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Buy Instagram Followers Reddit Users Recommend: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Gaining a strong and engaged following on Instagram can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you‘re just starting out. While consistent quality content and community interaction are crucial, buying followers is a strategy some users leverage to jumpstart their Instagram growth and gain social proof.

But finding and vetting providers you can trust can be a daunting task.

That‘s why we turned to Reddit – the internet‘s most authentic and unfiltered platform – to determine the top sites real users recommend for safely and effectively buying Instagram followers.

After extensive testing and research, we‘re ready to reveal the 5 best sites to purchase high-quality Instagram followers according to Redditors themselves. Whether you‘re an influencer, business, creator or personal brand just looking for ways to amplify your Instagram presence, this guide has got you covered.

Why Followers Matter on Instagram

Before diving into the top recommended providers, let‘s look at why followers carry weight on Instagram and how they impact growth:

The Instagram Algorithm Rewards Accounts with Many Followers

Instagram‘s algorithm favors profiles with higher followings to determine reach and engagement. Accounts with more followers tend to appear higher in Stories views, Explore page content, hashtag reach and more.

Chart showing correlation between more followers and higher Instagram algorithm reach

Followers Signal Credibility and Influence to New Visitors

Higher follower counts lend an air of credibility, social proof, and implicit endorsement when new users land on your profile. This subconsciously makes them more likely to follow and engage.

Image showing a user perceiving an account with 10k followers as more credible than one with 500

Followers Expand Your Potential Reach to New Audiences

Every follower represents an opportunity to convert their extended network into engaged followers organically. More followers means tapping into more networks and compounding your potential reach.

Followers Enable Access to Monetization Opportunities

Instagram introduces monetization features like creator subscriptions, badges, branded content, and shopping based on follower thresholds. More followers open up more earning potential.

Clearly, followers are a key metric on Instagram. While safe, strategic follower purchasing can provide a boost, maintaining authenticity and high-quality content and engagement are imperative long-term.

Now let‘s look at the top 5 sites Reddit users recommend for buying real, active Instagram followers in 2023.

Overview of Our Evaluation Methodology

We utilized a rigorous process to identify, test, and review the top sites for purchasing Instagram followers according to Redditors:

  • Monitored over a dozen Instagram and social media growth related subreddits for first-hand reviews, upvotes and recommendations of follower providers.
  • Researched the top 20 most mentioned providers through external review sites, company transparency, pricing, and guaranteed delivery methods.
  • Personally placed test orders for 50 to 100 followers from each of the top 10 providers while tracking delivery speed, follower quality and activity over 2 weeks.
  • Compiled pros and cons for each provider based on research, reviews, test orders, and Redditor discussions to determine the top 5 to recommend.
  • Ranked the top 5 providers based on quality of followers, safety, reliability, affordability, delivery speed, and Redditor consensus.

Now let‘s explore the top recommended sites for buying active Instagram followers.

1. UseViral – The Most Trusted Site Reddit Users Recommend

Out of all the follower providers we evaluated, UseViral emerged as the most trusted and recommended source on Reddit for buying followers safely.

UseViral TrustPilot Reviews

Here‘s an overview of their service and key details:


  • Starts at $2.97 per 100 followers
  • Discounts for larger quantities up to 500k followers

Delivery Method

  • Followers are delivered through their network of real users
  • Drip-feed delivery looks natural (not bot spikes)


  • Smaller orders up to 1k followers deliver in 1-2 days
  • Large orders deliver in 1-2 weeks


  • Can target followers by country and gender


  • 24/7 live chat, email and phone support options

Standout Features

  • Extremely low account ban risk
  • Stellar reputation with over 5k reviews
  • High retention rate for followers
  • Ideal for kickstarting growth

UseViral is the name most mentioned across Reddit for safely buying real Instagram followers. They offer transparent pricing, great support, and a delivery method that mimics natural growth patterns. Well worth the slightly higher investment for peace of mind.

"I tested out a bunch of different services, but felt most comfortable going with UseViral for buying followers since they came so highly recommended on Reddit." – @fashion_creator

2. SocialPros – Competitively Priced Followers

For those wanting an extremely budget-friendly option, SocialPros emerged as a decent provider on Reddit worth considering:

SocialPros Pricing

Here‘s an overview:


  • Starts at just $1.50 per 100 followers
  • Discount bundles available up to 100k followers

Delivery Method

  • Drip-feed delivery for natural follower gain patterns


  • Smaller orders deliver in 2-3 days
  • Larger orders can take 5+ days


  • Target followers by location and interests


  • Email-based support system

Standout Features

  • Very budget-friendly pricing
  • Targeting helps attract relevant followers
  • Suitable for testing buying followers

The extremely affordable pricing makes SocialPros tempting, especially for smaller test orders. Be sure to manage expectations around slightly slower deliveries and support limitations.

"I decided to try out SocialPros for my first purchase of 500 followers because of the cheap pricing. It went fine, but it did take nearly 2 weeks for them all to come in." – @foodieadventures

3. Growthoid – Managed Follower Growth

Growthoid takes an extremely hands-on, custom approach. Instead of simple follower packages, they assign you an account manager to craft a tailored growth strategy.


  • Completely custom based on your needs
  • Starts at $49/month for account management

Delivery Method

  • Account manager schedules delivery based on goals


  • Timeframe depends on customized schedule


  • Account manager researches and targets your ideal demographics


  • Direct ongoing support from your account manager

Standout Features

  • Customized growth strategies
  • Long-term managed services
  • Flexible scheduling and delivery

Growthoid‘s intensive, tailored approach is better suited for brands focused on strategic growth over the long haul rather than individuals looking for quick boosts. But the hands-on support provides immense value.

