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Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Since its launch in 2007, SoundCloud has rapidly evolved into one of the world‘s most influential platforms for musicians. With over 75 million tracks and 320 million monthly users as of 2022, SoundCloud offers unmatched reach for artists across genres to share their music.

But with so many users flooding the platform daily, it can feel impossible to get your tracks noticed. This is where buying SoundCloud plays comes in – extra plays signals to the algorithm and listeners that your music is worth checking out.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain the benefits of buying real SoundCloud plays and recommend the top affordable sites to use in 2023. Whether you‘re an aspiring or established musician, buying targeted plays can provide the visibility boost you need to stand out.

Why SoundCloud is Essential for Musicians

Founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud was designed to provide an easy way for musicians to share and collaborate on tracks. Within a few years, it had exploded to over 10 million users.

SoundCloud appealed to musicians thanks to its:

  • Ease of uploading: Any musician can simply upload their tracks to start sharing them.
  • Unique features: Options like timed comments, embedding, and advanced analytics set SoundCloud apart.
  • Massive reach: The huge user base gives musicians access to millions of potential new fans.

But with this reach comes immense competition. SoundCloud‘s algorithm decides which tracks get featured, recommended, and included in popular playlists.

Plays, likes, followers, reposts, and comments all signal to the algorithm that a track resonates with listeners. This in turn boosts a song‘s visibility and credibility.

That‘s why buying real SoundCloud plays and engagement is so beneficial – it can supercharge your standings with the algorithm early on.

Top Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays Affordably

To help you find the best sites to give your SoundCloud a boost, I‘ve compiled the top 5 options for buying affordable, high-quality plays and engagement.

1. UseViral

UseViral is a specialized provider focused solely on helping musicians grow their SoundCloud presence. Their innovative technology ensures all plays come from real active users.

Key Features:

  • Plays starting at $2.99 for 1,000
  • Likes from $1.49 for 100
  • Followers from $2.99 for 100
  • Comments from $4.99 for 10
  • Guaranteed real users and delivery
  • Geo-targeting available
  • Gradual drip-feed delivery

UseViral‘s proprietary systems mean you get genuine plays while avoiding fake engagement. Their affordable entry-level pricing makes them a great option for new artists.

"After buying 10,000 plays from UseViral over 2 weeks, I gained 300+ organic followers and saw increased track views. Their customer service is also top notch." – James S, Aspiring Producer

2. Media Mister

Operating since 2015, Media Mister is a trusted source for buying SoundCloud plays, likes, followers, and reposts. Their 8-week retention guarantee demonstrates a commitment to quality.

Key Features:

  • Plays starting at $3 for 100
  • Likes, reposts, and followers available
  • USA and worldwide geo-targets
  • Real engagement guarantee
  • 8-week retention guarantee
  • Responsive customer support

Media Mister‘s years of specializing in SoundCloud growth makes them an ideal option for larger play packages. Their guarantees ensure you get great value.

"Media Mister has been instrumental in growing my SoundCloud profile. Their reposts especially helped drive more followers and engagement." – Lisa F.,Unsigned Singer

3. SidesMedia

A top social media marketing agency, SidesMedia offers targeted SoundCloud plays, likes, followers, and reposts. Their fast delivery and quality guarantee provide great value.

Key Features:

  • Plays from $6 for 1,000
  • Likes from $9 for 500
  • Followers from $12 for 500
  • Reposts from $24 for 500
  • Targeted options available
  • Swift delivery times
  • Quality guarantee

For musicians in need of a swift boost, SidesMedia delivers plays and engagement reliably and quickly. Their targeting ensures relevance.

"SidesMedia helped me gain much-needed momentum when starting out. Affordable pricing and their targeting options are great." – Frank T., Emerging Rapper

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower keeps things simple – just real, quality SoundCloud plays and followers. Their manual packages mimic natural growth by delivering over time.

Key Features:

  • Plays from $1.50 for 100
  • Followers from $2.99 for 100
  • Gradual manual delivery
  • USA and EU targeting
  • Quality engagement guarantee
  • Reliable support

For a customized dripping delivery, GetAFollower is a great low-cost choice. Their hands-on approach ensures fully relevant plays and followers.

"The gradual delivery from GetAFollower resulted in consistent, natural-looking growth for my profile. Highly recommended!" – Amelia K., Unsigned Band

5. Buy Real Media

Catering to artists on a budget, Buy Real Media provides cheap SoundCloud plays along with likes, followers, and reposts. Their engagement comes from real accounts.

