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Need a Piece of Ireland? 5 Best Proxy Sites for Access in 2023

Ever wanted to access Irish content or browse the web like you‘re in Ireland, without actually being there? Thanks to proxy services, you can virtually transport yourself to the Emerald Isle no matter where you are.

But proxies aren‘t just for indulging your inner Leprechaun. There are tons of legit reasons you may need an Irish IP address in 2023.

Maybe you run an ecommerce business and need Irish market data. Or you‘re a streamer hungry for more Irish TV abroad. Restricted sites like RTE and Irish news outlets are only available within Ireland.

To tap into the motherland’s top sites and content, you’ll need a trusty Ireland proxy.

I’ve tested the top contenders so you can find the perfect proxy for all your Ireland needs. Here are my picks for the 5 best sites to buy Ireland proxies this year.

Why Ireland Proxies Are Essential in 2023

Before diving into the top proxy picks, let’s look at why Irish servers are so valuable in 2023.

Internet usage in the Republic of Ireland has exploded in recent years. There are over 4.9 million Internet users in Ireland as of January 2023 – that’s 96% of the population!

The country boasts internet speeds up to 65.15 Mbps on average – faster than the UK, America, and most of Europe.

With so much great content coming out of Ireland these days, you’ll want access. Here’s a taste of what you can unlock:

  • Irish news and media sites like RTE, The Irish Times,
  • Streaming Irish TV abroad like RTE, Virgin Media, TG4
  • Irish Netflix catalog with extra movies and shows
  • GAA sites for Irish sports content
  • Irish banking and finance sites
  • Shopping sites and apps with local deals and pricing

And since many Irish sites geo-restrict content to local IPs, a proxy is the key to unlocking it all.

Next, let’s explore the top proxy providers that can securely teleport you to Ireland anytime.

1. Bright Data – PowerfulProxies With Precision

Boasting over 72 million residential IPs, Bright Data tops my list for buying Irish proxies. Their massive and growing network offers unparalleled access to precisely pinpoint locations.


  • Laser targeted – choose specific Irish cities like Dublin or Galway
  • Blistering speeds thanks to local Irish data centers
  • Automatic rotating IPs for maximized anonymity
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee you can bank on
  • SOCKS5, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and more supported


  • Can be costlier than competitors
  • Geared towards larger organizations and developers

Bright Data is my proxy provider of choice for streaming Irish content. By letting you target specific major cities, their proxies offer the most authentic local browsing experience. Blazing fast speeds ensure smooth streaming.

While not the cheapest option, Bright Data‘s extensive residential IPs justify the premium pricing for power users. Unlock your pot of gold at the end of the proxy rainbow with their 7-day free trial.

ProviderNumber of Irish IPsSpeedPricingProtocols
Bright Data1,000,000+Very Fast$$$SOCKS5, HTTPS, SOCKS4
SmartProxy400,000+Fast$HTTP, SOCKS5
Oxylabs500,000+Fast$$SOCKS5, HTTPS, SOCKS4
GeoSurf150,000+Average$HTTP, SOCKS5
Proxyrack800,000+Very Fast$$SOCKS5, HTTPS, SOCKS4

2. SmartProxy – Smooth Sailing

With over 40 million IPs worldwide, SmartProxy offers an easy, budget-friendly path to Irish proxies. It‘s my top pick for new proxy users.


  • Beginner friendly browser extensions
  • Shared and dedicated proxy plans
  • Affordable pricing starting at $75/month
  • Quick customer support via live chat


  • Smaller pool of Irish IPs than larger providers
  • Lacks advanced configuration options

If you just need basic Irish access, SmartProxy has you covered. Install their handy browser tools like the Chrome extension and you‘ll be browsing through Ireland in minutes. While light on advanced features, their intuitive interface makes proxies accessible to all.

3. Oxylabs – Scraping Success

Oxylabs has rightfully earned its reputation as a top proxy provider with over 100 million residential IPs. Their Irish servers deliver some of the best web scraping success rates.


  • Hundreds of thousands of Irish IPs from major cities
  • Automatic rotating proxies to avoid blocking
  • Blazing speeds – ideal for large scraping projects
  • 14-day free trial to test the waters


  • On the pricier side
  • Caters more towards technical proxy users

If your goal is large-scale web scraping or data collection from Irish sites, Oxylabs is a smart choice. Their wealth of Irish IPs almost guarantees your scraping bots will avoid blocking. You get what you pay for in smooth scraping with Oxylabs.

4. GeoSurf – Browse on a Budget

GeoSurf offers an impressively robust residential proxy service at affordable rates. It‘s a great Irish proxy option if you‘re on a tight budget.


  • Hundreds of Irish IPs for under $50/month
  • Helpful browser extensions for quick setup
  • Straightforward interface for proxy newbies
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat


  • Smaller IP pool than elite providers
  • Connections can be slower at peak times

GeoSurf provides tremendous Ireland proxy value, albeit with some limitations. While pricier providers boast millions more IPs, GeoSurf still grants decent Ireland access for a fraction of the cost. If you have basic Ireland needs on a budget, they‘ve got you covered.

5. Proxyrack – Enter the Matrix

With over 134 million residential IPs worldwide, Proxyrack brings elite proxy power without the sticker shock. Their advanced features satisfy experienced proxy geeks.


  • Hundreds of thousands of Irish IPs across cities
  • Custom rules engine for specialized management
  • Robust API capabilities for developers
  • Detailed usage analytics


  • Complex setup better suited to tech pros
  • Can be overkill for basic Ireland access

Proxyrack offers almost matrix-like control over your Ireland IP targeting and rotation. Seasoned developers will appreciate customization options like the rules engine. While beginners may find it intimidating, Proxyrack grants serious firepower for your euros.

After years of accessing geo-blocked content, I‘ve picked up some pro proxy tips to share:

  • Test proxy speeds to Ireland servers before purchasing using tools like PingPlotter. Prioritize low latency providers.
  • Use rotating residential proxies vs datacenter IPs for the most natural browsing experience.
  • Implement your proxies at the router or network level to cover all devices and usage.
  • Authenticate through APIs or whitelisting services to unlock additional locations and better performance.
  • Report underperforming IPs to your provider right away to troubleshoot issues quickly.
  • Consider a premium support plan for dedicated contact and faster resolution if problems arise.

Following best practices ensures buttery smooth streaming and maximum content access. Stay safe and legal out there!

When it comes to selecting the top proxy for your needs, consider factors like:

🔍Your experience level – are you a proxy pro or total newbie? Pick a provider with an interface suited to your tech skills.

💰Your budget – how much are you willing to spend each month? Budget providers still offer decent basic Ireland access for ~$50/mo.

📡Connection quality – Prioritize speed, uptime, and low latency for buffer-free streaming. Test speeds beforehand.

🕵️‍♀️Anonymity needs – Rotating IPs help avoid detection. Shared plans pool IPs more.

📊Usage – Data scraping and analytics needs demand more IPs versus casual browsing.

With the best Ireland proxy, you can transport yourself to the craic anytime. Based on your needs, these providers offer top-notch Ireland access and elite proxy performance.

Go raibh maith agat for reading! Feel free to ping me with any other proxy questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.