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Buy Instagram Story Views Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Instagram Stories have rapidly become one of the most popular ways for brands and influencers to connect with their audience. These ephemeral videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours create an authentic window into their day-to-day lives.

But building an audience for your Instagram Stories can be challenging, especially when starting from zero. Gaining thousands of views organically takes time. That‘s where buying affordable Instagram Story views comes in.

Purchasing high-quality views offers an easy shortcut to get your Stories in front of more people right away. As social media expert Ryan Hanly explains:

"Think of buying Instagram Story views like fertilizer for growing your account. It gives your Stories an initial boost that makes you look more established. But you still need to focus on creating captivating content that resonates with your community to see long-term sustainable growth."

But where can you buy real, affordable views for your Stories while avoiding low-quality suppliers? Keep reading as we reveal the top 5 sites for buying Instagram Story views in 2023.

Why Do Instagram Story Views Matter?

Before diving into the sites for purchasing views, let‘s look at why getting more eyes on your Instagram Stories is important:

Increased Reach

More Story views signal to the Instagram algorithm that your content is resonating. This means your future Stories are more likely to appear higher in your followers‘ feeds. One study found Instagram profiles that use Stories daily gain up to 15% more impressions.

According to 2022 data from Oberlo, Instagram Stories generate over 500 million views per day. With fierce competition, buying views helps ensure your content is not getting lost in the shuffle.

Social Proof

Seeing that a Story already has thousands of views can peak viewers‘ curiosity. This creates a snowball effect where more views beget even more views. The high existing view count implies your content is worth watching.

Brand Awareness

Much like popular posts, Stories with higher view counts subconsciously suggest your brand is already well-known or credible. Viewers perceive your profile as more established. For businesses especially, buying views can quickly build up brand legitimacy and trust.

Lead Generation

The interactive nature of Stories (polls, quizzes, links) means high views increase opportunities for converting visitors into leads or customers. One report from SocialInsider found Instagram Stories deliver a 2.5x higher CTR compared to feed posts.

Affordable Promotion

Purchasing Story views provides a low-cost way to test and promote new content, products, or services compared to spending on Instagram ads. For under $100, you can access thousands of views. Case studies have found ROI from bought views ranging from 120% to over 500%.

Now that we‘ve looked at the main benefits, let‘s explore the top sites for buying real Instagram Story views at affordable price points.

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views

1. SocialViral

SocialViral is a social media growth company that provides organic promotion services for Instagram and other networks. They are trusted by over 10,000 clients worldwide, including both influencers and brands.

For Instagram in particular, SocialViral offers Story views starting at just 100 for $2.97. Views are delivered instantly from real Instagram users. Packages scale up to 50,000 views for $399.

One major benefit of SocialViral is that all their services are completely safe and compliant with Instagram‘s terms. They never use fake accounts or bots. The views you buy are trickled in from different users naturally over time. This results in reliable, high-quality views for your Stories.

Satisfied customer Mila K. reported:

"I was skeptical at first, but the views I bought from SocialViral really helped increase engagement on my Stories. Very happy with the results!"


  • Real views from active Instagram accounts
  • Gradual and natural delivery
  • Legitimate provider that safely boosts your views
  • Packages for all budgets
  • Positive reviews from many influencers and brands


  • Can take over 24 hours to receive all purchased views
  • Requires providing your Instagram login email and password


  • 100 views for $2.97
  • 500 views for $12.99
  • 1,000 views for $19.99
  • 5,000 views for $69.99
  • 10,000 views for $120
  • 50,000 views for $399

2. SocialFuse

SocialFuse is another leading social media growth company with over 5 years of experience in the industry. For Story views specifically, they leverage their network of 1.2 million Instagram accounts to deliver natural views.

One advantage of SocialFuse is their responsive customer support, available 24/7 via online chat or email. They also provide a drip-feed option, meaning your Story views are gradually delivered over multiple days. This looks more authentic than a sudden spike in views.

