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Buy SoundCloud Followers Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Do you want more people listening to your music or podcast on SoundCloud? One effective strategy is to buy real, high-quality SoundCloud followers.

Having an active follower base on SoundCloud is crucial for increasing your visibility and reaching a larger audience. According to recent statistics:

  • SoundCloud has over 75 million monthly active users
  • Artists with over 1,000 followers see a 95% increase in plays and downloads
  • Musicians with 5,000+ followers can start generating revenue through the platform‘s monetization programs.

But gaining followers organically on SoundCloud can be a slow and challenging process. The platform is home to over 30 million creators – that‘s a lot of competition!

This is where buying affordable, high-quality SoundCloud followers can give your profile a significant boost. Let‘s look at some of the key benefits:

Benefits of Buying SoundCloud Followers

  • Increased Credibility – More followers makes you look more established on SoundCloud. This builds trust and credibility.
  • Algorithm Boost – Having more followers signals to SoundCloud‘s algorithm that your content is engaging. This can increase your visibility and likelihood of being featured.
  • Virality Potential – A large, engaged following increases the chances of your tracks going viral through reposts and shares.
  • Expanded Reach – More followers means accessing a larger portion of SoundCloud‘s massive user base. This grows your audience.
  • Monetization Opportunities – Accounts with 5000+ followers can monetize through SoundCloud‘s programs. Buying followers helps unlock money-making potential.

But not all sites for purchasing SoundCloud followers are equal. You want to ensure you‘re getting high-quality, authentic followers – not fake accounts or bots.

Here are key factors to evaluate when choosing the best site to buy SoundCloud followers:

Factors for Choosing the Best Site

Quality of Followers

The most important factor is follower quality. Prioritize sites that deliver real, active followers – not mass-generated bots. These fake followers won‘t actually engage with your content.

Look for providers that vet followers and emphasize quality over quantity. Authentic followers will be more likely to listen, like, comment, and repost your tracks.

Delivery Timeframe

Some sites promise instant delivery, but beware of spikes in followers overnight. Gradual delivery over days or weeks looks more natural.

A steady increase mimics organic growth, whereas rapid surges could get flagged as inauthentic by SoundCloud. Aim for no more than a few hundred followers per day.


Buy followers affordably, but don‘t sacrifice quality for the lowest rate. Very cheap followers often means fake accounts. Look for reasonably priced packages from reputable sites.

Refund Policies

Choose a site with a clear refund policy, allowing you to request your money back if dissatisfied with followers. This provides peace of mind.

Privacy & Security

Any site you share account details with should have robust privacy protections and encryption. This safeguards your personal data.

After comparing dozens of sites against these criteria, we found the 5 best sites to buy real, high-quality SoundCloud followers:

1. UseViral

UseViral is our top choice for buying SoundCloud followers thanks to their high-quality followers from real accounts.

Some key advantages:

  • Services: Followers, likes, reposts, comments, plays, saves
  • Quality: Active followers from real accounts worldwide
  • Delivery: Gradual addition over 30 days
  • Pricing: Packages from 100 to 100K followers
  • Refunds: 30-day money back guarantee
  • Security: 256-bit SSL encryption

UseViral delivers authentic-looking follower growth through their proprietary analytics technology and diverse account network. Packages start at just $2.97 for 100 followers.

"I bought SoundCloud followers from UseViral, and I was amazed at the increase in engagement and reach on my tracks – this was a high-quality service that really worked." – Mary S., musician

2. SidesMedia

With over 15,000 happy clients, SidesMedia is a go-to for buying SoundCloud followers.

  • Services: Followers, likes, reposts, playlist additions
  • Quality: Active users, no fake accounts
  • Delivery: Gradual addition over 72 hours
  • Pricing: Starts at 100 followers for $2.95
  • Refunds: 14-day money back guarantee
  • Security: SSL protected

Followers from SidesMedia show authentic activity – listening, liking, and reposting tracks they enjoy. The team is very responsive to any questions before or after purchase.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister delivers organic-looking SoundCloud follower growth and excellent customer service.

  • Services: Targeted followers, likes, reposts, saves, comments
  • Quality: Real accounts from worldwide
  • Delivery: Extended gradual addition
  • Packages: 100 to 50K followers
  • Refunds: 30-day money back guarantee
  • Privacy: No login or password access needed

You can expect to see steady, organic growth in engaged followers who actively listen and share your music. Media Mister‘s support team gets rave reviews for their personalized assistance.

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower leverages an extensive network to deliver engaged SoundCloud followers fast.

  • Services: Followers, likes, reposts, playlist additions, saves
  • Quality: Vetted, high-quality followers
  • Delivery: Fast followers added immediately
  • Pricing: Starts at 100 followers for $2.99
  • Refunds: 30-day money back policy
  • Security: 256-bit SSL encryption

GetAFollower focuses on targeted followers that actively engage with your content. Starting with their affordable 100 follower package is a great way to grow your audience.

5. Buy Real Media

For budget-friendly options, Buy Real Media offers packages starting at just $2.89 for 100 followers.

  • Services: Followers, likes, reposts, comments, playlist ads
  • Quality: Real, active accounts
  • Delivery: Steady addition over weeks
  • Packages: 100 to 100K followers
  • Refunds: 30-day refund policy
  • Privacy: No login or password needed

While affordable, Buy Real Media still delivers authentic-looking follower growth from real accounts that interact with your music.

When buying SoundCloud followers, you want real, quality followers – not fake accounts or bots that could get you banned. Here are tips for staying safe:

  • Research sites – Vet sites thoroughly and read reviews before purchasing followers.
  • Start slow – Don‘t buy thousands overnight. Build gradually to mimic organic growth.
  • Focus on engagement – Interact consistently with your new followers by liking comments, responding, etc.
  • Keep creating content – Follower growth complements great music and podcasts, not replaces it.

Gaining more engaged followers on SoundCloud through reputable sites like the ones recommended here can take your music or podcast to the next level.

Just remember – quality over quantity. Seek real, active followers that will actually listen and share your content. Combine bought followers with organic growth strategies for the best results.

With an authentic-looking boost in followers, you can expand your reach, increase credibility, unlock monetization opportunities and ultimately – grow your fanbase!



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