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Get to Know All About Eli Manning‘s 4 Awesome Kids: Ava, Lucy, Caroline and Charlie

As a two-time Super Bowl champion and MVP quarterback, Eli Manning is an NFL icon after his incredible 16-year run with the New York Giants. But Manning is also a family man who adores his four children with wife Abby McGrew. Let‘s dive in and get to know the Manning kids – Ava, Lucy, Caroline and Charlie!

Meet Ava Francis Manning – The Trailblazing Eldest

The Manning family‘s journey began on August 20, 2010 with the arrival of their first child, Ava Francis Manning. Now 12 years old, Ava has grown into a mature, multitalented young woman. As the eldest sibling, she sets an example for her brother and sisters.

A Leader On and Off the Field

At age 12, Ava already exhibits impressive leadership qualities. She takes initiative at school by participating in student government. Ava also leads on the field as captain of her youth basketball and soccer teams.

According to her coaches, Ava is a strong communicator who motivates her teammates. She has a natural confidence and competitive spirit much like her superstar dad.

Excelling Through Sports

Clearly, sports come naturally to Ava. She started playing soccer and basketball around age five and added softball a few years later. Ava quickly stood out for her speed, coordination and athletic intuition.

Now entering 7th grade, Ava continues to hone her skills as a multi-sport athlete. Last season, she led her basketball team in scoring and brought home a championship trophy. Ava‘s softball squad also recently claimed a regional title thanks in part to her stellar pitching.

With Ava‘s talents, some have speculated she could be the next Manning to play at the collegiate or professional level. But for now, she‘s focused on enjoying sports and developing as an athlete.

A Scholar With Diverse Interests

While dominating on the field, Ava also shines academically. She consistently makes honor roll while taking advanced classes. Ava shares her dad Eli‘s intellect, work ethic and determination to succeed.

Aside from sports, Ava immerses herself in various extracurricular activities. She discovered her creative side by acting in several school plays. Ava also learned profits go toward providing clean drinking water to those in need.

Clearly, Ava is a well-rounded individual. Her diverse interests and skills set her up for an impactful future, whatever path she chooses.

A Special Bond With Dad

As the oldest, Ava shares a unique relationship with her father Eli. He instilled in her a passion for sports and supported her athletic journey. They love analyzing game film together and trying new training techniques.

Eli and Ava also simply enjoy hanging out, whether they‘re fishing, playing board games, or watching movies. She accompanies him to speaking events and charity functions. Their father-daughter bond grows stronger each day.

With Ava entering her teen years, naturally some friction is to be expected. But the Mannings‘ open communication ensures any conflicts get resolved. Both Eli and Ava look forward to their continued adventures as she matures.

Get to Know Lucy Manning – The Free Spirit

On June 29, 2012, the Mannings‘ family expanded with the arrival of their second daughter, Lucy Thomas Manning. Now 10 years old, Lucy marches to the beat of her own drum. She‘s known for her vibrant creativity and kind heart.

Born to Perform

If there‘s a stage available, Lucy will find her way onto it! She began singing before she could talk and started dance lessons around age three. In school productions, Lucy thrills audiences with her pitch-perfect voice and graceful moves.

Lucy pursues the arts not for the applause, but for the sheer joy it brings her. She loves getting lost in imaginary worlds through make-believe games. Give Lucy a costume trunk and she‘ll put on a different persona every day.

While Lucy may not follow in her dad‘s athletic footsteps, Eli and Abby fully nurture her creative talents. They know Lucy‘s passion will empower her to do great things.

A Friend to All Creatures

Beyond performing, Lucy‘s other obsession is animals. There‘s no creature she won‘t try to befriend – dogs, cats, even snakes and lizards! Lucy‘s room is filled with books on animals and she frequents the local animal shelter just to play with the rescued pets.

According to her parents, Lucy‘s interactions reveal a wise, gentle spirit beyond her years. She has a sixth sense for understanding an animal‘s needs. One day Lucy hopes to turn her love for our furry, feathery and scaly friends into a career as a veterinarian or animal rescue worker.

The Peacemaker

As the middle child, Lucy helps bridge the age gap between her siblings. She looks up to Ava but also goes out of her way to nurture her little brother and sister. Lucy has a knack for soothing tensions among her siblings and making sure no one feels left out.

At school, Lucy stands up to bullies and befriends shy kids. Her teacher says she "radiates kindness" and wishes every student had Lucy‘s compassion.

While bold in spirit, Lucy is a peacemaker at heart. She reminds her family of what‘s truly important through simple acts of love.

Daddy‘s Little Trooper

Despite her girly pursuits, Lucy still shares a tight bond with her sports-obsessed dad. Their "date nights" include everything from shooting hoops to grabbing ice cream together.

Lucy shows her team spirit by faithfully attending Eli‘s Giants games. She was even by his side at his last NFL start before retirement. While not athletically inclined herself, Lucy is incredibly supportive of her dad‘s career.

