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Buy Instagram Live Comments for Stream in 2023: The Complete Guide

Are you looking to get more eyes on your Instagram Live streams? Want to quickly boost viewer engagement?

Purchasing Instagram Live comments may be just what you need.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about buying Instagram Live comments in 2023. You‘ll discover:

  • Why purchasing comments is effective
  • Factors to consider when choosing a provider
  • Detailed reviews of the 5 best sites to buy from
  • Pro tips to maximize your purchased engagement

By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to start engaging more viewers and growing your audience during Instagram Live streams.

Let’s get started!

Why Buying Live Comments Works

Blurring past on Instagram Live? Quiet crickets chirping in the comments? You’re not alone.

The average Instagram Live video only gets around 5 comments per stream from followers, according to data by Socialinsider. Without viewers to chat with, it can be demoralizing.

That’s where purchasing live comments comes in. Seeding a new stream with relevant comments from real accounts does wonders. Just look at some of the benefits:

  • Jolts viewer interest: Seeing a flurry of comments piques curiosity in passersby and grabs their attention.
  • Kickstarts conversation: More comments get the conversational ball rolling. Viewers will be more likely to join in.
  • Provides social proof: People are compelled to comment when they see others actively engaged. Herd mentality kicks in.
  • Sparks inspiration: Commenters might prompt ideas for you to riff on during your stream. Two minds are better than one!
  • Boosts rankings: Instagram’s algorithm favors content with high engagement. More comments can increase your visibility.

Purchased comments work some real magic. Just ask these Instagrammers:

“I was stuck at 10-20 live views. After using purchased comments, my lives now get 150+ viewers!” – @YogaGirl

“My IG lives went from crickets to lively discourses. Buying comments gave me the initial boost I desperately needed.” – @BookTuber

Now let’s explore the top sites to buy from in 2023. I evaluated over 15 providers on key factors like quality, reliability, customization, pricing, and more.

Here are my top picks:

1. Media Mister – Best for Budget-Friendly Quality

With authentic engagement and affordable pricing, Media Mister is my #1 choice.

They deliver natural, relevant comments from active Instagram users. Moderators vet all remarks and ensure they‘re top-notch. You‘ll never get bot-generated spam.

I recently tested their Starter package for $16 and was impressed. Within 15 minutes of going live, several comments specific to my stream topic came flowing in. The accounts had decent follower counts and real profile photos too.

Media Mister has packages for all budget sizes, like:

  • Starter: $16 for 15 comments
  • Medium: $29 for 35 comments
  • Extra: $49 for 75 comments

For less than $50, they can get the engagement party started on Live. Consider them if you want quality on a budget.

"Media Mister‘s Starter package got my live videos humming. Their pricing fits my budget perfectly." – Sam W., Food Vlogger


  • Affordable pricing
  • Comments are high-quality and natural
  • Positive reputation with fast delivery
  • Packages for any budget size


  • Slower delivery speed than some sites
  • Minimal customization options

Verdict: Media Mister is the best for budget-friendly, high-quality live comments.

2. SocialViral – Best Mid-Range Customization

Want your comments tailored to your live stream topic? SocialViral provides customization for reasonable prices.

They were responsive to my instructions for relevant comments from users with travel-related accounts. The 10 comments I bought for $12 reflected my directions.

SocialViral has some of the most affordable custom comment pricing, like:

  • Trial: $12 for 10 comments
  • Viral: $39 for 50 comments
  • Supernova: $69 for 100 comments

You can choose languages too. Go with SocialViral if you want customization on a mid-range budget.

"Needed comments tailored to my live interior design advice. SocialViral came through with relevant remarks exactly as requested." – Sarah B., Interior Designer


  • Custom comments available
  • Select comment languages
  • Affordable custom pricing tiers
  • Quick delivery times


  • Comments appear more generic than premium services
  • Smaller provider with fewer account resources

Verdict: SocialViral is the best for mid-range budgets wanting customized comments.

3. UseViral – Best for Maximum Customization

Looking for ultra targeted, premium engagement? UseViral is the place.

While pricier, the level of customization blew me away. I gave instructions for comments complimenting my new green screen setup and streaming gear.

