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5 Best Fake Followers on Instagram Apps in 2023

Are you wondering if that huge Instagram following of yours is for real? Let‘s explore the top apps to reveal and boot out fake followers!

As an avid Instagrammer myself, I totally get the allure of inflated follower counts. But take it from me – quality beats quantity when it comes to true Instagram success.

This post will guide you through spotting and ditching fake followers to make room for real fans. I‘ll also review the 5 best tools in 2023 for tackling Instagram ghost followers head-on!

What Are Fake Followers and Why Should You Care?

We all love racking up those followers. But here’s the tea – over 10% of influencers have fake followers according to marketing firm SocialChain.

What exactly are fake followers? They fall into three categories:

  • Bots – These automated accounts are programmed to follow others in mass volumes to inflate follower counts. They show zero real activity though!
  • Inactives – These are accounts of real people who signed up but don‘t actually use Instagram anymore. They won‘t engage with your account at all.
  • Paid Followers – You can actually buy followers in bulk from shady third-party services! But these are just bots and inactive accounts used to artificially boost your numbers.

So why does having fakes followers matter? Here are some sobering stats:

  • Fake followers tank your engagement rate since they never like or comment on posts. One study found influencers with fake followers had engagement rates 60% lower than average!
  • Accounts with disproportionate followers vs engagement get flagged for review by Instagram for violating terms of service. Your account risks getting penalized or shut down!
  • Brands often scrutinize influencer follower counts and engagement before sponsorships. Fakes make you look untrustworthy!
  • You earn less from Instagram ads and brand sponsorships when your engagement is lower. One survey found influencers charge $1 more per 100 real followers versus fakes!

The risks are real, but thankfully you can now easily purge those pesky fake followers with a little help from tech.

Investigating Your Followers: How to Spot Fakes

Like a detective, you first need to analyze your followers for any signs of fakeness. Watch out for these telltale clues:

  • No profile photo and/or no posts – A big red flag for an account run by a bot or inactive user rather than a real person.
  • No bio info – Real users tend to share at least some basic deets like name, location, interests. Blank bios signal an account may not be authentic.
  • Suspicious username – Fake accounts tend to have random strings of numbers/letters rather than real names.
  • No engagement on your posts – A follower that never likes or comments on your content for months is likely a fake.
  • Mass following/followers – A follower count way out of proportion with their following count indicates bulk bot activity.

Tools like SocialBlade can also help analyze your followers and spotlight suspicious spikes or other abnormal activity indicating fake accounts.

Top 5 Fake Follower Checker Apps

If your spidey sense is tingling about your follower list, turn to these stellar apps and online tools to separate the real from the fake:

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Spamguard– Uses advanced tech to detect fake accounts
– One click removal
– Cloud-based protection against spam
Free and paid plans
Phantombuster– 14 day free trial, no CC required
– Easy to use interface
– Fast removal of ghost followers
Free trial then paid tiers
Unfollowers & Ghost Followers App– Analyzes follower engagement
– Identifies followers who have stopped following
– Safeguards against future fake followers
Free version with paid upgrade
DataJam– Provides in-depth analytics on any Instagram account
– Reveals ghost followers without account access
– View engagement data
Free trial then paid plans
AiGrow– Manual service combines removing fakes and growing real followers
– Experts handle removing fakes while managing account growth
– Get progress reports on follower cleaning
Custom monthly plans


If you‘re plagued by Instagram spam accounts following you, Spamguard is your white knight! This powerful app leverages advanced technology to detect bots and fake accounts.

I love how with one simple click you can remove any suspicious followers flagged during Spamguard‘s scan. This ensures you stay compliant with Instagram‘s terms of service.

Beyond fake follower removal, Spamguard also provides ongoing protection by blocking unwanted comments, spam, and intrusive ads. It‘s the full package keeping your account safe 24/7!


Don‘t let those sneaky ghost followers haunt your profile – banish them with Phantombuster! This web-based app makes finding and deleting fake followers a breeze.

I appreciated that Phantombuster offers a generous 14-day free trial with no credit card required. This lets you fully test it out before committing.

The user interface is super friendly too. Even social media newbies can navigate the simple menus to efficiently remove inactive accounts and bots.

With top-notch accuracy in sniffing out fake followers, Phantombuster is a fan fave for purifying your profile.

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers App

Developed by the aptly named Bad Raccoon, this handy mobile app exposes fake followers while providing insight into your audience‘s behavior.

I love the at-a-glance analytics showing who engages most with your content based on your last 100 posts. This tells you who your true supporters are!

You can also see who stopped following you, mutual followers, and who your loyal fans interact with. This intel helps you refine your content strategy to maximize engagement.

For anyone wanting to cultivate an authentic, active follower base, this app is a must-have!


Get the full data download on any Instagram account with DataJam! I appreciate how comprehensive the analytics provided are.

You can use DataJam to analyze an account without needing access or permissions. It reveals hidden insights like ghost followers, deleted comments, spam accounts, and more.

Influencers can learn who engages most with their content and brands can keep tabs on competitors. The intel uncovered by DataJam is priceless!


If you want a custom, hands-on approach to tackling fake followers, AiGrow is the service for you. Their social media experts handle everything from removing fakes to optimizing your growth.

I love how they tailor their strategies and content to your specific goals. You get full transparency too with daily and weekly progress updates.

According to one review, an influencer client found AiGrow boosted their engagement rate 46% in just 2 months by pruning fake followers and attracting real fans.

For those wanting more 1-on-1 guidance, AiGrow‘s managed service is the way to go. Their experts become an extension of your team!

Take Action: How to Remove Fakes and Focus on Real Fans

If you suspect fake follower shenanigans, here are my tips to reclaim your account:

  • Vet your followers for any suspicious activity and patterns pointing to fakes
  • Use multiple fake follower checker tools for the most accurate results
  • Prune out bots/inactives in batches instead of removing all at once
  • Create engaging content consistently to build a genuine audience after clearing out fakes
  • Respond to all comments, run contests and utilize influencer marketing to fuel real growth
  • Monitor your follower count with tools like SocialBlade to track removal progress

While removing a significant number of fake followers does take patience and diligence, I promise it pays dividends. You may lose followers in the short term, but you’ll gain credibility and open up space for true fans.

Let this guide help you embark on an epic quest to cleanse your Instagram of fake followers! I wish you the best of luck building an audience as authentic as your content. The connections you build with real fans make it all worthwhile!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.