As she grows older, Lucy will continue marching to her own beat. But the loving foundation Eli provides ensures she does so confidently.

Meet Caroline Manning – The Thoughtful Middle Child

On March 8, 2014, the Mannings welcomed their third daughter, Caroline Olivia. Now 8 years old, Caroline is a bright-eyed bookworm known for her thoughtfulness and curiosity.

A Pint-Sized Professor

While her older sisters thrive athletically, Caroline is most content curled up with a good book. By age five, she was reading short chapter books. Now in 3rd grade, Caroline plows through novels in her free time.

Caroline excels across all subjects in school but devours history and science books especially. Outside class, she‘s often researching random facts just for fun. Caroline enjoys stumping her family at the dinner table with questions like:

  • How many bones does an elephant have? (Over 200!)
  • What‘s the deepest part of the ocean? (The Mariana Trench at 36,000 feet deep!)

With her sponge-like mind, Caroline has the potential to grow into a professor, researcher or brilliant entrepreneur. Her intellectual curiosity knows no bounds!

The Family Helper

Beyond hitting the books, Caroline also stands out for her assisting nature. She‘s the sibling most likely to proactively help with chores and care for younger brother Charlie.

Caroline notices little ways to make life easier for her loved ones. She‘ll organize her siblings‘ backpacks before school or bring her worn-out dad a glass of water after a long day. Caroline‘s thoughtfulness makes the household run more smoothly.

According to her mom Abby, Caroline‘s empathy imprinted early. As a toddler, she would hug crying babies at the park. Today, Caroline is still the first to befriend a shy new student at school.

Adored By All

With her academic drive and caring personality, Caroline is beloved by classmates and teachers. She recently earned her school‘s "Great Citizen" award.

At home, Caroline‘s charms keep the peace between siblings. She looks up to Ava but also gently mentors Lucy and Charlie. Caroline is somewhat quiet by nature, but her compassion speaks volumes.

As she navigates the middle child years, Caroline continues to spread her light everywhere she goes. Her warmth provides comfort and guidance that her family treasures.

Guiding Dad Into a Tech-Savvy Lifestyle

While Eli Manning is football royalty, he‘s still getting up to speed on today‘s technologies. Caroline loves being her dad‘s teacher when it comes to the digital world.

She helps Eli with everything from loading apps on his phone to setting up his fantasy football online roster. Some of their funniest memories come from working through tech glitches together.

Caroline‘s technical know-how blended with Eli‘s sports knowledge makes for entertaining family bonding. Their relationship is a wonderful mix of silliness and mutual respect.

Say Hello to Charlie Manning – The Playful Youngest

On December 23, 2016, the Mannings were thrilled to finally welcome a baby boy, Charles Elisha Manning (nicknamed Charlie). Now 5 years old, Charlie brings giggles galore to the household as the adored youngest.

A High-Energy Force of Fun

Charlie is all-action, all the time – he runs, jumps, climbs and horseplays from dawn to dusk! Once he learned to walk, the whole house became Charlie‘s jungle gym.

Charlie especially loves being outdoors chasing balls, riding bikes or just getting dirty. He‘ll play fetch with the dog endlessly or make up games with his siblings. At family gatherings, Eli has to keep an eye on Charlie so he doesn‘t permanently bounce off the walls!

While rambunctious, Charlie also has a sweet innocence about him. His laughter and playfulness remind his family to not take life too seriously.

Growing Into a Sports Lover

As the long-awaited Manning son, Charlie seems genetically predisposed to sports greatness. By age two, he could throw mini footballs with shockingly good aim. Now at five, Charlie is learning tennis, golf and basketball fundamentals.

Charlie accompanies his dad to watch football and baseball. Seeing Eli‘s passion for sports rubs off on him. The two are already planning which positions Charlie will play someday.

But the Mannings are careful not to push Charlie too hard athletically at a young age. They want to keep sports fun for him on his own terms. So far, that‘s not hard – Charlie just loves being active!

Doted on By His Big Sisters

While Eli and Abby obviously adore Charlie, his three older sisters lavish him with affection. They proudly help teach him new skills and shower him with hugs.

Charlie looks up to his sisters but also knows how to twist them around his little finger! His toothy grin gets him out of trouble on a daily basis.

The sisters fight over who gets to sit by Charlie and he loves every minute. As the baby of the family, he‘ll continue to be doted on as he grows up.

Forging His Own Path

As the first Manning boy in generations, the world will be watching to see if Charlie continues the football dynasty. But his parents strive to let Charlie develop his own passions outside expectations.

For now, he‘s content just being a rambunctious little brother. In the years ahead, Charlie‘s enthusiasm can take him in many bright directions if nurtured well by Eli and Abby.

One thing‘s for sure – with his vibrant energy, Charlie Manning will make the most of whatever path he chooses!

