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Buy LinkedIn Endorsements: The 2023 Guide to Finding Quality Services

LinkedIn has become the premier platform for professionals to build networks, promote their skills, and advance their careers. With over 303 million monthly active users, it‘s no wonder 77% of job seekers use LinkedIn to look for work opportunities.

This makes LinkedIn an essential tool for establishing your brand as an authority in your industry. One way to showcase your expertise is by highlighting endorsements from connections. But for those just starting out on LinkedIn or with smaller networks, accumulating endorsements can be an uphill battle.

That‘s where services that provide LinkedIn skill endorsements come in handy. But not all endorsement providers are equal when it comes to quality, reliability and value.

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about boosting your LinkedIn with endorsements, from the benefits to risks to the top services available. Let‘s dive in!

What Are LinkedIn Endorsements and How Do They Work?

LinkedIn endorsements enable members to validate the skills, accomplishments and expertise of other users on the platform. Located in the Skills & Endorsements section of a LinkedIn profile, these endorsements appear as small icons below each listed skill.

Professionals can showcase up to 50 key skills on their profile. When someone wants to endorse a skill, they simply click the "Endorse" button next to it. This adds their name and profile pic as an endorsement for that skill.

According to LinkedIn, members with at least 5 endorsements on a skill are 27% more likely to be contacted by recruiters. Skills with 10+ endorsementsboost your chances of being discovered in LinkedIn searches by up to 33 times.

This social proof holds significant credibility and influence. In one survey by CareerArc, 78% of recruiters said they view LinkedIn endorsements as an accurate reflection of a candidate‘s capabilities.

Unlike LinkedIn recommendations which require contacts to write personalized statements, endorsements are easier to accumulate. But for those new to the platform or with smaller networks, garnering a healthy volume of endorsements organically poses a challenge.

The Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Endorsements

Purchasing LinkedIn skill endorsements from trusted third-party providers allows members to shortcut the organic route. There are several potential advantages to buying endorsements:

  • Quick credibility boost – Getting 50+ endorsements fast establishes authority right out the gate. This looks far more impressive than a sparse profile.
  • Validate niche skills – Organic endorsements often center around broader, common skills. Paid ones can endorse emerging or highly specialized skills.
  • Jumpstart thought leadership – Endorsements make you appear an industry expert, fueling more connections and opportunities.
  • Stand out among competitors – In a sea of similar profiles, endorsements give you an edge and visibility.
  • Limited existing network – Those new to LinkedIn or their industry have fewer contacts to endorse them authentically.

According to, purchased LinkedIn endorsements can attract 3-5x more profile views compared to organic endorsements alone. When used strategically, buying endorsements provides high return on investment.

Top 5 Sites to Buy LinkedIn Endorsements

If you want to amplify your LinkedIn presence through paid endorsements, choosing a reputable provider is key. Watch out for low-quality services that seem too good to be true.

Here are the top 5 endorsement services vetted for delivering stellar outcomes:

1. LinkedSkill

Founded in 2012, LinkedSkill solely focuses on LinkedIn services, making them experts on the platform.


  • Specializes in LinkedIn with 10+ years experience
  • Starts at 50 endorsements for $39.99
  • Uses 100% real profiles
  • Gradual drip feed delivery
  • 24/7 live chat and email support


  • 48 hour processing time
  • Requires account creation

With affordable pricing and their LinkedIn expertise, LinkedSkill is a leading choice trusted by over 50,000 clients.

2. UseViral

A popular platform for social proof services, UseViral offers huge endorsement packages.


  • Packages up to 500 endorsements
  • Renowned provider since 2014
  • Positive reputation and reviews
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Additional services like followers, views, etc.


  • On the expensive side
  • Account creation required

While pricier, UseViral delivers major volumes fast. 100 endorsements costs $49.

3. Media Mister

As a top provider across social platforms, Media Mister is a safe bet for quality and security.


  • Legitimate LinkedIn endorsements
  • Packages starting at 50 for $40
  • Uses proxies for natural delivery
  • 24/7 email and live chat support
  • Established company with great reviews


  • 5-8 day processing time
  • Account setup required

Media Mister is favored by over 72,000 customers for LinkedIn and Instagram services.

