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Buy Instagram Live Views Cheap: The Complete Guide for Streamers in 2023

Live streaming on social media has exploded in popularity in recent years. Industry reports show that in 2022 alone, over 144 million internet users accessed live streaming video content. Of all the platforms seeing massive growth with live video, Instagram stands out as a frontrunner.

Over the last year, Instagram Live has become a go-to feature for individuals and brands looking to make authentic connections and reach wider audiences in real time. The number of accounts broadcasting live has increased over 70% since 2021.

And this is just the beginning. One report predicts that by 2025, live video will account for 17% of all online content, and 80% of that streaming will happen on social media.

Clearly, tapping into live broadcasts represents a major opportunity for growth on Instagram. But simply going live isn’t enough. To maximize your reach and impact, you need viewers.

Gaining high view counts on your Instagram Live videos can seem difficult to accomplish as a new creator. This is where buying high-quality views comes in.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down how purchasing views can ignite growth for your Instagram Live streams. Let’s explore why view counts matter, how buying views works, where to get views safely, and strategies to pair with purchased views.

Why Do Instagram Live View Counts Matter So Much?

View counts on Instagram Live videos make a significant impact because they signal to the Instagram algorithm that your content is interesting and engaging. This translates into your broadcasts being promoted more widely.

Instagram closely monitors every metric of videos broadcasted live, especially in the first few minutes after going live. If a video gains substantial viewership quickly, their algorithm will begin surfacing it across the platform via hashtags, the Explore page, and your followers’ feeds.

This snowball effect created by an initial surge of views is the perfect recipe for reaching new audiences organically. Studies show Instagram Live videos with over 1,000+ viewers gain an average of 30-50% more followers than videos with less than 100 viewers.

In addition to improved distribution of your live videos, high view counts also build authority for your personal profile or brand’s account. Followers perceive accounts that regularly get thousands of viewers on their live videos as more influential, credible, and popular.

Essentially, higher Live view counts signal to Instagram and your community that your videos deserve more attention. Let’s look at a few examples of accounts that saw exponential growth from consistent live broadcasting:

  • Fitness instructor Kayla Itsines doubled her follower count in just one year by hosting weekly Q&A Lives. Each broadcast averaged 15-30k viewers.
  • The NBA leverages live programming of games, interviews, and analyses to engage fans. Their official Instagram now boasts over 30 million followers.
  • Makeup artist Huda Kattan went from 5 million to 52 million Instagram followers over 3 years by using live tutorials to connect with fans.

As these examples illustrate, buying quality Instagram Live views is an investment that can pay off tremendously in terms of visibility, credibility, and loyal followers.

How Does Buying High-Retention Live Views Work?

The key to buying views safely is working only with established providers that deliver real views from active Instagram accounts. When you purchase from these services, here’s what happens:

First, you’ll select a package size from the provider, anywhere from 100 to 100,000+ live views. Larger packages typically offer better bulk discounts.

Next, you’ll be asked to provide details about your live video like username, broadcast start time, relevant hashtags, etc. The more info the service has, the better.

With this info, their team preps a network of real accounts to view your video. Based on your details, they ensure the accounts align with your target audience and interests.

Once you go live at the scheduled time, the views start entering your broadcast through a controlled delivery. The views come in gradually, with multiple accounts popping in and out over the full length of your stream.

This careful pacing mimics genuine user behavior. Within the first 5-10 minutes, you’ll start seeing your view count climb as the purchased views roll in.

Depending on package size, this steady stream of visitors continues for the duration of your live video, increasing total watched time and retention.

Services guarantee most purchased views remain intact for at least 1-2 days after the stream ends. Compared to fake views that vanish instantly, this retention makes the growth far more impactful.

The High Risks of Buying Fake Live Views

While buying views from professional services yields excellent results safely, there are numerous risks involved with buying fake live views.

Fake views generated through bots, click farms, and other prohibited methods can seriously damage your standing on Instagram. It’s critical to avoid the following repercussions:

  • Permanent Account Ban – Instagram regularly sweeps platform for fake activity. Getting caught buying fake views will get your account deleted swiftly.
  • Damaged Reputation – Fake views undermine your credibility and influence with real viewers. Your community loses trust in you as a creator.
  • Plummeting Organic Reach – Once Instagram’s system detects the inauthentic views, your organic visibility decreases harshly. Real people stop seeing your content.

Some examples of creators who’ve faced consequences for artificial engagement include:

  • Australian singer Troye Sivan lost nearly 1 million Instagram followers when the platform removed all of his fake followers and engagement.
  • NY Magazine writer Cat Marnell got banned permanently after buying 300k fake followers through black market websites.
  • Comedian Fat Jew saw his engagement and video views decrease by 75% overnight when Instagram cracked down on his fake activity.

The risks posed by fake views simply aren’t worth the temporary artificial gain. Always use services that deliver real views from active accounts.

