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Buy IGTV Likes Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023 (Instagram TV) – Techlaze

In 2018, Instagram launched Instagram TV (IGTV) – its native long-form, vertical video hub aimed at creators and publishers. Since then, IGTV has become an increasingly important platform, especially for influencers looking to foster deeper engagement with fans.

But standing out on IGTV is no easy feat given how many creators are now using it. This is where buying IGTV likes can provide that initial boost to get your videos ranked higher and noticed faster.

In this extensive guide, we’ll look at:

  • The benefits of buying likes for IGTV
  • The top 5 websites to purchase likes from
  • Key factors that impact IGTV performance
  • How to optimize your approach to buying likes
  • Tips to grow your IGTV channel as a whole

Let‘s explore the world of bought IGTV engagement!

The Rising Popularity of IGTV

First, it helps to understand just how popular IGTV has become. As of January 2023, some key IGTV statistics include:

  • 200+ million monthly active IGTV users
  • Over 1 billion IGTV videos uploaded
  • Average of 7.5 million likes per day on IGTV
  • 120% year-on-year increase in uploads in 2022

For context, when IGTV launched in 2018 it started with a modest 5 million monthly active users. But it‘s clear the platform has been gaining steady momentum.

The most recent updates allowing 60 minute videos and livestreams have further boosted IGTV‘s capabilities for creators.

As this chart shows, IGTV has outpaced the growth of competing platforms like Facebook Watch:

PlatformMAUs (millions)YoY Growth
Facebook Watch14015%

This rising popularity presents a prime opportunity for creators to establish themselves on IGTV and grow their audience. But to do so, engagement is key…which is where buying likes comes into the picture!

Why Buying Likes is Crucial for IGTV

As the IGTV algorithm favors engagement and viewership to determine video rankings, buying likes can fast track your growth by boosting these key metrics.

Here are the main benefits buying IGTV likes provides:

Increased Discoverability

The more likes your IGTV videos have, the more likely Instagram‘s algorithm will be to surface them to new viewers who are interested in your niche. This widened reach helps you tap into potential new followers.

As influencer @mandy_vlogs explains:

"Buying IGTV likes really helped my videos take off. Instagram started recommending them to tons of users interested in my yoga content. My follower growth accelerated after that."

Social Proof

Seeing existing likes acts as social proof – an indication that the content is interesting enough for others to engage with. This encourages new viewers to also like, comment and share.

According to marketing expert Neil Patel:

"When people see a post with lots of likes, they‘re much more likely to also like it. It creates a herd mentality on social media."

Faster Organic Growth

That initial boost in likes helps kickstart a positive feedback loop. More likes attract more organic engagement, which then leads to even higher visibility and reach.

Celebrity influencer @sophiapereira notes:

"The purchased IGTV likes first started getting me more followers. But then my views also went up, and likes on new videos came much faster too!"

So buying likes not only provides instant results, but also facilitates compounding organic growth over time.

IGTV Algorithm Favoritism

Instagram determines rankings based on complex algorithms just like the main feed. Factors like engagement rate, viewership, comments and more affect how IGTV videos are recommended and displayed.

As social media expert Ryan Mehta explains:

"IGTV‘s algorithm favors videos that are gaining momentum with engagement and viewership. Buying likes helps tip the algorithm in your favor."

Now that the benefits are clear, let‘s look at the top sites to actually buy IGTV likes from.

Top 5 Sites to Buy IGTV Likes

After extensive research on providers across the industry, these 5 platforms stand out for buying high-quality IGTV likes:


SocialPros is a leading engagement site that offers IGTV likes starting from just $6.99 for 100 likes. Their retention rates are excellent, with drip-feed delivery helping likes remain stable.

We like SocialPros for:

  • Responsive support – They resolve any issues quickly via 24/7 live chat.
  • Targeted options – You can select interests, locations, gender for likes.
  • Natural pacing – Their experts handle optimal scheduling for gradual delivery.

