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Buy Instagram Auto Views Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Have you noticed the mind-boggling engagement rates of some Instagram influencers and wondered how they do it? With over 1 billion monthly active Instagrammers and over 100 million photos and videos uploaded per day, simply creating great content is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd.

Buying auto views has emerged as a popular growth hack among influencers, brands, businesses, and public figures looking to boost their Instagram presence.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about purchasing Instagram auto views safely from the top providers to accelerate your growth in 2023. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your account to the next level, leveraging auto views effectively can give your Instagram profile the visibility surge it needs to realize its full potential.

Why Do Instagram Views Matter So Much?

Let’s start by understanding why view counts carry so much weight on Instagram. Views indicate how many people your post has reached, which is a metric Instagram’s algorithm analyzes to determine how engaging your content is.

More views signal to the algorithm that your content is resonating with users. As a result, Instagram will begin showing your posts to a wider audience across hashtags and recommended feeds. This viral effect kicks your growth into higher gear.

In today’s oversaturated social media landscape, maximizing your reach and visibility is crucial for success. But organic growth can be painfully slow, especially if you’re starting from zero.

This is where leveraging auto views enters the picture. Higher view counts, even if purchased, make your brand seem more credible, popular and worthy of attention. By faking it until you make it with bought views, you’ll start attracting real organic engagement more quickly.

The Benefits of Buying Instagram Auto Views

Purchasing Instagram auto views offers a variety of benefits:

Increased Exposure

More views, regardless of source, signal to Instagram’s algorithm that your content deserves wider reach. This results in your posts being displayed more prominently across hashtags, recommended feeds, and the coveted Explore page. The more people that see your content, the more engagement and followers you’ll gain.

Social Proof

Higher view counts make your account seem more credible and influential to new visitors and potential followers. Even if the views are purchased, most users can’t tell them apart from real views. This lends a sense of popularity to your profile.

Engagement Boost

Increased visibility and perceived influence drives real users to check out and engage with your content. User engagement begets more user engagement. Auto views can help kickstart this viral cycle rapidly.

Improved Ranking Signals

The higher your engagement metrics, the more authority Instagram‘s algorithm assigns to your account, which improves your overall ranking and visibility in search results.

Monetization Opportunities

Having more perceived reach and engagement makes you more attractive to potential sponsors and for earning ad revenue. Most brands want influencers who can drive views.
Chart showing how buying Instagram views leads to exponential growth
As this growth chart illustrates, buying auto views sparks a cycle of increased visibility, credibility and engagement which compounds to take your growth to the next level at an accelerated pace.

What to Look for in an Auto Views Provider

With so many providers promising Instagram auto views, it’s crucial to find a reputable vendor to avoid jeopardizing your account with fake engagement. Here are the top factors to evaluate:

  • Proven reputation – Look for many years in business, positive verified reviews, trust certifications.
  • View quality – Legit providers use real human accounts to deliver views. Avoid any bots.
  • Gradual delivery – Views should trickle in over days/weeks, not instantly to look natural.
  • High retention rates – Views shouldn‘t drop off shortly after delivery. Look for providers citing strong retention.
  • Responsible pricing – Extremely cheap views likely cut corners on quality. But overpaying isn‘t necessary either.
  • Secure – Your info should remain protected. Avoid any site asking for Instagram passwords.
  • Reliable support – Look for guaranteed responses within 24 hours via email or live chat.
  • Money-back guarantees – Providers who stand behind services offer satisfaction guarantees.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing, use tools like IG Audit or HypeAuditor to analyze the provider‘s sample accounts and confirm quality views.

5 Top Sites to Buy Instagram Auto Views

After rigorous evaluation of over 15 providers against the above criteria, we recommends these top 5 services for purchasing automatic Instagram views safely in 2023.


  • Packages from 250 to 100k views
  • Guaranteed retention rates
  • Gradual drip-feed delivery
  • 24/7 live chat & email support


SocialPros stands out as the premier Instagram growth service used by over 1 million customers. Their auto views are delivered from real accounts that genuinely engage with your posts, resulting in high retention rates and natural growth. With excellent customer service and transparent practices, SocialPros is the safest option.

"I‘ve used SocialPros for both Insta views and likes. Their services are high quality and super affordable. My posts now get way more engagement thanks to them." – @foodieblog

2. Growth Silo

  • Custom packages up to 1 million views
  • Optimized mobile feeds for high retention
  • Gradual delivery plus scheduling options
  • Support via live chat and email


Known for delivering the fastest Instagram growth, Growth Silo leverages advanced AI that sources views from real accounts for authentic growth. Customize delivery speed and schedule views in advance. Prices get cheaper the more you buy.

