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Does 2 Chainz‘s Son Halo View Him as More Than Just "The Rich Guy"?

At first glance, it may seem like 7-year-old Halo Epps is completely unfazed by his dad 2 Chainz‘s fame. In interviews, Halo jokingly refers to the rap superstar as just "the rich guy in the house" and claims to have more money than him. But looking closer, there are plenty of signs that Halo understands and appreciates who is father is, beyond the wealth and celebrity status.

Who Exactly is 2 Chainz?

Before diving into Halo‘s perspective, it‘s worth recapping 2 Chainz‘s decorated rap career that made him a household name. Born Tauheed Epps, he first gained popularity in the duo Playaz Circle before going solo as 2 Chainz in 2010.

His sophomore album Based on a T.R.U. Story in 2012 cemented him as a hip-hop force, debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts. Overall 2 Chainz has:

  • Released 5 solo studio albums and 11 mixtapes
  • Charted 10 top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including the #1 hit "No Lie"
  • Won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for his verse on "Mercy"
  • Sold over 4.4 million albums and 18 million digital singles

In the process, he‘s collaborated with Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and other icons. His net worth sits around $9 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. To summarize, 2 Chainz has cultivated an outrageously successful rap career spanning two decades.

But does his young son realize the extent of his fame and accomplishments?

Halo‘s Amusing Outlook on His Dad‘s Rap Career

In interviews over the years, Halo Epps has shared his candid take on his father‘s profession:

"He’s just a dad to me…He’s not 2 Chainz to me, he’s just dad." (Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM, 2022)

"To me, he‘s just the rich guy in the house." (The Jennifer Hudson Show, 2022)

These quotes show Halo doesn‘t fully grasp the scale of 2 Chainz‘s celebrity status yet. As a 7-year-old, it‘s understandable that Halo sees him as a regular dad first and foremost. The music, wealth, and fame likely feel secondary.

Halo has also cheekily boasted that he has more money than his superstar dad. On the Jennifer Hudson Show he said:

"I have more money than him! He’s always borrowing money from me."

Though obviously an exaggeration, this suggests Halo understands he leads a very financially privileged life. His dad’s fame doesn’t feel like a big deal.

As he grows older, Halo may gain more perspective on what it means to have a Billboard-topping rapper for a father. But for now, he just sees his goofy dad who happens to be quite rich.

Adorable Father-Son Moments in the Spotlight

While largely indifferent to his 2 Chainz persona, Halo does occasionally accompany his dad to music events. This gives the public glimpses of their sweet bond.

At the 2022 ESPY Awards, Halo and 2 Chainz walked the red carpet together in coordinated outfits. In a video posted online, Halo adorably copies his dad‘s poses as photographers snap away.

In a 2017 BET Awards red carpet interview, Halo helped explain his dad’s face tattoos when asked about them. “Money bag. Remember?” he said, pointing to 2 Chainz’s cheek.

These types of public appearances show that Halo doesn‘t mind stepping into his dad‘s hip hop world once in a while. 2 Chainz also enjoys bonding with his son through these memorable events.

But it‘s clear he shields Halo from much of the fame side of his life. Halo seems unaware of just how iconic his dad is to millions of fans globally.

The Significance of His Distinctive Name

Halo Epps – even his name sets him apart. During a Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance, 2 Chainz explained the meaning behind the one-of-a-kind name:

“I wanted my son to be a beacon of light…I wanted him to have a name that represented good morale and positive energy.”

As his third child, Halo‘s name captures 2 Chainz‘s aspirations for him to have an exceptional life. It immediately evokes connotations of virtue, innocence, and brilliance.

Considering 2 Chainz‘s own adopted stage name, it‘s obvious he appreciates the power behind a name. Halo‘s moniker reflects his cherished role in the family beyond any wealth or notoriety.

A Window Into Halo‘s Personality and Interests

The "Me & Halo" podcast launched by 2 Chainz in 2022 provides more insight into his son‘s budding personality. Their laidback chats reveal that Halo has a goofy, fun-loving side along with serious concerns.

In one episode, Halo asks thoughtful questions about racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd‘s murder. But he also giggles while naming his top 5 favorite dinosaurs, an indicator of his youthful innocence.