Eli Manning: A League of His Own As a Family Man

While renowned as an elite NFL quarterback, Eli may be even more impressive in his role as a husband and father. He and Abby married in 2008 shortly after Eli was drafted by the Giants. They became parents two years later with Ava‘s birth.

Prioritizing Family Through Football Highs and Lows

Over 16 seasons with the Giants, Eli appeared in 236 games with 210 starts. He racked up 57,023 passing yards (a franchise record) and 366 touchdown passes en route to two Super Bowl wins. Eli‘s consistency and durability were unmatched.

But even during the most intense weeks of his playing career, Eli remained present with his young kids. Abby estimates Eli only missed 15 bedtime stories in 16 years! He frequently brought his children to the locker room after home games to share special moments.

Throughout Eli‘s ups and downs on the field, his commitment to family never wavered. His dad Archie provided an excellent role model of how to balance football and fatherhood.

Coaching His Own Little Athletes

Once his kids grew into sports, coaching became Eli‘s favorite pastime. He loved teaching them proper throwing mechanics and training with them one-on-one. Eli gets as fired up at their youth games as he did on NFL Sundays!

Eli takes pride in nurturing their skills but also emphasizes having the right attitude. He wants the kids staying positive and supporting each other, win or lose.

While Eli would love to see his children follow in his athletic footsteps, he encourages them to pursue their own dreams. The life lessons from sports, not future glory, are what‘s most important to Eli.

Cheering From the Sidelines

Since retiring after the 2019 season, Eli has relished his new schedule with more flexibility for family. He can now cheer from the sidelines at the kids‘ school and sports events.

Eli also chauffeurs the kids around town and helps out more at home. Regularly eating dinner together and attending church every Sunday keep the Mannings grounded.

Simpler moments like family bike rides or playing board games remind Eli of what he was missing all those years in the football grind. This new phase allows him to connect with his wife and children in fresh ways.

Passing Down the Manning Values

Above all, Eli aims to instill strong values in his children by his own example. He models integrity, resilience and strong faith. Eli treats all people with kindness, staying humble despite his fame.

The Mannings are devoted to community service, from serving meals at homeless shelters to raising funds for children‘s hospitals. Eli hopes to plant seeds of selflessness and compassion in his kids.

With parents like Eli and Abby setting the tone, the Manning children are sure to grow into thoughtful leaders. They are always encouraged to walk humbly, love boldly, and brighten the lives of others.

The Manning Legacy Lives on Through the Next Generation

When Eli Manning announced his retirement in January 2020 after 16 remarkable seasons, it marked the end of an era. The New York Giants would need to find a new franchise quarterback for the first time in over a decade.

But while Eli‘s playing days have concluded, his legacy very much lives on through his incredible influence on the game and through his four children:

By the Numbers: The Legendary Eli Manning Career

  • 16 seasons with the NY Giants (2004-2019)
  • 236 regular season games played
  • 210 starts ( Giants franchise record)
  • 57,023 passing yards (Giants franchise record)
  • 366 touchdown passes
  • 4 Pro Bowl selections
  • 2 Super Bowl MVP awards

Carrying the Manning Torch

The Manning football lineage runs deep. Eli‘s father Archie was an NFL quarterback for 13 years after a storied college career at Ole Miss.

Older brother Peyton, of course, is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history after his 18 years starring for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. He won two Super Bowls and holds the NFL record for career passing touchdowns (539) and yards (71,940).

So naturally, the world is watching to see if any of Eli‘s children eventually carry on the family tradition of football excellence. For now, the kids are focused on building their skills and enjoying their sports as children should. But Ava and Charlie especially show early athletic promise.

The Mannings won‘t push football on their kids; they want them to pave their own paths. But if one of them does dream of following Eli‘s footsteps to the NFL, they‘ll undoubtedly have amazing guidance along the way.

Championing Causes

On top of athletic prowess, Eli also passed down his spirit of helping others. All the Manning kids have inherited their parents‘ compassion and are involved in charity work.

They volunteer as a family at organizations like the Tackle Kids Cancer initiative and the New York Food Bank. The Mannings also founded the Eli Manning Children‘s Clinics in 2007, which have funded treatment for hundreds of sick children.

By serving their community and being role models, the Mannings are ensuring their legacy extends beyond the playing field.

Raising Kind, Principled Leaders

Most importantly, Eli and Abby are dedicated to raising children of integrity who will make a difference. The Mannings are instilling strong values like humility, resilience and respect for all.

With their parents‘ guidance, Ava, Lucy, Caroline and Charlie are growing into hardworking, principled and socially conscious individuals. They support each other‘s unique talents and cheer each other on.

The tight-knit Manning family inspires with their enduring love and character. Their future good works will continue Eli‘s legacy for generations to come.

So while Giants fans will miss seeing Eli Manning on the gridiron, his retirement is just the start of a whole new chapter. He now has the gift of time to guide his kids and watch his legacy shine through them.



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