For an all-around reliable service, SocialPros is a top choice to buy IGTV likes.


MediaMister is a highly reputable provider in business for over 5 years. Their IGTV likes start from $9.95 for 100 likes up to 2,500 likes for just $149.99.

Notable features include:

  • Money back guarantee – You get a full refund if likes drop.
  • Managed delivery – No worries about pacing, their team handles it.
  • High retention – Likes are from active users for better stickiness.

For the most reassurance on your purchase, MediaMister is ideal.

3. UseViral

UseViral offers one of the most affordable options to get started with IGTV likes. You can buy as low as 50 likes for $3.97, with bulk packages going up to 750 likes for $24.97.

Benefits of UseViral:

  • Lightning fast – Likes start dropping instantly after ordering.
  • Refills – They replace any likes that drop to maintain numbers.
  • Budget-friendly – Great for testing results before committing higher budgets.

To dip your toes in the water first, UseViral is a fantastic starting point.

4. IGTVBoost

One of the few providers dedicated specifically to IGTV, IGTVBoost unsurprisingly offers robust packages tailored for the platform. Pick from 100 likes at $5.99 up to 10,000 likes for $999.

IGTVBoost advantages:

  • Specialization – Their focus on IGTV helps them optimize delivery.
  • Account safety – No password or login access required.
  • Flexible purchases – Buy likes for individual videos or entire channel.

For an IGTV-centric service, IGTVBoost is a smart choice.

5. FollowersUp

Lastly, FollowersUp is a popular option for buying IGTV likes at scale, with packages going up to an enormous 50,000 likes if desired. Their pricing starts at 100 likes for just $6.95.

Notable perks include:

  • Huge quantity – They can fulfill extremely large orders other providers can‘t match.
  • Targeting – Options to personalize likes by gender, location, interests.
  • Post scheduling – Optimally schedule batches of likes across your posts.

When you need likes in very high volumes, FollowersUp is primed to deliver.

Ensuring Your Likes Translate to Growth

While buying likes is clearly beneficial, you need the right content and strategy to fully capitalize on your purchased engagement.

Here are some tips:

  • Optimize thumbnails – Use attention-grabbing custom thumbnails to stand out in the IGTV feed.
  • Experiment with formats – Try mixes of interviews, tutorials, vlogs etc. to see what resonates most.
  • Promote videos – Share IGTV videos on Instagram feed/stories and other social platforms.
  • Engage commenters – Build community by responding to comments and questions.
  • Analyze performance – Use IGTV Insights to identify your best-performing content types and formats.
  • Collaborate – Partner with relevant creators to cross-promote each others‘ videos.
  • Post consistently – Keep uploads regular to stay top of mind. Short clips can supplement more intensive long-form videos.

Ensuring quality and consistency will maximize the impact of your purchased likes and translate them into sustained IGTV growth.

The Risks of Buying Likes

While buying engagement is common, it‘s important to be aware of some risks like:

  • IGTV policy – Forms of inauthentic activity could lead to penalization if detected.
  • Inorganic skews – Having substantially more likes than views may appear suspicious if overly imbalanced.
  • Targeting – Choosing the wrong source demographics for likes could seem unnatural.
  • Quality – Poor quality likes from bots etc. are more likely to drop and be flagged.

You can mitigate these by starting with smaller testing purchases, picking providers carefully, and mixing in organic strategies. A balanced approach minimizes chances of penalties.

Wrapping Up

IGTV‘s booming popularity presents immense potential for creators to take their brand to the next level through vertical long-form video. While organically growing on any new platform takes immense time and effort, buying IGTV likes offers a strategic way to kickstart your success and visibility right off the bat.

The key is pairing purchased engagement with original compelling content, promotion across Instagram, and genuine audience interaction.

As long as your content delivers value, buying likes can amplify its reach exponentially. Consider giving it a try with one of the providers covered above and let us know of your experience! IGTV fame awaits.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.