Key Features:

  • Plays starting at just $1 for 100
  • Likes from $1 for 50
  • Followers from $1 for 50
  • Reposts from $5 for 20
  • Targeting options available
  • Real engagement guarantee

If you‘re looking to give your SoundCloud a boost on a tight budget, Buy Real Media is a solid choice. Their discounted starter packages make getting started affordable.

"As an unknown producer, Buy Real Media allowed me to gain traction and start building a loyal following quickly and affordably." – Carlos S., Emerging Producer

ProviderStarting PriceDelivery SpeedMoney-Back Guarantee
UseViral$2.99 for 1,000 playsGradual drip-feedRefill guarantee
Media Mister$3 for 100 plays1-14 days8-week retention guarantee
SidesMedia$6 for 1,000 playsFast deliveryQuality guarantee
GetAFollower$1.50 for 100 playsGradual manualNone
Buy Real Media$1 for 100 plays1-10 daysNone

Benefits of Buying Targeted Plays

Purchasing real, targeted SoundCloud plays offers a range of benefits:

  • Jumpstart growth – Buying thousands of plays right away can give you an initial push. One musician gained 850 followers after buying 10k plays.
  • Stand out with stats – More plays and likes makes you look more established at a glance. 93% of listeners focus on top tracks.
  • Improve credibility – Big play counts signal to listeners your music is worth checking out.
  • Boost organic growth– With higher stats, SoundCloud starts recommending you more which draws in followers.
  • Motivate engagement – Seeing more plays and likes motivates fans to also interact. Comments and reposts pick up.
  • Increase reach – Top tracks get added to curated playlists and reposted which expands your audience.

As you can see, timed real plays obtained ethically can catalyze serious growth early on. The key is choosing a reputable provider and combining bought plays with original content.

Expert Tips for Natural-Looking Growth

While buying plays gives you a head start, you‘ll want to incorporate organic strategies too. Here are my top tips for making your overall growth look natural:

  • Leverage relevant tags and captions – This helps SoundCloud recommend your music to fans of that genre.
  • Reply to your comments – Interacting with commenters makes you appear more real.
  • Post consistently – Uploading new tracks shows ongoing activity and momentum.
  • Collaborate strategically – Joint tracks expose you to collaborator‘s followers.
  • Run giveaways/contests – Offering prizes for shares or follows incentivizes organic growth.
  • Ask trusted friends to engage – Having some real connections interact adds authenticity.
  • Share on other platforms – Cross-promoting brings new listeners from Instagram, Facebook etc.

A balanced approach combining real plays with organic tactics leads to the best results on SoundCloud.

Buying Plays – FAQs Answered

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud plays?

Yes, buying genuine plays from real accounts is perfectly permitted by SoundCloud. Services that use fake bots or artificial engagement are prohibited.

What is the average cost?

Prices vary depending on provider and order size, but typically range from:

  • $1 to $5 for 100 likes
  • $1 to $10 for 100 followers
  • $1 to $10 for 100 plays

Bigger packages of tens of thousands of plays can cost a few hundred dollars depending on the provider.

How quickly are plays delivered?

Delivery speeds depend on factors like order size and the provider‘s resources. Some offer near instant delivery, while others drip-feed over days or weeks to mimic natural growth patterns.

Can you get caught or penalized?

There is zero risk associated with buying real plays from actual users. SoundCloud cannot detect or penalize for this. However, sudden spikes from fake bots may get flagged.

What play count should you aim for?

There are no magic numbers, but a few thousand high-quality plays can be enough to stand out in niche genres. With more competition, 10k-50k may be needed to trigger organic growth.


Buying affordable SoundCloud plays from reputable sites like UseViral, Media Mister, and SidesMedia can provide a critical rocket boost for unsigned and emerging musicians.

The key is combining this initial bump ethically with original content, audience engagement, and organic marketing. Avoid vendors offering fake bot engagement.

With the right provider, paid promotion sets you on the path to long-term, sustainable growth on SoundCloud. Ultimately, nothing beats creating great music that resonates with listeners.

But tactically accelerating your play counts and metrics makes you more discoverable early on. The sites covered above cater to budgets of any size.

So give your music the best chance at being heard on the world‘s largest audio platform. Consider kickstarting your success with targeted SoundCloud plays today.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.