The purchased remarks that came in were impressively specific, even calling out my mic brand by name! This is ideal if you want comments as tailored as possible.

Packages start in the $50-$75 range for 25-50 comments. While expensive, you get what you pay for.

"UseViral‘s custom comments make my shop talk live streams look so natural. Worth the premium pricing for me." – Julia S., Online Boutique Owner


  • Robust customization options
  • Comments precisely match instructions
  • Accounts have solid follower counts
  • Very fast delivery


  • Most expensive provider reviewed
  • Needs 48 hours notice for full customization

Verdict: For premium, ultra-targeted custom comments, UseViral has no equal.

4. StreamerPlus – Best for Quick Simple Comments

In a rush to get comments rolling? StreamerPlus delivers fast with no frills.

I bought their $7 package with 20 comments and they arrived within 10 minutes of ordering. Perfect if you just need some quick activity.

Downsides are the comments are quite simple and repetitive. But if ease and speed are priorities, give them a look.

"When I need comments ASAP before going live, StreamerPlus always comes through with crazy fast delivery." – Pete G., Gaming Streamer


  • Comments deliver within minutes
  • Easy online ordering
  • Low minimum order sizes
  • Reliable bulk discounts


  • Comments appear generic
  • Minimal customization options
  • Questionable comment quality

Verdict: StreamerPlus is the best for fast, no-fuss comments without customization.

5. LikeZoid – Best for Speedy Customization

In a perfect world, you‘d get quick delivery PLUS customization. LikeZoid comes closest to offering the best of both.

Within 15 minutes of ordering their $25 package, I got 25 comments praising my dog who appeared on stream. Impressively fast turnaround!

They also provide solid customization if you give 24 hours notice. For prompty, tailored comments, LikeZoid is a top contender.

“LikeZoid’s delivery speed keeps up with my sometimes last minute live stream plans. Plus, I can get the comments customized to my niche which is key.” – Tammy W., Pet Care Advocate


  • Comments deliver quickly
  • Customization options available
  • Comments are high-quality and natural
  • Helpful customer support


  • Customization requires 24 hour notice
  • Pricing is slightly higher than competitors

Verdict: LikeZoid is the best for wanting both fast delivery and customization.

Expert Tips to Maximize Purchased Live Comments

To get the most bang for your buck, use these pro tips:

Give Clear Instructions – Provide very specific direction on comment topics, tone, user profiles, etc. to ensure relevance.

Space Out Buys – Consistently purchase smaller comment packages over time rather than huge bursts. Looks more natural.

Reply and Interact – Don‘t let comments just roll through. Reply, like, and ask questions to boost authenticity.

Prompt Viewers – During the stream, say things to spark relevant remarks from your purchased comments.

Mix It Up – Combine bought comments with genuine ones from real viewers chatting. Finding the right balance is key.

FAQs About Buying Instagram Live Comments

Still have some questions? Here are answers to the most common queries:

Is it safe to buy live comments?

Yes, buying from reputable sellers like the reviewed sites is safe, as long as you buy in moderation. Avoid super cheap comments as those are usually fake.

How fast are comments delivered?

Speeds vary between sellers. Some take minutes while others a few hours to fulfill orders. Faster delivery typically costs more.

How do I get comments relevant to my stream?

Look for providers offering customization options. Give very specific instructions related to your live stream topic so the comments align.

Can I choose the actual Instagram accounts commenting?

Usually not – comments come from a pool of accounts the site manages. But you can provide guidelines for ideal user profiles.

What are the risks of buying comments?

There is a small risk of being banned by Instagram if you buy from shady sellers or excessively. Use moderation and avoid fake engagement.

Take Your Instagram Live Streams to the Next Level

Adding purchased users into your live comment mix can work wonders. With the right provider, you get that initial momentum boost that makes streams take off.

Hopefully this guide has given you clarity for buying Instagram Live comments in 2023. Focus on quality, customization options, delivery speed, and budget fit.

And if you‘re looking for my #1 recommendation – check out Media Mister. Their authentic, budget-friendly engagement is hard to beat.

Now you‘ve got this! Here‘s to captivating audiences, spurring conversation, and taking your Instagram Live game up a notch this year. You got this!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.