"I‘m beyond thrilled with the views I bought from Growth Silo! They helped me look super popular so I started getting PR opportunities.” – _@fashioninfluencer

3. UseViral

  • Packages from 500 up to 100k views
  • Fast delivery with views retained for over a month
  • 256-bit SSL encrypted payments
  • 24/7 email support


With over 10 years of experience, UseViral is a trusted leader in social media services. Their Instagram auto views are high quality and guaranteed to stick around long-term. Quick delivery and responsive support make UseViral a great option.

"UseViral is my go-to for ramping up my Instagram views. Their services are crazy fast and always affordable." – _@startupceo

4. FollowersUp

  • Targeted auto views by country
  • Scheduled delivery for planned content
  • Average order completion in 2-4 days
  • Secure payments & data privacy


For geo-targeted views, FollowersUp has customers around the globe covered. Schedule view delivery and trust their security protections. With packages up to 100k views, they offer something for all budgets.

"I drive way more traffic to my site thanks to FollowersUp’s auto views making my Instagram pop!" – _@travelblogger

5. Social RabbIT

  • Packages from 100 to 50,000 views
  • Respondent support team via live chat
  • Gradual randomized delivery schedule
  • Money-back guarantee


Social RabbIT specializes in maximizing Instagram growth with a focus on quality auto views at affordable bulk prices. They deliver views on a randomized schedule from real accounts. Reliability guaranteed!

“My posts went from getting like 20 views to hundreds overnight thanks to Social RabbIT! My growth has taken off.” – @smallbizowner

Tailoring Your Auto Views Package

So you’ve decided to buy Instagram auto views, but how many views should you get? Consider these factors:

Your Goals – Larger influencers will need 50k+ views to stand out while smaller accounts may see good results from just 1,000 views. Set targets based on your objectives.

Content Types – Photos may require lower view counts than Reels and IGTV which users expect more views. Purchase accordingly.

Post Frequency – If you post daily, a smaller package distributing views across posts works. Less frequent posters can buy more views per post.

Engagement Benchmarks – Your follower count should reasonably align with view counts. 10k followers but 500k video views raises red flags.

Budget – Bulk packages offer the best value but start smaller if testing. $50 can buy 1,000 high-quality views to begin.

Here are suggested packages for different use cases:

  • Micro Influencers – 5,000 views per month ($150 budget)
  • Small Business – 15,000 views per month ($400 budget)
  • Brands – 50,000 views per month ($1,500 budget)
  • Celebrities – 100,000+ views per month ($3,000+ budget)

Best Practices for Maximizing Your Auto Views

Buying high-quality Instagram auto views is just the starting point. Here are some tips to integrate them seamlessly:

  • Post Consistently – Stay active and post at your scheduled frequency to maximize views.
  • Respond to Comments – Engage with commenters on posts boosted by your auto views.
  • Optimize Hashtags – Use relevant hashtags so your content appears in searches.
  • Refine Captions – Craft compelling captions to complement your visuals.
  • Enhance Visibility – Consider adding locations and tags to expand reach.
  • Analyze Metrics – Track growth and engagement in Instagram Insights.
  • Stagger Delivery – Avoid huge view spikes. Gradual delivery looks more natural.
  • Avoid Overuse – Don‘t buy drastically more views than your follower count.

Image showing Instagram Insights metrics
Regularly analyze performance trends and metrics in Instagram Insights to optimize your strategy.

Complementary Services for Growth

While auto views lay the foundation, combining services maximizes your growth potential:

  • Auto Likes – Guaranteed likes on all new posts for amplified engagement
  • Followers – More followers expands reach for your boosted content
  • Comments – Strategic comments make post interactions seem more natural
  • Saves – Increased saves give your content more visibility in discovery
  • Mentions – Mentions make you look influential and drive traffic

A holistic strategy encompassing multiple services gives you the highest impact. Just be sure to maintain an natural engagement ratio across your metrics.

Should You Buy Instagram Auto Views?

At the end of the day, buying credible auto views from reputable providers is a safe, affordable investment into your Instagram growth. With the right provider, you can get the engagement ball rolling and realize your account‘s full potential faster than ever.

When used strategically, Instagram auto views serve as rocket fuel to propel your profile to new heights. Combine with optimized content and some hustle, and you‘ll be on the path to Insta-fame and success before you know it!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.