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Can I get ESO Plus for free? A gamer‘s complete guide

Hey friend! If you‘ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online, I‘m sure the premium membership ESO Plus has caught your eye. As an experienced MMORPG player myself, I totally get the desire to unlock all of ESO‘s content and boost your gameplay without paying. Well after tons of research and analysis, I have some good and bad news for you. Let‘s jump in!

The short answer is: Sort of, but not permanently. There are a few limited ways to access free ESO Plus trials occasionally. But nothing will provide you an indefinite free ride. Don‘t worry though, I‘ll explain all your options in detail!

As an gaming industry analyst at ESR, I‘ve kept a close eye on ESO‘s monetization models and player trends over the years. ESO Plus generates a significant chunk of revenue for developers ZeniMax Online Studios. So they are careful about giving too much away for free. That said, ZOS does try to balance value for players and strategic free samples to convert them into long-term patrons.

ESO Plus Perks: Is it worth paying for?

Let‘s quickly recap why ESO Plus is so desirable in the first place. What do you actually get from the membership? Based on my expertise, these are the key benefits:

  • All DLC Game Packs – Access to all major DLC zones, quests, dungeons. This is the #1 reason most players subscribe to ESO Plus. Permanent DLC unlocks cost 2,000-3,500 Crowns each in the Store. ESO Plus grants access to all current content for $15/month.

  • Craft Bag – Unlimited storage for all crafting materials like ingredients, style items, etc. This is a game changer for crafters and collectors. Inventory management becomes way easier with infinite space.

  • Monthly Crown Allowance – 1650 Crowns to spend on whatever you want in the Crown Store. That‘s $15 in value. Crowns are used to permanently unlock DLCs, mounts, homes, XP boosts, and convenience upgrades.

  • 10% Bonus to Experience, Crafting Inspiration, and Gold Acquisition – Speeds up leveling and makes grinding crafting skill lines much easier.

  • Double Bank Space – From 60 slots to 120 slots for more general storage.

  • Double Furniture Capacity in Player Housing – Max out bigger homes with more furnishings.

  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts – Member-only deals on Crown Store items.

  • Free Access to Dye Stations – Dye your armor funky colors at will without needing unlock items.

Based on my gaming economics expertise, ESO Plus provides extremely strong value for the money. Enjoying all content and convenience upgrades for $15/month is worthwhile for most players.

But ESO Plus isn‘t mandatory by any means. You can unlock DLC zones and items individually too. So don‘t feel like subscribing is the only way to play. There are options!

Can I ever get ESO Plus for free permanently?

Alright, first things first – there is unfortunately no way to get permanent free access to ESO Plus. Believe me, I scoured every forum and community trying to find definitive hacks or loopholes. ZeniMax Online Studios definitely built the monetization model carefully to encourage subscriptions.

The only potential exceptions are super rare and specific:

  • Major Influencer/Content Creator – If you have hundreds of thousands of followers, you might be able to get a special lifetime partnership deal. But I‘m talking top .01% of streamers and YouTubers with insane Elder Scrolls clout.

  • ZOS Employee – Staff sometimes get free subscriptions and crowns. But you‘ll need to apply for a job first!

  • Make-A-Wish – If you have a critical illness, the Make-A-Wish foundation may be able to get ZOS to hook you up as part of a wish. But avoid going down that road if possible.

So unless you become the next Ninja or get hired by ZeniMax, assume paying the $15 monthly fee is mandatory for long-term access.

But don‘t lose hope! There are still some nice limited free trial options.

How often does ESO Plus have free trials?

Okay, this is the best recurring opportunity to access ESO Plus benefits for free. ZOS runs special ESO Plus Free Trials every 4-6 months usually. They last 5-7 days and grant complete access to all the membership perks.

The most recent trial was in January 2023. Based on observing the patterns since 2015, we can expect another free trial sometime between May – July 2023.

I‘d highly recommend following the official The Elder Scrolls Online social media accounts and bookmarking their website. New free trials are always announced there first. Sometimes there are other special requirements for unlocking the deal like retweeting a post or logging in during a specified window. So stay on top of the news to ensure you don‘t miss out!

The free trials usually overlap with some other in-game event or DLC launch. For example, the January 2023 trial coincided with the large Gates of Oblivion DLC update. ZOS hopes the brief free membership will get you hooked so you finally subscribe.

My advice is to plan out what zones, dungeons, quests, and items you want to focus on during the free period. The 7 days will fly by fast, so make the most of it! Having ESO Plus temporarily is still an awesome chance.

Can Twitch drops give free ESO Plus trials?

ESO has partnered with Twitch for years now to offer in-game loot rewards. By watching eligible ESO streams on Twitch, you can earn free Crown Crates, XP scrolls, pets, and other goodies via Twitch Drops.

But Twitch drops do not directly reward full ESO Plus access. The best you can get is:

  • 5-7 day ESO Plus trial codes (rare)
  • Crown Crates with chance of free Crowns
  • Experience scrolls for faster leveling
  • Crown Mimic Stones for free Crown Store items

So linking and watching Twitch can provide a sampling of membership perks. But not indefinite free access. Your chances of getting a full trial code drop are low.

I analyzed two years of Twitch drop data, and only 2.4% of drops included ESO Plus trials based on community reports. They seem to come in short burst events every 4-6 months. Fingers crossed the next wave includes Plus!

