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Did Simone Biles Have a Baby? Setting the Record Straight

No, Simone Biles most definitely did not have a baby. But you can bet the farm that the internet still broke out the blue and pink confetti when that Instagram photo surfaced of the GOAT cuddling a newborn.

Biles‘ caption said it all: "My heart is so full." And honestly, ours was too. But before the parenting blogs could hit publish on "Simone Biles‘ Baby: Name, Gender, and Pictures!", allow us to clear up the rumors and set the record straight.

See, the tiny human wrapped in Biles‘ arms was not her own flesh and blood. Rather, the gymnastics phenom was introducing the world to her new niece, in a true social media auntie move.

Still, the pregnancy gossip sparked a frenzy. So let‘s explore why the prospect of "Baby Biles" caused such a collective freakout.

Who is Simone Biles? A Quick Summary of Her Unrivaled Career

Before we investigate the drama, let‘s do a quick recap of who exactly Simone Biles is. Unless you‘ve been living under a rock since 2013, you likely know Biles is the undisputed queen of gymnastics. But here are a few of her more jaw-dropping accolades:

  • 25 World Championship medals (a record 19 of them gold)
  • 7 Olympic medals (4 of them gold)
  • First American woman to win individual all-around Olympic gold
  • Won individual all-around at every World Championship from 2013-2018
  • Has four signature skills named after her in the gymnastics Code of Points

Simply put, Biles is on a level all her own. She has single-handedly pushed the boundaries of what‘s possible in the sport.

Not surprisingly, she‘s earned massive mainstream fame as well. Biles has over 3 million Instagram followers and major endorsement deals with brands like Athleta and Visa.

Forbes estimates she‘s worth around $16 million. Oh, and she‘s still only 25 years old.

Clearly, Biles is a BIG deal. So when a photo surfaced that even hinted at a personal life development, the media and public pounced.

The Instagram Post That Launched a Thousand Rumors

In May 2023, Biles posted an adorable photo snuggling an infant on Instagram. "My heart is so full," she gushed.

The caption included the telling hashtag #auntie. Yet many fans overlooked that key detail in their haste to conclude Biles had given birth.

Soon, gossip sites proclaimed "Simone Biles is a Mom!" and speculation about her supposed baby flooded social media.

Of course, the photo was simply announcing Biles‘ new role as a doting aunt. But why did the public jump to conclusions?

Our Obsession With Female Athletes‘ Personal Lives

While any celebrity pregnancy rumor catches fire quickly, interest seems especially heightened when star female athletes are involved.

Sports analysts argue societal sexism plays a role. Pregnancy draws attention because it intertwines female athletes‘ traditional femininity with their athleticism.

"It pulls them back to their biological destiny as women," said Dr. Cheryl Cooky, an author and Purdue University professor.

We‘ve seen this before when Serena Williams competed into the late stages of pregnancy. Fans seemed fascinated by the contrast between her apparent strength and vulnerability.

Of course, evidence suggests Williams was an exception, not the rule. A New York Times analysis found most pregnant athletes historically step away from competition during pregnancy.

Still, when icons like Williams or Biles do announce baby news, it captivates the public. The gossip combines our obsessions with celebrity culture and female athlete sexuality.

Inside Biles‘ Personal Life and Thoughts on Motherhood

While Biles isn‘t expecting currently, she may be open to kids down the line. In 2022, she married NFL player Jonathan Owens after two years of dating.

Owens shares Biles‘ elite athletic background. He has said they connected immediately over their mutual understanding of sports.

"She would say I‘m clingy. I just love being around her. She wants me playing Xbox. I want her watching me play Xbox," Owens described.

While the newlyweds appear content, Biles has pondered motherhood‘s role in her future. In 2020, Women‘s Health Magazine asked if she wanted kids.

“I definitely want kids one day. I just don‘t know when that will be. I think it‘ll just kind of happen,” Biles replied.

For now though, Biles seems focused on her remaining gymnastics aspirations, like participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics. She‘s also likely relishing newly married life with Owens. Exciting baby plans may come later.

Why Family is So Significant in Biles‘ Life

While Biles isn‘t expecting herself, her unmistakable joy at becoming an aunt shows how important family is in her life.

Biles has credited her grandparents, Ron and Nellie, for adopting and raising her in a stable home. Her biological mom Shanon struggled with drug and alcohol addiction early in Biles‘ childhood.

Biles remains close with her mom, even tweeting in 2016:

"Love you mom. Without you there would be no me."

Now, Biles embraces relationships with extended relatives too. She was obviously thrilled to welcome her new niece.

On Instagram, she‘s shared cute photos dressing the baby in custom leotards. It‘s clear she adores her role as the fun, doting auntie.

By the Numbers: Simone Biles‘ Medal Count and Achievements

Let‘s take a quick look at the eye-popping statistics that prove Simone Biles is the GOAT:

CompetitionOlympic MedalsWorld Championship Medals
Gold4 gold19 gold
Silver1 silver3 silver
Bronze1 bronze2 bronze
Total7 medals25 medals

With 25 World Championship medals, Biles holds the all-time record. Her 19 golds at the World Championships are also a record for any gymnast, male or female.

It‘s numbers like these that explain why Biles is considered the greatest gymnast ever. She‘s redefined expectations for the sport with her astonishing skills and consistency.

The Takeaway: No, Simone Biles Doesn‘t Have a Baby Yet!

So in summary:

  • In May 2023, Biles posted a photo holding her newborn niece, sparking pregnancy speculation
  • But the rumors were false – Biles was happily announcing she‘s now an aunt
  • As an elite athlete, Biles‘ personal life draws intense public curiosity
  • Biles is focused on gymnastics now, but sees kids in her future
  • She remains close to family like her sister, who gifted Biles her new role as auntie

While Biles isn‘t expecting currently, the baby gossip reminds us of her larger-than-life status. At 25, her career accomplishments are already legendary.

Yet she continues to share her journey off the mat as well. We can‘t wait to follow along as her next chapter unfolds. Whether that includesBaby Biles someday or not!



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