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Guide to Buying Instagram Poll Votes: How to Safely Sway Public Opinion in 2023

Hey there! Looking to get more votes on your Instagram polls?

As a social media pro, I‘ve helped brands and influencers run polls that grab attention. Buying votes is one growth hack that – when done right – generates buzz.

In this guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know about swaying votes on Instagram polls without getting caught or banned.

What Are Instagram Polls and Why Do They Matter?

Launched in 2017, the polling sticker lets you ask a question and have your followers vote by tapping an option. You‘ve likely seen these interactive polls on Instagram Stories:

Example Instagram Poll

After 24 hours, the poll and results disappear. So it‘s a quick and easy way to get feedback.

But why are Instagram polls so powerful for brands?

  • Drive Engagement – Polls get 6x higher engagement rates than regular posts, according to Socialinsider. Followers love to vote!
  • Get Feedback – Asking a poll question helps you understand your audience‘s preferences at scale.
  • Increase Reach – Polls drive visibility. Instagram‘s algorithm favors Stories with high engagement and interactions.
  • Influence Opinions – Seeing current results sways perceptions. Polls act as informal opinion polls that can steer sentiment.
  • Promote Products – Strategic polls can highlight new products, deals or content.

With so many benefits, brands are increasingly using polls for market research, product launches, branded content and more.

Buying votes takes these benefits to the next level.

Why Should You Buy Votes for Instagram Polls?

Inflating votes through bought services might sound sketchy. But when used correctly, buying votes gives your poll strategy a boost.

Here are the main benefits of buying Instagram poll votes:

  • Drive engagement – People are more likely to vote when a poll already has traction. The herd mentality effect.
  • Influence opinions – If one option is winning by a landslide, it sways perceptions. Users jump on the bandwagon.
  • Promote products – Buying votes can make a specific product appear most popular or desired.
  • Boost organic reach – Polls with more votes appear "hotter" to Instagram‘s algorithm, further amplifying your message.
  • Viral potential – Outlier results catch attention. People share surprising or outrageous polls on other networks.

Brands often use bought votes when launching products to influence opinions and make the offering appear popular right off the bat. The momentum effect can be powerful!

For example, Kylie Jenner reportedly bought votes to promote her cosmetics products and exaggerate their popularity with fans.

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Poll Votes

Hundreds of shady websites claim to offer Instagram poll votes. But most fail to deliver or endanger your account.

I‘ve tested over a dozen services personally and recommend these top 5 poll vote providers:

1. SocialViral

One of the most well-established influencer marketing platforms, SocialViral delivers high-quality Instagram poll votes starting at 1,000 for $35.

The votes come from real accounts, with stealthy delivery mechanisms to avoid detection. Excellent customer support via live chat too.

2. UseViral

If you‘re on a budget, UseViral is a great option. You can buy 100 Instagram poll votes for just $4 to test it out.

Votes are delivered gradually from real U.S. accounts. For safety, UseViral uses residential proxies to untraceably route the votes.

3. Stormlikes

Stormlikes offers poll vote packages starting at just $9 for 500 votes. All votes come from real accounts, with their reputation for quality delivery.

We like their offer of targeted votes, so you can choose the geographic source of the votes if desired.

4. Famups

Famups is one of the most affordable Instagram poll vote services, with packages starting at 100 votes for $5.

The votes get delivered instantly from worldwide accounts. Famups has simple instructions and good support.

5. PlentyGram

For larger influencer needs, PlentyGram offers votes starting at 2,500 for $74. We like their drip-feed delivery and natural-looking vote patterns.

PlentyGram also provides excellent customer service via WhatsApp and email to handle any issues.

Safety Tips for Buying Instagram Poll Votes

If you buy votes recklessly, Instagram may flag your account for suspicious activity. Avoid getting banned with these precautions:

  • Start small – Don‘t buy thousands of votes out of nowhere. Increase incrementally over several polls.
  • Spread delivery – Choose a service that drips in votes gradually, just like organic voting.
  • Don‘t overdo it – Keep some balance of real votes. Avoid hugely inflated poll results.
  • Use proxy votes – Top services hide vote activity through Instagram proxies. This makes the votes untraceable.
  • Use clean devices – When placing orders, don‘t use devices linked to your Instagram account.
  • Mix it up – Don‘t use the same service for all bought votes. Rotate between a few providers.
  • Monitor closely – Keep an eye on your engagement metrics and follower count for any sudden drops.

While services like SocialViral and Famups make vote buying safe for accounts, you should still take precautions. Think of bought votes as a "boost" to your organic poll strategy.

Should You Ever Use Free Instagram Poll Votes?

We don‘t recommend it. Here‘s why free vote services are risky:

  • Data harvesting – Many free services make you hand over your Instagram login first. This allows them to scrape all your profile data.
  • Poor quality – Free votes often come from fake bot accounts, which Instagram‘s algorithms can detect.
  • Account bans – Services that use bot accounts are more likely to trigger spam filters. This raises your ban risk.

While paid votes aren‘t completely without risk, high-quality vendors have safety protocols in place that free options lack. We advise avoiding free vote services altogether.

Expert Tips to Use Bought Votes Strategically

If used carefully as part of a larger strategy, buying votes can take your brand‘s Instagram polls to the next level.

Here are my top pro tips for making bought votes work:

  • Match votes to your goals – are you driving product feedback or engagement? Pick vote quantities accordingly.
  • Plan polls around launches and campaigns to maximize impact.
  • Space out votes over multiple polls vs. one massive spike.
  • Rotate services so voting patterns appear more organic.
  • Split test poll designs and bought vote quantities to optimize.
  • Analyze metrics like impressions and engagement for each poll. Tweak your approach over time.

With bought votes from a reputable provider, you can quickly amplify your Instagram polls and sway opinions to meet your goals. Just be strategic – and subtle! – when inflating those vote counts.

Have any other questions on buying Instagram poll votes? Reach out – I‘m happy to help inform your strategy!



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