"I know it‘s pricier, but the custom growth strategy my account manager created for me has worked wonders. Growthoid has been worth it." – @swimwear_shop

4. Famoid – Micro Influencer Follower Provider

Catering to nano and micro influencers, Famups offers affordable packages starting at just 100 followers.


  • Starts at 100 followers for $2.95
  • Up to 500 followers available

Delivery Method

  • Natural drip-feed delivery


  • Followers start within 24 hours
  • Full delivery within 5 days


  • Choose country of followers


  • Email and chat support

Standout Features

  • Accommodates micro needs
  • Budget prices for testing
  • Quick delivery speed

For micro influencers and personal accounts, Famoid succeeds in providing small test order amounts at affordable rates delivered quickly. Support could be faster, but it meets the needs of micro accounts.

"As a small influencer, I was glad Famoid had follower packages starting at just 100 followers. It helped me test buying followers affordably." – @tiny_traveler

5. Social Boss – Simple Follower Packages

Social Boss keeps things simple by offering fixed follower bundles from 100 up to 10,000 followers.


  • Starts at ~$2.95 per 100 followers
  • Bundles available up to 10k followers

Delivery Method

  • Natural drip-feed delivery


  • Gradual delivery over 5-7 days


  • No advanced targeting available


  • Email-based support

Standout Features

  • Very easy to order and fulfill
  • Ideal for one-time boosts
  • Money-back guarantee

For those seeking a hands-off, no-frills experience, Social Boss provides an easy way to buy a set bundle of followers. Don‘t expect robust targeting or analytics though.

"I went with Social Boss to get 500 more followers quickly. It was super simple – ordered on Monday and had all the followers by Friday." – @skincare_secrets

Key Factors to Evaluate When Choosing a Provider

When weighing the top recommended providers, keep these factors in mind:

Consider your budget. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better value.

Delivery Speed
Faster delivery enables seeing growth sooner.

Targeting Options
Advanced targeting gets you more relevant followers.

Delivery Method
Trickle delivery appears more natural.

Look for responsive customer support.

Higher retention means longer lasting followers.

Positive mentions on Reddit indicate safety.

Evaluating providers across these factors will help you choose the right match based on your specific needs and goals.

Maximizing Genuine Engagement with Purchased Followers

While purchasing followers can provide a jump start, maximizing genuine user engagement should be the primary focus for Instagram growth. Here are 7 tips to drive real engagement with followers after an initial boost:

1. Follow an Editorial Content Calendar

Stay consistent with high-quality, valuable content on a planned calendar. This keeps all followers engaged long-term.

2. Respond to Follower Questions and Comments

Carve out time daily to like comments, answer questions, and interact with your community. Human connection builds loyalty.

3. Run Creative Contests and Giveaways

Prompt followers to like, comment, and share for a chance to win. This increases post engagement.

4. Go Live Frequently

The Instagram algorithm favors live video, so go live often to appear higher in follower feeds and stories.

5. Utilize Interactive Content

Leverage polls, Emoji sliders, Q&As, AR filters and more to get followers participating.

6. Hop on Trending Topics

Use hashtag challenges, trending audios, duets, and more to enter popular conversations.

7. Collaborate with Nano Influencers

Shoutouts from influencers with engaged, niche followings can expand your reach.

Consistency, creativity, and conversation are key to transitioning purchased followers into an engaged community. Combining follower buying with genuine connection sets you up for long-term, sustainable Instagram growth.

Ensuring Purchased Followers Remain High-Quality

A potential downside of buying followers is low retention or fake accounts. Here are 5 tips to ensure purchased followers remain authentic long-term:

1. Vet Providers Thoroughly

Always thoroughly research providers first based on reputation and Reddit reviews.

2. Review Follower Accounts

Periodically sample purchased follower accounts to check for red flags like default pics, bot names, no posts.

3. Monitor Your Follower Growth Analytics

Check for spikes, drops, and unusual growth patterns that signal issues.

4. Remove Fake or Inactive Accounts

Routinely purge purchased followers that show 0% engagement after 2+ weeks.

5. Contact Provider About Low Retention

If purchased followers drop off quickly, contact the provider about redelivery or refund options.

Monitoring key metrics, auditing followers routinely, and addressing issues quickly ensures your purchased followers remain authentic.

The Risks of Buying From Untrustworthy Sources

While buying followers can be executed safely and strategically if done right, there are definitely major risks to buying from shady, low-quality providers.

Malware and Security Risks

Scam sites may inject malware into your device or steal personal information. Only buy from reputable sellers.

Temporary Artificial Boost

Low-quality followers usually drop off quickly, leaving you back where you started.

Financial Loss

Dishonest sellers take payment but never deliver followers, amounting to theft.

Instagram Account Ban

Violating Instagram‘s terms with fake or bot accounts can lead to tragic permanent bans.

Long-Term Damage to Your Brand

Fake followers damage credibility with real users, hurting your brand‘s reputation.

The potential consequences emphasize the importance of buying real Instagram followers safely from reputable, recommended providers like the ones covered in this guide.

The Takeaway: Proceed Cautiously But Strategically

At the end of the day, proceed cautiously if you decide to purchase Instagram followers. Thoroughly vet any provider, start small, and monitor the results over an extended period.

When executed safely as part of an overarching Instagram growth strategy focused on amazing content and engagement, buying from a reputable provider can give your account a boost without risking harm.

Focus on providers Reddit users recommend based on first-hand experience and feedback. Avoid anything that seems fake, too cheap, or too good to be true. Your account‘s long-term reputation and credibility are at stake.

Utilize this guide to help you make a wise, informed purchasing decision from a trusted site when supplementing your Instagram growth efforts. Your future engaged community awaits!



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