, there are a few additional tips to maximize their impact over the long-term:

  • Monitor and Moderate – Actively manage your reviews. Reply publicly, offer assistance, and flag illegitimate ones. This shows users you care.
  • ** feature beneficial reviews in marketing copy and screenshots to build social proof.
  • ***** Adopt a friendly tone and provide unique value with each response. Turn negative reviews into positives.
  • Promote Apps – Link to your app‘s store page from your website, emails, and social channels. Make it easy to leave reviews.
  • Reward Users – Consider incentivizing reviews through contests, giveaways or unlocking app features. Ensure proper disclosures.

With continuous review management and complementary marketing strategies, bought reviews will continue driving interest long after the initial campaign.

Buying Google Play Reviews Safely and Effectively

In today‘s competitive Play Store, positive reviews are enormously influential for an app‘s discoverability, conversion rates and long-term sustainability. They build critical social proof. While authentic reviews accumulate organically over time, buying Google Play reviews remains a proven promotional tactic when done ethically.

However, buying reviews requires careful vetting of potential providers on crucial factors like review authenticity, targeting capabilities, customer service, compliance and more. Not all sites are created equal.

Our top recommendation is Media Mister thanks to their meticulous focus on review legitimacy coupled with strong targeting and customization. For lightning fast delivery, GetAFollower is a solid pick, while Buy Real Media offers premium in-depth reviews. UseViral and SidesMedia also provide strong niche options.

Ultimately, buying reviews is one piece of an app marketing strategy, not a standalone solution. Combining thoughtful review management with ASO, social media, PR and advertising maximizes ROI.

In 2023, buying the right reviews from reputable partners will continue helping apps gain visibility and trust on the Google Play store. Choose wisely and see your app thrive.



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