It‘s clear Halo inherits both his dad‘s charm and his social awareness. Musically, he seems drawn to hip hop and rap. "He has his own playlists that no one can listen to," 2 Chainz told the Breakfast Club.

As the son of a rap superstar, music may naturally be part of Halo‘s future, but only time will tell where his interests take him. For now, it‘s touching to get a glimpse at his personality as more than just "2 Chainz‘s son."

Comparisons to Other Rappers‘ Kids

Looking at other hip hop artists‘ children, Halo isn‘t the only kid viewing fame casually. Rap legend Snoop Dogg‘s son Cordell Broadus relative anonymity and simply refers to his dad as “Pops.”

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Mathers grew up with a fairly normal middle-class life despite her dad’s stardom. She even attended Michigan State University without much disturbance.

On the other hand, some rapper’s kids follow in their footsteps. Rappers Lil Wayne, Master P, and Romeo Miller all have children in the entertainment industry.

Only time will tell if Halo Epps embraces the limelight later on or continues keeping his dad‘s fame at a distance. Either way, it‘s up to 2 Chainz to give his son the nurturing he needs.

Halo’s Privileged yet Grounded Upbringing

While insisting he‘s richer than his dad, Halo does understand he lives a privileged life. After all, his father has an estimated net worth of $9 million and owns a $2.4 million Atlanta mansion.

In fact, 2 Chainz has been outspoken about providing for his children and giving back to his community. According to Look To The Stars, the rapper has been involved in 86 charitable causes, donating both time and money. Some of his philanthropy highlights include:

  • Founding his own record label The Real University (T.R.U.) which mentors young artists

  • Participating in Michelle Obama’s "Reach Higher" initiative for higher education

  • Working with organizations like TRUSTEDWorld to fight poverty in Africa

Though growing up wealthy, Halo receives a grounded upbringing thanks to 2 Chainz‘s community focus. The father and son even have matching tattoos that say “BORED” to remind themselves to keep busy and engaged.

Halo may not fully understand his dad’s level of fame yet, but he does have an emerging grasp on the concept of fortune and how he fits into the world. As he matures, his perspectives will likely evolve a great deal.

Will Halo Follow in His Father‘s Footsteps?

As a creative child raised by a rap legend, it‘s easy to imagine Halo growing up to be a performer himself. When asked whether Halo will end up in music, 2 Chainz responded:

“If he picks up some of the things that I do along the way, it’d be hard for him not to [end up in music], being exposed to what he’s exposed to. But I’m not going to force anything on him.” (Billboard 2020 Interview)

He wants to foster any talents Halo demonstrates rather than pushing him into rap necessarily. But considering his early love of music and hip hop culture, it wouldn‘t be surprising if Halo chooses an artistic path.

The "Me & Halo" podcast gives him experience being on the mic. And he can always tap into his dad‘s industry knowledge if interested in a career as an artist, producer or otherwise. For now though, cultivating his interests and keeping him humble are 2 Chainz‘s priorities.

The Father-Son Bond Behind the Scenes

While Halo‘s perspective on fame is limited, he and 2 Chainz clearly share a loving connection. The rapper has said that balancing family and career is tricky at times.

“It’s hard to be a hip dad when you’re a hip-hop dad.” (BET Interview 2017)

But he goes the extra mile to make Halo a priority. For instance, his 2019 album Rap or Go to the League was all about promoting wisdom and success to his children.

2 Chainz also makes sure to keep things honest and transparent with his kids, having open talks about racism and violence when those discussions arise. And it’s clear Halo feels comfortable joking around with his dad in interviews and on their podcast.

At the end of the day, their bond is about far more than fame and celebrity culture. And 2 Chainz seems to be instilling the right blend of humility, joy and wisdom into all his children as they grow up.

Conclusion: More Than Just A "Rich Guy" to Halo

When 2 Chainz‘s son Halo Epps calls him “just a dad" and "the rich guy,” it can seem like he’s oblivious to his father’s hip-hop stardom. But looking closer, their interactions show a genuine, down-to-earth connection that fame can’t touch.

As Halo matures, naturally his understanding of 2 Chainz’s impact on music will expand. He may even follow in the footsteps of other rappers’ kids who joined the entertainment industry themselves. For now though, Halo just sees a loving, fun father when he looks at 2 Chainz—which is perhaps the greatest impression of all.



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