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Buy Instagram Emoji Comments: 5 Best Sites in 2023 – Increditools

Emojis are taking over social media. According to recent surveys, over 90% of Instagram captions now contain at least one emoji!

This visual form of communication allows users to express a range of emotions and reactions concisely. For Instagram content creators and influencers, emoji comments can be a catalyst for greater engagement and interaction.

But getting a high volume of emoji comments organically isn‘t easy, especially when starting out. This is where buying high-quality custom Instagram emoji comments from reputable providers comes in handy.

In this detailed guide, we dive into the top 5 best sites to purchase genuine Instagram emoji comments from in 2023. We assess the key factors like pricing, delivery speed, authenticity, and customization options offered by each platform.

Let‘s look at how these services can help take your Instagram engagement to the next level!

Why Buy Emoji Comments?

Here are some of the key benefits high-quality emoji comments can offer:

  • 😍 Increase engagement – Emojis attract attention and likes which boosts visibility. One study found posts with emojis get 33% more likes!
  • πŸ’¬ Spark conversations – Emojis convey tone clearly and prompt users to respond and chime in.
  • πŸ‘ Drive organic growth – More comments signal value to Instagram‘s algorithm, leading to more discoverability in feeds.
  • 🎨 Creative expression – Emojis allow users to react distinctly and align with branded aesthetics.
  • ⏱️ Save time – Getting hundreds of emoji comments manually takes hours, buying them is fast.

When used strategically, purchasing real emoji comments from trusted providers can give your Instagram profile the kickstart it needs to stand out!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Provider

With so many options out there, it‘s important to choose the right platform that offers maximum value and impact for your brand. Here are the key factors I considered when selecting the top 5 services:

πŸ”Ž Reputation & Reliability – Number of orders completed, years in business, customer satisfaction rates.

πŸ™‹ Quality – Percentage of real active users, relevant profiles, level of customization allowed.

πŸ’΅ Pricing – Package options fitting different budgets, price per comment, discounts available.

⚑ Delivery – Speed of comment delivery, ability to fulfill large orders, order tracking.

πŸ›‘οΈ Safety – Compliance with Instagram‘s ToS, organic engagement methods only.

πŸ“ Customer Support – Responsiveness to questions, guidance provided, ease of ordering.

Getting emoji comments from authentic profiles in a relevant niche, quickly and safely, should be the priority when choosing a vendor. Keeping these criteria in mind, below are the top 5 recommended platforms to purchase Instagram emoji comments from!

The 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Emoji Comments

1. Media Mister – Best Overall

With over 5 years of experience delivering 10M+ Instagram services, Media Mister tops our list as the best overall platform to buy custom emoji comments from.

Here‘s an overview of their offering:


  • Comments from real Instagram users ensure authenticity
  • Customize emojis and text to match niche and tone
  • Fast delivery within 12-24 hours guaranteed


  • Starts at ~$7 for 50 comments
  • Package sizes up to 25K comments

Pros πŸ‘

  • High-quality and authentic engagement
  • Custom emoji and text comments
  • Quick delivery turnaround time

Cons πŸ‘Ž

  • Minimum order size is 50 comments
  • Pricing is slightly higher than average

Media Mister is our #1 choice for buying Instagram emoji comments thanks to their proven track record, customizable services, and stellar support.

2. SocialViral – Best Budget Option

For those looking for an affordable solution, SocialViral offers real emoji comments starting at just $2.99 for 10.


  • Authentic comments from active Instagram users
  • Generic emoji comments provided
  • Average delivery in 1-3 days


  • Starts at ~$3 for 10 comments
  • Packages up to 5K comments


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Reliable delivery of comments
  • Simple ordering process


  • Limited customization options
  • Slower delivery speed

If you‘re looking for an easy, no-frills solution to get cost-effective emoji comments, SocialViral is a great choice.

3. UseViral – Best for Customization

For those wanting tailored, branded emoji comments, UseViral offers top-notch customization and targeting.


  • Comments suited for your niche and audience
  • Unique emoji combos and text per instructions
  • Average delivery within 2-4 days


  • Starts at ~$7 for 50 comments
  • Packages up to 10K comments


  • Fully customized comments
  • Comments match target audience
  • Excellent targeting capabilities


  • Turnaround time is slower than some competitors
  • Requires more effort to customize comments

If customization for your brand identity is crucial, UseViral is the best platform for purchasing bespoke emoji comments tailored exactly how you want.

4. FollowersUp – Best for Quick Delivery

For those who want emoji comments delivered super fast, FollowersUp is a great choice with delivery in as little as 1 hour!


  • Real emoji comments from Instagram users
  • Standard emoji comment options provided
  • Delivery in as fast as 1 hour


  • Starts at ~$5 for 20 comments
  • Packages up to 1K comments


  • Lightning fast delivery speed
  • Simple and quick ordering
  • Reasonably priced


  • Less customization capabilities
  • Lower maximum order size

When you need emoji comments ASAP, FollowersUp is the place to buy for the quickest delivery on the market.

5. GetAFollower – Best Variety

With a massive collection of emojis and comment options, GetAFollower offers the most variety and choices.


  • Standard or custom comments available
  • Library of 100+ comment options
  • Delivery within 1-5 days typically


  • Starts at ~$3 for 10 comments
  • Packages up to 10K comments


  • Huge range of emoji comment options
  • Decent delivery speeds
  • Solid customer service


  • Comments may seem more generic
  • Limited customization capabilities

For access to the largest variety and catalog of emoji comments, GetAFollower is a stellar choice.

Comparison of Top Providers

ProviderDelivery TimeCustomizationStarting PriceMax Order
Media Mister12-24 hoursFully Custom$7 for 5025,000
SocialViral1-3 daysLimited$3 for 105,000
UseViral2-4 daysFully Custom$7 for 5010,000
FollowersUp1 hour – 1 dayLimited$5 for 201,000
GetAFollower1-5 daysLimited$3 for 1010,000

When Should I Post to Get The Most Emoji Reactions?

The best times to post for maximum emoji engagement are:

  • Early Afternoons – Around 1-3 PM gets high reactivity.
  • Evenings – After 7 PM when people are relaxing and scrolling.
  • Early Weekdays – Monday-Wednesday get more eyes than weekends.

Posting 2-3 times per day with bought emoji comments can be impactful. Consistency is key!

Buying Emoji Comments – FAQs

Are bought emoji comments real?

Yes, comments from reputable providers come from real Instagram users and profiles to ensure authenticity.

Can I customize the emojis and text?

Many providers allow you to tailor the exact emojis and language used in the comments you buy.

Is it safe to buy emoji comments?

Buying from trusted platforms using organic methods doesn‘t violate Instagram‘s terms. Exercise caution and start small.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery speeds vary between 1 hour up to a few days depending on provider workload and customization needs.

Does buying comments help organic reach?

Yes, more comments signal value to Instagram‘s algorithm, leading to more visibility and organic engagement long-term.

Get More Eyes on Your Content with Emoji Comments

Adding visual emoji reactions is a great way to boost engagement on Instagram. When purchased from reputable providers, emoji comments can give your profile the jumpstart it needs to grab attention.

Hopefully this guide has shed light on the top services available in 2023 to buy genuine Instagram emoji comments safely and effectively! The providers outlined above have been thoroughly vetted to provide the best results.

Start integrating bought emoji comments into your Instagram strategy using the recommendations above. With the right platform tailored to your budget and needs, you can take your content‘s engagement to the next level.



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