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5 Best Data Removal Services for Effective Data Deletion in 2023

Have you ever Googled your own name and been disturbed by the amount of your personal information available online for anyone to see? Data brokers, people search sites, and other companies are collecting vast amounts of data on all of us these days often without our consent.

This in-depth guide will explore the growing need for data removal services to restore online privacy in 2023, key factors to consider when picking a service, an overview of the top 5 services, a step-by-step explanation of how they work, and tips for spotting secure, ethical providers.

Let‘s get started taking control of your data!

Why Data Removal is Critical Now More Than Ever

Your personal information is being spread across the internet at an alarming rate by data collectors and brokers, creating serious risks to your privacy and security. Consider these statistics:

  • There are over 1,000 data broker companies in the US buying and selling personal data behind the scenes. [Source]
  • These brokers have data profiles on over 90% of US citizens, pulling from sources ranging from social media activity to property records. [Source]
  • The global data broker industry is estimated to be worth over $200 billion. It‘s enormously profitable to collect and sell data. [Source]
  • A single data breach exposes the personal data of over 37 million people on average. [Source]
  • There have been over 10,000+ data breaches in total exposing billions of people‘s information. [Source]

Clearly, anyone‘s personal information is easily accessible today and vulnerable to being bought, sold or stolen without their consent. Some key risks include:

  • Identity theft – With access to your name, address and more, thieves can steal your identity and open fraudulent accounts.
  • Financial fraud – Phone numbers and other details enable scammers to try and steal money from your existing accounts.
  • Targeted hacking – Emails and passwords leaked in breaches can lead to accounts being directly hacked.
  • Reputational harm – Inaccurate or misleading data sold about you can impact your reputation.

This is why utilizing a data removal service to actively find and delete your personal data from brokers and websites is now critical to protect your privacy and identity in 2023 and beyond. But with so many services out there, how do you pick the right one?

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Service

When evaluating data removal companies, there are several important criteria to help determine the best match for your needs:


  • Number of data brokers covered: Most services range from 30-100+ brokers
  • Site types removed from: People search, public records, directories, marketing lists


  • Automated vs. manual removal process: Some send automated requests, others have experts negotiating personally
  • Remediation policies: Strict remediation procedures if a site ignores removal requests


  • Encryption for data in transit and storage: Look for 256-bit AES minimum
  • Data handling policies: Company should not retain or resell your data


  • One-time vs subscription model: One-time plans range from $50-$500
  • Volume discounts: Lower per person fees for multiple removals

Customer Support

  • Communication channels offered: Email, phone, ticketing, chat
  • Support team expertise: Advanced knowledge to resolve issues

Key Features Comparison

ServiceBrokers CoveredPriceProcessRemediationEncryption
Incogni130+$49.99 one-timeAutomatedStrict 30/45 day256-bit AES
DeleteMe30+$129/yearManual expertsStandard256-bit AES
OneRep100+$99+/yearManual expertsStandard256-bit AES

This table summarizes the key attributes of top data removal services to compare. Make sure to evaluate each based on your unique priorities.

Now let‘s dive into my top 5 recommended services for 2023.

The Top 5 Data Removal Services for 2023

Based on extensive research into the leading options, these 5 services consistently offer the best results for fully deleting your personal data from the internet. Here‘s an overview of what each provides:

1. Incogni

Incogni is my #1 recommendation for its unmatched combination of data broker coverage, strict enforcement procedures, and affordable one-time pricing.

Developed by the trusted digital privacy company Surfshark, Incogni‘s key highlights include:

  • 130+ data brokers covered – Most comprehensive broker removal coverage available
  • One-time $49.99 price – No recurring fees like competitors
  • Automated process – Fast and easy fully automated data removal requests
  • Strict 30/45 day policy – Legally forces non-compliant brokers to delete your data
  • 256-bit AES encryption – Powerful data protection while using service

Incogni‘s unique advantage is the sheer number of data brokers they can purge your information from in one sweep. Their relationship with Surfshark also brings technical and legal resources to hold brokers accountable when necessary under GDPR and CCPA.

For an easy, affordable one-time solution, Incogni delivers excellent results.

Visit Incogni

2. DeleteMe

In business since 2009, DeleteMe is the veteran data removal expert with over 10 years‘ experience across millions of removals.

Key features:

  • 30+ top data brokers covered – Wide broker coverage, including key sources
  • Custom removal letters – Personally written requests for each site
  • Subscription plans – Fair pricing starting at $129/year
  • Case manager – Dedicated rep for white-glove service

DeleteMe‘s custom, hands-on approach by real pros makes it a great premium option for in-depth removal assistance. While pricier, the human touch ensures sites comply.

Visit DeleteMe

3. OneRep

OneRep captures loads of data brokers under one roof with strong results.

Highlights include:

  • 100+ data brokers covered – One of the most extensive broker networks
  • Licensed investigators – Specialists personally handling removals
  • Alert monitoring – Notifies you when personal data resurfaces
  • US and Canada focus – Tailored services for North American customers

With their immense broker network and pro staff, OneRep offers premium removal support for maximum online anonymity. Their higher pricing reflects the extensive manual work involved.

Visit OneRep

Other Notable Options

While not top tier, these up-and-comers are also worth looking at:

  • Safe Shepherd – Free basic plan and satisfaction guarantee
  • ReputationDefender – Feature-packed plans with strong remediation
  • Privacy Duck – Budget-friendly prices under $50

I suggest reviewing each closely if the top services are not quite right for you. Every situation is unique.

How Data Removal Services Work

If you‘re wondering about the step-by-step process of using one of these services, it follows a similar workflow:

Data removal service workflow

1. Initial scan – An automated crawler scans thousands of data broker sites for any instances of your name, address, phone number and other details.

2. Removal requests – The service generates legally binding GDPR and CCPA opt-out letters to each site with your data demanding its removal. These are submitted electronically or by mail.

3. Follow ups – Any sites not responding within 30-45 days receive additional removal requests and legal threats as needed.

4. Ongoing monitoring – Your information is regularly scanned to check for reemergence so new removal requests can be sent.

5. Customer support – You have access to support reps by email, phone or chat for any issues.

It‘s generally a smooth automated process with human oversight on their end. You simply provide your details and the service handles submitting the removal requests.

How to Choose an Ethical, Secure Data Removal Company

With this industry still developing, caution is advised when selecting a service to avoid scammers. Here are signs of a secure, ethical provider:

✅ Long operating history and positive reputation

✅ Clearly explains who handles data and removal methods

✅ No unrealistic promises like removing all online data

✅ No pressure sales tactics or exaggerations

✅ Offers 256-bit AES encryption for your data

✅ No evidence of reselling customer data

⚠️ red flags:

🚫 Requires excessive personal details

🚫 Vague about data sources or processes

🚫 Pressures you to buy most expensive plan

🚫 Claims to remove data from illegal/shady sites

Responsible data removal services will be transparent and honest. Take time to thoroughly research reviews, history, and policies before providing your data.

Take Control of Your Data in 2023

I hope this guide has illuminated the vital need for data removal services if you are concerned about your privacy and security. The amount of personal data being collected, shared and exposed is growing exponentially every year without our permission.

Fighting back begins with identifying where your information resides and acting to delete it. After extensive analysis, I believe Incogni is currently the most effective solution for comprehensively removing your data from a massive network of data brokers with efficient, affordable convenience.

Regardless of the service you choose, reclaiming control of your digital footprint is more feasible than ever in 2023. Don‘t let your personal details be bought, sold and stolen without your consent. You have the power to dramatically restore online privacy – it just takes that first step.

Now get out there and clean up your digital shadow!



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