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia delivers endorsements from authentic profiles to boost your credibility.


  • Starts at 100 endorsements for $49
  • Uses real accounts and proxies
  • Additional likes, followers, etc. available
  • Good reputation over 7 years
  • Responsive email and chat support


  • 5-8 day delivery
  • Account registration needed

SidesMedia offers packages up to 500 LinkedIn endorsements for $149.

5. Endorse me

Focused solely on LinkedIn, Endorse me provides seamless endorsement services.


  • Simple ordering with no account needed
  • Starts at 100 endorsements for $59
  • Credible delivery from real profiles
  • Good TrustPilot rating
  • Referral program rewards


  • Slower delivery around 10 days
  • Limited package size options

For convenience, Endorse me has streamlined ordering without requiring account creation.

When comparing providers, assess credibility, delivery method, price, support and additional services that align with your goals.

What to Avoid When Buying Endorsements

While paid endorsements offer advantages, there are some pitfalls to watch out for:

  • Artificial-looking – Endorsements using fake or bot accounts are easy to detect and penalized by LinkedIn. Prioritize real profiles.
  • Overkill volume – Getting 500+ endorsements overnight will get flagged as inauthentic. Start with smaller orders.
  • Scarce interaction – Having endorsements but no other engagement looks suspicious. Comment on posts and join Groups.
  • Mass low-quality – Endorsements with odd wording or titles from spam accounts hurt credibility. Vet provider quality.
  • Link selling – Some providers endorse skills but add spam links. This can damage your profile‘s reputation.
  • Data harvesting – Questionable sellers may harvest your personal data without consent. Seek out secure services.

With the right provider, high-quality endorsements organically blend with your existing profile for natural enhancement.

Is Buying LinkedIn Endorsements Allowed?

LinkedIn‘s User Agreement prohibits compensating others or being compensated to endorse skills. Paid services clearly go against their terms.

But properly purchased endorsements are unlikely to get flagged if certain best practices are followed:

  • Maintain active engagement on LinkedIn with posting, commenting, groups, etc.
  • Start with smaller endorsement orders (25-75) to seem natural.
  • Choose providers using real accounts and incremental delivery methods.
  • Focus endorsements on relevant skills fitting your experience.
  • Mix in some organic endorsements from your connections.
  • Express gratitude by endorsing your endorsers back.

As LinkedIn‘s algorithm improved, risk has declined. Still, building an authentic and active presence beyond endorsements is key. Tread carefully.

Maximizing Endorsements for Your Personal Brand

To get the most mileage from your endorsements, incorporate them into a holistic LinkedIn strategy:

  • Craft an eye-catching profile – Include a professional headshot, headline, summary, work history, education, volunteer work, certifications, and media.
  • Showcase 5-15 key skills – Focus on your most important abilities first before niche skills. Keep your skills concise.
  • Publish engaging posts – Share articles, insights, career advice, industry news, and thought leadership content. Post 1-2 times per week.
  • Comment frequently – Weigh in on content from connections to fuel organic engagement. Aim for 2-3 relevant comments per week.
  • Join targeted Groups – Pick 5-8 active Groups aligned with your industry and interests to build communities. Contribute valuable insights within them.
  • Send connection requests – Grow your network steadily by connecting with professionals who share your interests, especially those you respect or admire.

With this holistic presence established, skill endorsements act as the cherry on top of an impressive LinkedIn profile. Don‘t rely on endorsements alone to carry your brand.

The Takeaway: Buying Endorsements Can Be Worth It When Done Right

Used intentionally as part of a larger personal branding strategy, purchased LinkedIn skill endorsements offer a fast way to showcase your expertise to peers and potential business partners or employers. But not all endorsement providers deliver equal value.

By thoroughly researching companies and scrutinizing credibility, prices, support services, and delivery practices, you can find a stellar vendor that amplifies your profile effectively without risking penalties. Pair smart paid endorsements with organic engagement and relationship building for maximum amplification.

Invest wisely in endorsements to showcase the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out in your industry.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.