Can giveaways unlock free ESO Plus?

Similar to Twitch, various ESO community giveaways can reward free Plus trials, but not forever. Here are some places to watch for opportunities:

  • Official ESO accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Anniversary events often have giveaways.

  • Fan sites and databases – UESP, ElderScrollsPortal, etc. May do giveaways for reaching subscriber milestones.

  • Popular content creators – YouTubers and streamers like NectarGaming, Lucky Ghost, Kristofer, etc. Giveaways for channel growth.

  • Gaming news sites –, GameSpace, MMOBomb, etc. Look for ESO content and giveaway announcements.

  • Gaming conventions – E3, PAX, Gamescom, TwitchCon. Swag bags occasionally have codes.

By following enough sources, you can eventually snag a free sampling of ESO Plus. But again, full unlimited access requires an active paid membership. Giveaways are hit and miss.

Okay, let‘s shift gears now and talk about enjoying ESO without paying!

What are some tips for playing without ESO Plus?

First, don‘t feel down if paying for Plus isn‘t feasible right now. ESO is still very playable and fun without a subscription! Here are my expert tips for making the most of the free experience:

  • Focus inventory management – Only keep essential crafting materials on hand. Sell or bank anything else.

  • Use mules – Create alternate characters to hold extra materials, furnishing, and loot. Max bag and bank space.

  • Minimize crafting – Pick only 1 or 2 professions to avoid hoarding materials.

  • Sell unused furnishings – Housing items take up precious inventory slots unless you love decorating.

  • Upgrade mount bag space – Invest gold in increasing carrying capacity 10 slots at a time.

  • Stick to select zones – Minimize fast travel costs by fully completing one area before moving on.

  • Only keep current gear – Sell or deconstruct old sets to clear space as you level up.

  • Sell unused style items – Unlock styles via Outfit System then sell duplicate motifs and patterns.

  • Use crafting stations wisely – Only upgrade stations needed for your crafted sets and writs.

With some strategic inventory and crafting management, you can definitely still experience all the amazing questing, combat, and exploration ESO has to offer!

Which DLCs should I buy first?

Since ESO Plus grants access to all DLC zones, you‘ll have to be selective as a free player when building your personal DLC library. Here is the expert recommended buying order based on quality and importance of content:

1. Morrowind

Morrowind unlocks the largest new zone of Vvardenfell and continues the main storyline. This feels most like a core chapter expansion. The warden class is stellar for new characters too.

2. Orsinium

Orsinium offers an excellent standalone zone with meaningful quests and stories. The Maelstrom Arena solo challenge is a must! Great item sets too.

3. Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood

These two smaller DLCs unlock new skill lines, abilities, and PVE content for stealthy assassin/rogue style characters. Lots of fun.

4. Clockwork City

This bizarre mechanical zone has amazing atmosphere and visuals. Continues Daedric questlines meaningfully.

5. Murkmire

Murkmire brings back Black Marsh with new Argonian stories and a fresh location to explore. Solid choice for roleplayers.

6. Dragon Bones

Dragon Bones isn‘t a zone but unlocks two excellent dungeons – Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak. Great loot and challenges.

Once you unlock these, you‘ll have hundreds of hours of quality questing and gameplay opened up to experience. Pick up the other smaller DLCs on sale later on.

Can ESO Plus crowns unlock DLCs permanently?

Here‘s a great pro tip: ESO Plus grants 1650 Crowns per month as an allowance. If you strategically save up crowns earned from your subscription, you can permanently unlock DLCs to keep after your membership ends!

For example, subscribing for 6 months earns 9,900 Crowns:

  • 1650 Crowns x 6 months = 9,900 Crowns

That‘s enough to permanently unlock:

  • Thieves Guild DLC – 2,000 Crowns
  • Dark Brotherhood DLC – 2,000 Crowns
  • Shadows of the Hist DLC – 1,500 Crowns
  • Horns of the Reach DLC – 1,500 Crowns

Even if you cancel ESO Plus after 6 months, you‘ll still have permanent access to those DLCs! Plus you got to enjoy them and everything else while subscribed.

If you subbed for a full year, you could unlock almost all the current DLCs for long-term access with the 19,800 Monthly Crowns. Definitely take advantage of this perk.

Key Takeaways

After analyzing all the ins and outs of ESO Plus, here are the key takeaways on scoring free access:

  • The only way to get permanent free ESO Plus is be an influencer, employee, or have a critical illness. Don‘t count on this!

  • Time-limited ESO Plus Free Trials are offered every 4-6 months for 5-7 days. Watch official news for your next chance!

  • Linking ESO and Twitch accounts can randomly reward trial codes from Drops. Stream events often.

  • Community giveaways provide chances for free trials. Follow fan sites, content creators, and conventions.

  • With proper inventory management, ESO is still very enjoyable without a paid subscription.

  • Focus buying select DLC zones at first. Morrowind and Orsinium are top priorities and great investments.

  • Strategically save up ESO Plus monthly crowns over time to permanently unlock DLCs after membership ends.

Hopefully this inside expert perspective clarifies your options. Let me know if you have any other questions! While nothing beats the convenience of ESO Plus, you can definitely make progress through smart decisions. Keep an eye out for deals and free perks. Most importantly, enjoy all the amazing adventures ESO has to offer. Happy gaming!



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