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15 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free eBooks

Torrents have and will be the favorite destination to download almost anything off the internet for free, like anime, movies, games, and you name it. Still, most of you guys don’t know that you can also download eBooks for entirely free, So in this article, we will be discussing the best eBook torrent sites with which you can download thousands of eBooks without spending a penny.

Love to read books? But don’t have money to get it, no problem eBooks are the goldmine for you, eBooks are available to read instantly, read it anywhere, you don’t need space to keep it, with today’s technology you can adjust the font size brightness and mainly no need to cut trees!

With all these benefits, it comes with a price tag, so in this article, we will be discussing how you can download eBooks from torrent for free!

15 Best eBook Torrent Sites

No doubt, there are a ton of book torrenting sites out there here. We picked up the best places which have a good collection of eBooks and are updated frequently.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is the world’s largest and most used torrent search engine, founded in 2003. The Pirate Bay is one of the best sites to download .torrent files, magnet files, and it also allows you to transfer files peer-to-peer without having to worry about viruses.

This site was being closed down multiple times due to copyright infringement issues by authorities. Even though after several restrictions, the site has been ruling the section of torrent sites & running successfully without any hassle through new web addresses.

The Pirate Bay has been banned in many countries, but still, you can use a proxy site to get access to the content. This torrent site contains a vast collection of eBooks from genres such as food, science, arts, literature, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, commerce, and much more.

It’s easy to use; you need to search for your content in the search engine bar and click on the magnet icon to sync BitTorrent with the website, and start downloading your eBooks for free without even signing up. Go, visit and start downloading now!

2. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is the second most visited website worldwide, and it is the most powerful torrent search engine, founded in 2009. This torrent gave the most challenging competition to The Pirate Bay torrent site. And, At the end of the year- 2014, Kickass Torrent became the most visited BitTorrent directory in the world.

But due to multiple reports by content owners over copyright infringements, On 20th July 2016, the U.S government seized the domain and arrested the owner of the website.

After its original portal was taken down, this site came up as an alternative to its original version as Katcr. You and the host will feel a similar experience. This site provides magnet links to peer-to-peer file sharing with BitTorrent or via software like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc.

It has a straightforward user interface and allows you to search a wide array of torrents you’re looking for. Currently, This site has more than 1,75,000+ ebooks available to download free of cost. In case if you didn’t find the eBook or any other file, you can request it on their community forum.

3. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is another popular and fast grown torrent search engine site after the shutdown of famous places like The Pirate Bay & Kickass Torrents. It offers a wide range of movies, animations, games, series, and more. This site has been more successful in the world because of its active community. It also hosts the most famous ETTV and ETRG release groups.

Similar to other sites, ExtraTorrent too has the extensive collection of eBooks such as educational, fiction, classics, general, and others that are free to download via torrents. It has a great feature, from which you can also subscribe to RSS of any eBook category for free.

4. RarBG

RarBG is one of the most reliable BitTorrent trackers started in 2008 by providing torrent files and magnet links to over 4,00,000 users a day. Unfortunately, this site was banned in many countries like the U.K, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Denmark & India and was unreachable to users. However, By using a VPN service, a user can bypass these bans and easily access RarBG without any hitches.

This Bulgarian site was first registered with the domain, but now it is replaced with the RarBG. It is a domain name. The user interface may be a little confusing, but after using it for a while, it’s easy to operate and find your torrents.

This site allows you to download movies, TV shows, games, music, software, and all. Also, you will see a lot of amazing eBooks that can be downloaded for free of cost. This site has a vast community, and all the posts are regularly updated on torrents.

5. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the most powerful torrent search engine and the replica of the original Torrentz with similar UI and design, where you can get almost every file you’re searching for. This site is entirely different from other torrents, and it is very supportive, as they gladly remove any links of the copyright content at the owner’s request. It respects the reasonable copyrights and acts in compliance with copyright owners and governmental organizations.

It has the largest database of 60 million torrent files, and it does not allow users to bookmark, comment, and vote on torrents. It claims to be indexing 59,642,496 torrents from 124,175,891 pages. For eBook lovers, this site is the best version to find your favorite ebooks from over 717,633 Torrents. You can almost find any eBooks such as comics, cartoons, magazines, educational, fashion, computer, photography, medical, philosophy, etc., and much more. So, soon visit this site and grab your favorite eBook as it is not clear how long the website would survive.

6. 1337x

Despite not being widely known, 1337x torrent site has been making rounds on the internet over the years. Recently, the site’s traffic has been widely increased after the sudden demise of Kickass Torrents and ExtraTorrent.

Unfortunately, this site,, was also shut down by the US government and later came back as with a redesign and new functionality. As Google banned this site, You cannot find this torrent anymore on Google search. You have to use VPN services to gain access to the website.

Coming to the performance, It’s the entire torrent site that lets the users download various movies, games, TV shows, and many more so quickly. This site is best for eBook lovers, where you can find and download eBooks of the old edition, new edition, copies, and blueprints very quickly at free of cost.

7. BitSnoops

Bitsnoops. the top is one of the best eBook torrenting sites for downloading eBooks for free. This site was earlier known as, but due to some reasons, the site has now changed to Bitsnoops. Top. It’s the world’s largest data collection website with more than 20+ million indexing torrent files of 369 sites with the highest volume of 35.22 PB database storage.

