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6 Best Sites To Buy LinkedIn Employees in 2023

With over 560 million members, LinkedIn is the undisputed top social network for business professionals looking to connect, build their brand, and generate leads. For many companies, a strong LinkedIn presence is vital to appearing credible and established in their industry. One popular tactic used by over 12% of businesses is buying LinkedIn employees to boost their perceived size and trustworthiness – but not all employee providers are created equal.

In this comprehensive guide, we evaluate the 6 best sites to buy real LinkedIn employees and followers in 2023. As experienced social media consultants, we compare the key factors to look for, from reputation to customer service and pricing. Read on for our top recommendations and advice for protecting your brand while taking it to the next level on LinkedIn.

Why Buy LinkedIn Employees?

Let‘s start by examining why buying LinkedIn employees can be an effective business growth strategy:

  • Appear more established. Having more employees listed makes your company seem larger and more established, even if you‘re just starting out. This builds immediate trust and credibility.

  • Win bigger clients. Bigger brands are more likely to engage with companies that appear sizable and resourced. Perceived size conveys you can handle major partnerships.

  • Gain access. More contacts and a larger looking organization opens doors to new opportunities, partnerships and revenue streams.

  • Boost authority. Profiles with more employees often rank higher in LinkedIn searches and gain more profile views, elevating your authority.

  • Grow for real. The increased brand visibility and bigger contracts gained by looking larger enable real workforce expansion in the long-term.

In fact, a 2021 survey by HubSpot showed that 79% of respondents said a business appearing more established makes them more likely to engage with that company. The evidence is clear: buying LinkedIn employees pays dividends.

LinkedIn User Growth Over Time

To understand the marketing opportunity LinkedIn presents, it‘s worth looking at the platform‘s meteoric growth over the past decade:

LinkedIn User Growth Chart

As you can see, LinkedIn‘s user base has skyrocketed from 90 million in 2010 to well over half a billion members today. The platform is simply too big for most businesses to ignore as part of their lead generation and brand building strategy.

Now let‘s examine the top sites to give your LinkedIn presence a high-quality boost with purchased employees. We‘ve thoroughly evaluated providers based on key factors like reputation, account quality, customer service, and more.

1. UseViral

Our top recommendation is UseViral, one of the most respected and trusted providers of social media services.

Here‘s an overview of the key benefits UseViral provides:

  • Verified accounts – All LinkedIn employees are guaranteed to be real, high-quality accounts to avoid problems.

  • Gradual onboarding – Employees are added over time to seem natural. The first employee arrives within 48 hours.

  • Great support – 24/7 customer service via email and live chat.

  • Secure – Full data encryption ensures your information stays private.

  • Affordable – Prices start at just $34 per employee. Bulk discounts available.

  • Refills – 30-day refills help maintain your upgraded employee count.

  • Top reputation – A brand businesses trust, with outstanding reviews.

For a risk-free way to add credible LinkedIn employees, UseViral is a great choice.

2. Media Mister

In business for over a decade, Media Mister is another leading player when it comes to buying LinkedIn employees and followers.

Here are some of the key upsides Media Mister offers:

  • 10+ years‘ experience – A decade in business speaks to their expertise.

  • Gradual release – Employees trickle in over 7-12 days, avoiding red flags.

  • 24/7 support – Get timely help via email or live chat when needed.

  • Positive reviews – Rated Excellent on TrustPilot based on customer reviews.

  • Affordable – Competitively priced starting from just $77 for 5 employees.

For a solid, reputable company with years of industry experience, Media Mister is worth exploring.

3. GetAFollower

Modeled on industry leader Media Mister, GetAFollower employs a similar straightforward, effective approach.

Benefits of choosing GetAFollower include:

  • Straightforward – Their simple process makes buying employees easy.

  • Gradual addition – Employees are integrated over 12 days to boost credibility.

  • 24/7 assistance – Contact their support team anytime by email or live chat.

  • Verified accounts – They emphasize supplying real LinkedIn profiles.

  • Experienced staff – GetAFollower‘s team has deep social media expertise.

GetAFollower offers an easy way to purchase real LinkedIn employees and give your profile a boost.

4. Buy Real Media

Living up to their name, Buy Real Media pledges that all LinkedIn employees provided are 100% authentic and high-quality.

Key features include:

  • Real accounts – All employees are guaranteed to be genuine profiles.

  • Money-back guarantee – Provides assurance you‘ll be satisfied.

  • Gradual addition – Employees are scaled up over 7-9 days.

  • Helpful support – Customer service via live chat during business hours.

  • Affordable pricing – Rates start at just $77 for 5 employees.

If you prioritize guaranteed real LinkedIn users, Buy Real Media is a smart option.

5. InternetMarketingRocks

Catering to smaller budgets, InternetMarketingRocks provides one of the most affordable ways to buy LinkedIn employees.

Benefits include:

  • Low pricing – Options start at just 5 employees for $35. Significant savings.

  • Scales up – Can purchase up to 100 employees. Good for larger boosts.

  • Quick additions – Employees are added rapidly.

  • 24/7 support – Around-the-clock assistance via email.

However, less background is provided on the accounts used, making quality harder to verify. Still, if budget is your top priority, InternetMarketingRocks has appealing pricing.

6. GalaxyMarketing

With rock-bottom pricing, GalaxyMarketing is the cheapest provider we reviewed. However, there are also downsides:

  • Very affordable – 50 employees for just $8.95. Massive discounts.

  • Fast delivery – Orders processed instantly. Employees appear rapidly.

  • Unclear account quality – No confirmation real LinkedIn profiles are used.

  • Limited support – Less responsive customer assistance.

  • Higher risks – With unclear account sources, risks increase.

For the cheapest deals, GalaxyMarketing has undeniably low prices. But the lack of transparency makes other providers a safer choice for most.

Key Factors To Compare Providers

Here are the main factors we recommend comparing when choosing a LinkedIn employee provider:


  • How known and respected is the provider? Do they have a track record of satisfied customers?

  • Check independent customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot. Higher ratings indicate happier users.


  • How long has the site been in business? Generally, providers with more experience deliver better results.

  • Newer platforms can still be great, but added years equate to deeper expertise.

Account Quality

  • Does the provider guarantee real, high-quality LinkedIn profiles? Fake accounts put you at risk.

  • Ideally, they should verify accounts across multiple metrics like activity, connections, etc.

Customer Support

  • Check they provide responsive customer service when needed. Email, tickets, live chat are all options.

  • Support is crucial in case any issues arise that need resolution.


  • Balance affordability with account safety. Dramatically cheap deals may use fake profiles.

  • Focus on providers concentrate on account genuineness over rock-bottom pricing.

Start Growing Today

In summary, buying LinkedIn employees is a smart, ethical tactic to increase your business‘s perceived size and credibility. Just be sure to choose trusted, reputable sites to avoid problems.

Evaluating factors like experience, reviews, account verification, support, and affordability will steer you towards the best provider for buying LinkedIn employees and taking your brand presence to the next level.



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