6 Factors to Review When Choosing a Safe Site

The market is flooded with sites offering Instagram Live views. But how do you identify trustworthy, effective providers? Here are the top criteria to evaluate:

Reviews From Real Customers

Always verify positive reviews from actual customers who’ve used the provider firsthand. Check reviews on independent platforms like SiteJabber and TrustPilot for authentic feedback. Satisfied client reviews indicate a service that delivers on promises.

A Lengthy Track Record

Established services active for 5+ years suggest a stable business with experience. New fly-by-night sellers should be avoided. Strong reputation and many years in business demonstrate reliability.

Responsiveness to Customers

Look for attentiveness and quick support response times from the provider before and after purchase. Easily contactable customer service teams resolve issues faster.

Refund Policies

In case views underperform, reputable sites offer refunds or replacement of missing views. Protection policies provide peace of mind for buyers.

Privacy Protections

Legitimate sellers won’t request sensitive info like passwords or login access. Your Instagram account details should remain fully secure.

Custom Targeting Options

Quality providers allow you to target views by demographic factors like age, gender, interests, locations, hashtags, etc. More customization powers better results.

Now let’s explore the top 5 sites I recommend for safely buying Instagram Live views in 2023:

1. UseViral – Fast, Simple Views

For those seeking a basic, affordable way to jumpstart their Instagram Live views, UseViral is a top contender.

While they don’t offer much customization or targeting, their prices are extremely competitive. Packages start at just 500 views for $2.99.

UseViral delivers views rapidly from real accounts. Broadcasts see an influx of consistent views minutes after going live. Scheduling ahead is also available.

Though simple, UseViral is ideal for new creators wanting an immediate boost in their Instagram Live view counts.

2. SidesMedia – Premium Quality Views

With an impeccable track record built over 5+ years, SidesMedia is a leading provider known for high-quality live views.

Their status as an industry veteran translates into an extensive network of real accounts viewing your videos. Views appear gradually from profiles relevant to your niche.

SidesMedia also puts extra priority on privacy and security. You never have to share account credentials or sensitive information of any kind.

Packages range from $6 for 100 views up to $370 for 10,000 views. While pricier than other options, SidesMedia delivers excellent organic results.

3. Media Mister – Global Views & Targeting

Catering to Instagrammers worldwide, Media Mister delivers decently priced views from accounts across the globe.

Their live view plans start at 100 views for just $3.99. More budget-friendly than SidesMedia, Media Mister still provides great quality through a vast account network.

Flexible targeting options are also available. You can tailor views by location, gender, age group, hashtag interests, and more. The further you customize, the more expensive packages become.

For affordable views from worldwide profiles, Media Mister hits the quality and value sweet spot.

4. GetAFollower – User-Friendly Service

As a user-focused brand, GetAFollower makes purchasing live views easy for first-timers. Their dashboard is intuitive and their targeting options straightforward.

Views arrive quickly from relevant accounts and gradually increase your view count as your broadcast progresses. Packages range from $2.99 for 100 views up to $149 for 20,000.

GetAFollower also provides exceptional customer support. Their team goes above and beyond to explain best practices for growth and content optimization.

For beginner-friendly service and targeting guidance, GetAFollower is ideal.

5. Buy Real Media – Maximum Customization

Favored by influencers and brands, Buy Real Media gives clients total control over view targeting and delivery cadence.

Their dashboard allows you to drill down on the exact accounts viewing your videos based on incredibly precise factors and combinations. Gender, age, locations, interests – you name it.

Naturally, this elite level of customization isn’t cheap. Expect to pay a premium. But the views generated convert excellently into engaged, loyal followers.

For those seeking total targeting dominion, Buy Real Media is the undisputed leader in tailored live views.

Combine Purchased Views with Organic Growth Strategies

While buying views is highly effective, always pair the initial boost with ongoing organic tactics like:

Leverage Trending Sounds & Topics

Use relevant trending sounds and regularly discuss viral topics to get discovered by those hashtags.

Promote Lives On Your Other Socials

Share your upcoming live streams on your Instagram feed, TikTok, Twitter, etc. to drive viewers.

Go Live With Guests

Inviting guests like influencer friends or experts keeps viewers engaged longer.

Post Live Video Highlights

Clip and repurpose your most engaging moments into reusable Stories, Reels, and posts.

Interact With Viewers

Respond to comments and questions to build connections with your audience.

Link Your Shop

Add shoppable links so viewers can easily purchase featured products live.

Announce Exclusives

Offer special content, sales, or announcements only for live viewers to incentivize tuning in.

When you combine purchased high-retention views with smart organic tactics, your live videos will keep reaching new audiences long after your initial boosts.

Kickstart Your Instagram Live Views Today

As live streaming continues its meteoric rise, creators who capitalize on Instagram Live now will build huge communities engaged in real time. While going live consistently is crucial, bought views get your videos delivering results faster.

The providers featured in this guide offer safe, effective Live view services proven to ignite growth. As we outlined, always vet sites thoroughly on factors like reviews, reputation, targeting options, and privacy protection before purchasing.

With bought views accelerating discovery and organic efforts expanding reach, your Instagram Live videos will keep growing and engaging. Now get out there, stream consciously, and start reaping the rewards!



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