Katie L., an Instagram fashion influencer, used SocialFuse to give her new products launch a quick boost:

"The drip-feed views I purchased were perfect for amplifying my launch campaign. My Stories gained the momentum they needed to reach all my followers."


  • Active Instagram user network providing real views
  • Excellent customer service reputation
  • Gradual drip-feed delivery option
  • Chance to receive bonus views on top of order
  • Discount codes available for first purchase


  • Requires your Instagram password
  • Minimum order is 500 views


  • 500 views for $15
  • 5,000 views for $125
  • 15,000 views for $300
  • 50,000 views for $700

3. BuzzDayz

BuzzDayz is a growth service focused solely on Instagram. They‘ve delivered over 50 million Story views to date. Views begin arriving in as little as 20-30 minutes after ordering.

They have straightforward packages starting at just 100 views for $3. Pricing scales up to 40,000 views for $199.99. The site is easy to order from, with a secure checkout powered by Stripe.

Benefits of choosing BuzzDayz include their responsive email support, money-back guarantee, and mix of instant views plus scheduled delivery. The latter helps growth seem more natural.

Fitness influencer James R. used them with excellent results:

"The package I bought from BuzzDayz gave my new workout Stories great exposure. Their service helped me introduce the series to my community authentically."


  • Fast delivery with views arriving in under an hour
  • Simple ordering & checkout process
  • Mix of instant and scheduled views
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Active email support


  • Requires Instagram login details
  • Have to re-purchase for ongoing growth


  • 100 views for $3
  • 500 views for $12
  • 5,000 views for $59
  • 10,000 views for $109
  • 20,000 views for $189
  • 40,000 views for $199.99

4. SocialPlus

California-based SocialPlus focuses on helping Instagram influencers and businesses grow their reach and engagement. For Story views specifically, they provide multiple delivery options:

  • Instant views
  • Randomized delivery over multiple days
  • Custom schedule

Packages start at $7 for 500 views up to 40,000 for $249. Turnaround is fast, with views coming in within minutes. The provider has been vetted by over 5,000 satisfied customers.

Lifestyle blogger Victoria H. used them to test out new content:

"I bought 2,000 views from SocialPlus split across 5 different Stories. The views definitely helped me gauge which Stories my audience responded to best."


  • Multiple delivery options for customizable growth
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Packages for all budgets
  • Reliable service used by thousands


  • Have to contact support to split views across multiple Stories
  • Requires full login access


  • 500 views for $7
  • 5,000 views for $59
  • 10,000 views for $109
  • 20,000 views for $189
  • 40,000 views for $249

5. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain is a growth service with packages for most major social networks. Their Instagram Story views start at 250 for $2.99. Views come from real accounts and are delivered instantly after ordering.

One handy feature is you can purchase views to multiple Stories in a single order. Just provide the URLs to each story you want views for at checkout.

For account security, SocialCaptain doesn‘t require your password. You simply enter your username to assign views. Their automated system handles the rest.


  • Can buy views for multiple Stories
  • No login or password required
  • Instant delivery speed
  • Affordable entry-level pricing
  • Reliable reputation


  • Have to re-order for ongoing growth
  • Maximum is 5,000 views per order


  • 250 views for $2.99
  • 1,000 views for $8.99
  • 5,000 views for $39.99

Choosing the Right Site – Factors to Consider

With many options for buying Instagram Story views, how do you choose the best site for your needs? Here are key factors to evaluate:

SiteView QualityDelivery SpeedPricingSupportSecurity
SocialViralReal usersGradual drip$$ out of $$$EmailGives password access
SocialFuseActive usersScheduled$$ out of $$$24/7 chat & emailGives password
BuzzDayzGenuineInstant + scheduled$ out of $$$Email supportGives password
SocialPlusRealCustomizable$$ out of $$$Limited emailGives password
SocialCaptainGenuineInstant$ out of $$$EmailNo password needed

View Quality

The best sites deliver views from real, active Instagram accounts rather than bots or fake profiles. Views that seem fake or spammy can actually hurt your standing with the Instagram algorithm.

