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10 Chrome Extensions For Enhancing Gmail

With over 1.8 billion active users worldwide, Gmail has become one of the most preferred webmail clients. The simplicity of the interface and the abundance of powerful features make the Google-built service a hit across all genres of users.

Though the free mail service introduces new features from time to time, there are some third-party developers who have successfully managed to add innovative functionalities through powerful Chrome extensions. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Chrome extensions that will help you enhance your Gmail experience.

Checker Plus For Gmail

I’ve been using this extension for a while now, and I must say I’m quite impressed by the amount of features it offers. Not only does it notify you of incoming mail — using Chrome’s notification system that is — it also reads out a summary of the message for you. Furthermore, you can also archive, mark as spam, and delete a particular message without even opening the Gmail website. Overall, one of the most useful and feature-loaded extensions around.


Boomerang For Gmail

Gmail, though nice, lacks a very important feature which is email scheduling. Boomerang, once connected to your Gmail account, will let you schedule your emails so that they could be delivered to your recipients even while you aren’t around. Excellent for scheduling birthday emails and also for following up, Boomerang is quite indispensable for folks who can’t manage to stay connected all the time.



Ever get tired of repeatedly mailing people who don’t follow up? If you are then this is exactly the app for you. Notifus lets you attach a small alarm clock to any conversation thus allowing you to ‘snooze’ a conversation for a couple of days or more.notifus


ToneCheck For Gmail

If you have a habit of getting drunk and firing off angry emails to your colleagues, ToneCheck is an extension that’ll avoid you from getting fired. The add-on checks the tone of your message and makes sure that whatever you’ve typed is communicable and polite.


Send Using Gmail

If you use Gmail as your main email client then you might want to use it as your default app for opening mailto links.


Wisestamp Email Signatures

Wisestamp is an amazing extension that lets you add dynamic email signatures to Gmail. You can use it to create powerful signatures that showcase your social media profiles, your latest tweets, your company logo and more.


ActiveInbox for Gmail

ActiveInbox is a business app for Gmail that makes the default interface much more efficient and productive. The app comes with GTD features that let you effectively schedule, manage, and organize all your email.



OmniMail is a smart Chrome extension that lets you send emails using Chrome’s address bar. Once you authorize Omnimail to access your contacts, just type ‘mail’ in the address bar and start typing the name of the recipient. Don’t worry though, as the app will autocomplete the list from your Gmail contacts.



We’ve already reviewed MailSlayer before. It is a free extension that adds productive features to Gmail. Once installed, Mailslayer lets you label people, add notes about them, and shoot quick emails using the snippets feature.


Enhancements for Gmail

This extension, once installed, lets you remove unwanted features from Gmail, thus making the interface look cleaner and more functional. The add-on allows you to remove ads, chat, footer, and the huge web search button.

Apart from taking out stuff, Enhancements also adds some much-needed functionality to your Gmail interface.

With it you can add distinct attachment icons which let you spot emails by the files which the mail contains. There are also some other features like the highlight row, which basically highlights any email on mouseover. Overall, a great addition if you’re tired of the default Gmail interface.



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