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Does Ariana Grande Have Kids? No, Not Yet As of July 2023

Hi there! I know you‘re probably curious about whether pop superstar Ariana Grande has started a family yet. Well, as of July 2023 the answer is no – Ariana does not have any children so far in her life.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll explore Ariana‘s thoughts on motherhood, her current focus on her career, and why she seems to be waiting to have kids. There‘s a lot to unpack, so let‘s dive in!

Getting to Know Ariana Grande

First, let‘s quickly recap who Ariana is for anyone unfamiliar with her background. Ariana was born in 1993 in Florida and got her start performing in musicals on Broadway as a teen.

Her big break came in 2010 when she landed the role of Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Soon after, she embarked on her massively successful music career. Her first album Yours Truly released in 2013, followed by 5 more chart-topping albums since then.

Some of Ariana‘s most popular songs include "Problem", "Break Free", "Side to Side", and "Thank U, Next" – I‘m sure you‘ve heard them before! She‘s won numerous awards including two Grammys. Her music blends pop, R&B, and even trap influences.

In addition to music, Ariana has dabbled in film and TV roles, branding deals, and releasing her own makeup and fragrance lines. She was named Billboard‘s Woman of the Year in 2018 and is unquestionably one of the reigning queens of pop.

Now that we‘ve got a little refresher on Ariana‘s prolific career, let‘s move on to her personal life and thoughts on one day becoming a mother.

A Timeline of Ariana‘s Comments on Motherhood

Ariana has discussed the possibility of having children in several interviews over recent years. Here is a helpful timeline tracking her remarks:

YearAriana‘s Comments
2018"I do want kids. I work too much to be a mom right now, but one day I‘ll be the ultimate mom."
2020"I don’t have a timeline for children — I actually don’t want a timeline. I want to have fun. I want to make music and drop albums and tour."
2021"Although I love kids and I can‘t wait to be a mom, I‘m not ready yet! I want to be as prepared as possible."

As we can see, Ariana has consistently affirmed over the years that she envisions herself having children someday. However, she doesn‘t seem to have an exact timeline in mind yet.

Why Ariana May Be Waiting to Have Kids

There are several understandable reasons why Ariana might be putting off starting a family right now:

  • Her career is her main focus – As a renowned pop star, Ariana‘s schedule is jam-packed. She wants to keep making music, touring, and taking on new projects while she‘s on top of her game.

  • She‘s still newly married – Ariana just tied the knot with husband Dalton Gomez in May 2021. It makes sense that she‘d want to enjoy the newlywed phase for a while first.

  • She‘s waiting for the right time – Having kids requires stability and preparation. Ariana likely wants to time it right with where she‘s at professionally and personally.

  • She‘s still young – At 29 years old as of 2022, Ariana has plenty of time biologically to have kids in the future. The average age for first time mothers in the U.S. is 26.3 years old.

So in summary, while Ariana appears to want children someday, the practical realities of her busy career and new marriage mean she probably won‘t be announcing a pregnancy too soon.

Her Focus Seems to Be More on Work For Now

Ariana has explicitly stated in interviews that her current priority remains her music and professional projects, not starting a family.

In 2020 she told The Sunday Times: "I want to have fun. I want to make music and drop albums and tour. I want to do Las Vegas residencies when I’m like Celine Dion. I really want to do that. I care about my career a lot."

It‘s understandable that with Ariana still being so young and at the height of her fame, she wants to strike while the iron is hot career-wise. Touring and records require huge investments of time and effort.

She even shared that she purposely waited to get married until she finished her Sweetener World Tour, not wanting her focus divided. This demonstrates how driven she is when it comes to her work.

While babies will come later on down the road, Ariana‘s chief concern right now seems to be cementing her status as a pop culture legend – and can you blame her? She‘s earned it!

Motherhood Is Still in Ariana‘s Future Plans

Despite not planning for kids immediately, Ariana has made it clear that she does envision being a mom someday.

Back in 2018 she told British Vogue: "I do want kids. I work too much to be a mom right now, but one day I’ll be the ultimate mom."

And even in 2021, after her wedding, Ariana reiterated:

"Although I love kids and I can‘t wait to be a mom, I‘m not ready yet! I want to be as prepared as possible."

So while it may not happen super soon, Ariana seems confident that motherhood awaits her further down the road.

Knowing how devoted and caring she is to her fans and loved ones, I think Ari will make an amazing mom when the time is right! Don‘t you agree?

Why It‘s Important to Respect Ariana‘s Privacy

Okay, this is a quick but important point I want to emphasize. While it‘s natural we all feel invested in Ariana‘s life, at the end of the day, details about if and when she has kids are ultimately her own personal business.

As much as celebrities live in the public eye, they deserve privacy around family matters. Pregnancy is an extremely intimate, vulnerable experience. The choice belongs entirely to Ariana, and she can share those details if and when she wants.

That means we shouldn‘t pry or make assumptions. False rumors about celebrities having "secret babies" are disrespectful. Ariana will announce it when/if she has a child. Until then, it‘s best to let her have privacy. Just wanted to say that!

The Takeaway: Ariana Grande Does Not Have Kids Yet

To summarize everything we just covered: as of July 2023, Ariana Grande does not yet have children.

While she has expressed wanting to be a mom someday, it does not seem to be in the cards immediately. She appears focused on her booming career and new marriage for the time being.

Becoming a parent is obviously a monumental life event. When Ariana decides the time is right to start her family, I have no doubt she will be an amazing, loving mom.

But for now, that milestone likely remains a few years away. Ariana seems to be relishing newlywed life with Dalton and her continued reign over the pop charts.

The next time you‘re tempted to wonder "Does Ariana Grande have kids?" – just remember to check back here where I‘ll keep this post updated! Ariana‘s personal life may be an enigma sometimes, but I‘m here to help clear up the facts.

Thanks for reading this deep dive exploring what we know so far about Ariana‘s thoughts on one day becoming a mom. I aimed to provide a respectful, thoughtful perspective on this topic – I hope it was helpful! Stay tuned for more Ariana coverage coming your way soon!



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