Delivery Speed

Most providers offer near-instant views or delivery over multiple days. Gradual delivery looks more natural if you don‘t want sudden spikes in your view count.


Entry prices for 100-500 views start around $3, with bulk packages going up to 50,000+ views costing $300-400+. Compare packages across sites to maximize value.


Having email, chat, or other customer support is helpful in case any issues arise with your order.


Legitimate providers shouldn‘t require your Instagram password. Look for sites that only need your username to assign views safely.

Integrate Purchased Views into Your Overall Instagram Strategy

While buying affordable views is a shortcut to increasing Story visibility, long-term Instagram growth requires an integrated strategy.

Focus on these organic tactics in addition to purchased views:

Create Captivating Stories

Views only matter if you have compelling content. Use these best practices to create engaging Stories:

  • Be authentic – Let fans into your daily routines, processes, and behind-the-scenes moments.
  • Educate and entertain – Share tutorials, tips, humor, or other fun content.
  • Promote selectively – Strategically highlight launches, events, sales etc. But don‘t make it all promotional.
  • Utilize interactive features – Conduct polls and Q&As to spark discussion.
  • Leverage trends – Use relevant trends, songs, hashtags, and challenges to increase discoverability. But give them your own spin.

Optimize Your Content

Fine-tune your Stories using built-in Instagram analytics:

  • Check insights – Monitor views, replies, exits and more to identify your best-performing content.
  • Experiment with timing – Pay attention to when your followers are most active and engage with Stories. Early evenings tend to see peak usage.
  • Analyze your audience – See key demographics like age, gender, and location to guide your content and growth efforts.

Proactively Grow Your Community

Employ organic tactics to build real connections:

  • Engage consistently – Reply to comments, answer DMs, and interact with your audience.
  • Use relevant hashtags – Make your Stories discoverable by those interested in your niche.
  • Run giveaways – Offer prizes or free products to attract new followers who engage with your content. Require tagging friends or sharing your profile.
  • Collaborate – Partner with complementary brands or influencers to cross-promote content.
  • Promote on other channels – Drive followers to check out your Instagram from your other social profiles.

Track Performance

Monitor metrics over time to identify growth:

  • Follower count – Steadily increasing followers signal you‘re connecting with more users.
  • Impressions – This shows total views across all your recent Stories. Growing impressions means higher overall reach.
  • Interactions – Measure comments, poll votes, shares to Stories and more. Increased interactions equal greater engagement.
  • Traffic – See clicks to your bio link or website to monitor how well Stories convert visitors.

Brands Finding Success with a Mixed Approach

Here are some examples of brands using a strategic combination of bought views and organic community-building to grow their Instagram Stories audience:

  • Gymshark – This athleisure wear company drives hype for new product drops by purchasing views to amplify launch campaigns. But they also heavily feature customer spotlights and authentic behind-the-scenes content to nurture their community.
  • Daniel Wellington – The watch retailer boosts visibility for new watch styles and seasonal collections using bought views. However, they also interact constantly with followers and collaborate with micro-influencers to build organic reach.
  • Nike – One of the most followed brands on Instagram, Nike tests innovative video concepts and showcases athletes via Stories. Purchased views give experimental content an initial push. But their explosive growth is thanks to connecting with their community.

The Takeaway

Gaining more eyes on your Instagram Stories can have a big impact, helping you increase reach, impressions, and engagement over time. While organic growth takes significant effort, buying affordable high-quality views offers a shortcut to boosting visibility right away.

We looked at five trusted sites that deliver real Instagram Story views from active accounts at budget-friendly price points. Any of these providers can give your view count an immediate injection to amplify your reach.

Just remember that authentic content and engagement are what really builds a loyal audience long-term. Use purchased views as a supplement to an organic growth strategy focused on relationships. With quality Stories and community connections, your Instagram influence and brand presence can continue growing for the long haul.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.