Bitsnoops has the world’s biggest community for downloading e-books online with more than 2+ million eBooks, which are available to download for free. Mostly you can find all types of books in this most massive online library. You can download the ebooks in the zip format, and you can extract the file on a PC or any smartphone and read it without any registration. You can download the eBooks by categories like audio, video, game, software, comics, etc. If you are looking for PDF format eBooks, this site is the best option to find yours here for a guarantee.

8. EZTV is a torrent website that allows users to share data using peer-to-peer file transfer with the BitTorrent protocol. The original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV claimed the ownership of their brand in 2015, which led the EZTV torrent site to shut down, and later it came back with a new domain name releasing its torrents.

This website has a large number of eBooks, and you’ll get most of the content similar to it. As it is a torrent website, registration is not mandatory for downloading eBooks. But registered users do have some privileges. This website has a simple UI, and it serves the content very fast. One of the significant disadvantages is that it’s annoying popup ads, which makes the user uncomfortable.

9. 02torrent

02Torrent is a new and excellent eBook torrenting website, popularly known as But this site is now redirected to the new domain name – However, this website has been changing its domain quite often. The user interface is straightforward and comes with a white background and a black menu bar.

You can download torrent files of Movies, Tv-Show, Music, Application, Games, Books, Anime, and much more. It also lets you quickly download your favorite eBook according to your interest. Most of the ebooks are for educational purposes. You can also download eBooks related to comics, fashion, magazines, history, and health.

10. Torrof is popularly known as Torrent off, a famous torrent site for downloading eBooks online for free. This site has a vast collection of 7.3+ million eBooks. And, in the book category, there are more than 60+ genres of books such as fiction, anime, comics, audio, video, non-fiction, educational, computers, drama, medical, and many more.

It would help if you typed your favorite eBook with title name, author name, or language in the search bar, and it will display the direct torrent link for downloading the file. Apart from eBooks, you can also download your favorite movies, games, TV shows, software, videos, etc., with just one click. This site only provides the original content and is strict in following the DMCA copyrights.

11. IsoHunts is the most used torrent site which has been around for the past ten years. Isohunts is an online torrenting site where users can browse, search, upload and download torrents of various types of files.

2016 was the most struggling year for almost all big torrent sites, including Kickass torrent, Pirate Bay, and other torrents. Most torrents were banned in many countries worldwide, though IsoHunts was around for a long time and has entered the top 10 list as the most visited website.

The current isoHunt version was replaced as from the original domain It was one of the most significant torrent search engines founded by Gary Fung in 2003. However, the website was closed because of lawsuits, and the owner had paid a $110 million fine three years ago. is the clone of the original isoHunt, but it doesn’t have the torrent files which were in the older version site. This site has a decent amount of eBooks for regular readers, and other than books, you can also download the torrent files such as TV shows, anime, games, movies, music, software, and other files.

12. WorldWideTorrent

After the demise of KickassTorrents and other big torrent sites, WorldWideTorrent came at the right time to fill the user needs with a lot of torrents. WorldWideTorrent is one of the best places to find and download eBooks, TV series, music, movies, games torrents, and many more.

You can find a lot of eBooks on this torrenting site. This site is more prevalent in delivering a unique collection of eBooks and is quite famous for its popular comics and cartoons. You can signup with your email-id for joining the forum, and additionally, you will get 2 points for every file you upload and 1 issue for rating the torrent.

You will see many popup ads that may be uncomfortable in browsing, and to get rid of those annoying ads, you need to be registered.

13. Demonoid

Demonoid is also one of the most used search engines among torrents. It has many torrent files to provide by itself, and it indexes the torrents in Google uploaded by its members. According to Alexa, In December 2010, Demonoid has ranked the 502nd most popular used website globally. This site has more than 10 million users and over 5 million torrents indexed till today.

However, this site got blocked in many countries, and the domain was replaced with Demonoid. PW, which is currently running on the proxy server. This torrent has nearly 20,000+ eBooks, and most of them are fiction, non-fiction, comics, and educational.

You can search for almost every eBook file you’re looking for. You can also apply filters for tracking the eBooks by quality, category, state, language, etc. You can also download the torrent files of movies, TV shows, music albums, comics, audiobooks, pictures, and much more.

14.  FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is the most popular online eBook torrent site to download free eBooks according to your interest. This site has more than 90 categories of eBooks. You need to register via email-id to download your favorite ebooks for free.

Though it doesn’t have a decent fiction ebook, it provides an extensive collection of non-fiction and educational eBooks like engineering, graphics, programming, computer, Psychology, etc., and you can also download comics, magazines, and newsletters from this site.

Apart from downloading, you can even share your eBooks with friends and receive feedback from them. You can also find your eBooks via title, author name, ISBN, and language, and you can also add your eBook after registration.

15. Ebookee

Ebookee is one of the best eBook torrent websites for avid readers, where you can find relevant links to numerous ebooks. Most of the users trust Ebookee, as it is an entirely legal website. You can find many eBooks such as Arts & Design, Audiobooks, Cultures & Languages, Home & Family, Law & Politics, Lyrics & Music, Software Related, and much more.

You need to register via email-id to manage your recently viewed eBooks, active users, and for downloading & viewing recently updated eBooks. You can also subscribe to notifications, updates & the latest releases. You can also check the top 10 eBooks, most seen books, subcategories, etc.


These were some of the best eBook torrent sites from which you can download tons of eBooks for entirely free. Although eBooks are instant to download and read anywhere you go, the paperback will give you a different experience that eBooks just can’t beat. So, What’s your favorite eBook torrenting site? And also suggest me some good books to read in the comment section below.



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