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Finding Love and Starting a Family Just Got Easier – A Sims Freeplay Relationship Guide

So you want to know how to get a partner and start a family in Sims Freeplay? You‘ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the relationship stages, provide tips to find your Sims‘ soulmates, and explain how to get married and have babies in Sims Freeplay.

How Do You Get a Partner on Sims Freeplay?

Getting a life partner in Sims Freeplay requires moving through the romance levels, maximizing your relationship score with another Sim, and eventually getting married.

Here is the basic process:

  • Meet other Sims – Have your single Sim chat, joke, and build friendships with potential partners. Attend parties to meet new Sims.

  • Ask to date – Once you reach a high enough friendship, you can take it further by choosing "Ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend."

  • Increase romance – Use socials like "Be Romantic" and Woohoo to boost your romance bar.

  • Propose – When your relationship is maxed out, propose and buy a ring to get engaged!

  • Get married – Maintain the romance, then select the "Here Comes the Wedding" event to make it official.

It takes time and effort, but follow these steps and your Sims will find their perfect match. Keep reading for more details on maximizing your relationships on the way to the altar.

Navigating the Stages of Romance

The path to lifelong partnership starts with building a connection. Here are the romance levels your Sims will progress through:

Budding Romance

This initial interest phase is reached by having Sims chat, tell jokes, gossip, and generally have positive social interactions. Think of it as a friendship with chemistry. Boost it further by:

  • Having long conversations to fully fill the chat bubble
  • Exchanging phone numbers using the "Exchange Numbers" social
  • Working together on skills like cooking or guitar

You‘ll know you reached this stage when you unlock romantic socials like "Be Romantic."


Time to get exclusive! Once your Budding Romance meter reaches around 30-50% full, you can take it to the next level by choosing "Ask to Be Boyfriend/Girlfriend."

Accepting this turns your coupling into official Dating status. To boost this:

  • Go on formal dates using the "Plan Date" social
  • Select romantic options like "Make a Move" or "First Kiss"
  • Woohoo once or twice at home

Dating provides major relationship gains that get you closer and closer to marriage material!


This is the maximum romance level, showing your Sims are fully committed life partners.

Keep using romantic socials and Woohoo to fill the Partners bar. Once maxed out, you can finally propose and pop the question! Some recommend getting the bar at least 90% full before proposing.

Tables Comparing Romance Levels

Romance Level Cheat Sheet

LevelActions to UnlockHow to Boost
Budding RomanceFriendly chat, jokes, laugh, gossip. Exchange numbers.Long conversations, skill building, parties.
DatingReach ~30% friendship, use "Ask to Date" socialDates, romantic socials like "First Kiss", some Woohoo.
PartnersHigh dating relationship + romantic socialsMax out romance bar with consistent Woohoo and romantic options.

Socials to Boost Each Stage

StageEffective Socials
Budding RomanceChat, Tell Joke, Exchange Numbers
DatingPlan Date, Make a Move, WooHoo
PartnersBe Romantic, WooHoo, Make Love

Popping the Question and Proposing Marriage

Your Sim is head over heels for their dating partner. You‘ve maxed out the romance bar to reach Partner status. Now it‘s time for the big moment – the marriage proposal!

Follow these steps for a successful Sims Freeplay proposal:

  • Purchase a Wedding Ring item from the wedding store
  • Ensure your proposing Sim has enough Lifetime Happiness points to purchase the Perk "Marriage"
  • Select your desired partner Sim and choose the "Propose Marriage" social
  • Hope they accept! If so, you are now engaged.

Your fiancés need to keep working on their relationship. Continue romantic interactions to maintain that high romance bar.

When you‘re ready, set up a Wedding Arch, Floral Pillar, and Windowed Rose Lattice objects in your yard. Then you can select the "Here Comes the Wedding" event from your engaged Sim.

Run through this event chain and your Sims will be happily married! Now onto the next relationship stage – kids!

Managing Multiple Partners and Jealousy

Can your Sims play the field with multiple boyfriends and girlfriends? Absolutely! Here are tips for handling lots of partners:

  • Sims can date as many partners as they want, but only have one fiancé/fiancée.

  • Once married, they can still Woohoo with other Sims. But beware! Their spouse will get very jealous if they witness the affair.

  • Keep your true love interest at home and send secondary partners elsewhere when you need privacy. The zoning helps avoid confrontations.

  • To reduce family drama, consider having a single Sim fulfill their player needs. Then focus your married Sim on one partner.

Bottom line – playing the field is allowed, but discretion is advised! Prioritize one Sim for your walk down the aisle.

Unlocking Pregnancy and Having Babies

Once married, it‘s time to start a family! Here are tips on getting pregnant and having babies in Sims Freeplay:

Unlocking Pregnancy

  • Complete the "A Bumpy Ride" discovery quest to build the Maternity Store

  • Adult female Sims can get pregnant, no marriage required!

  • Select the "Try for Baby" social option, or simply Woohoo with a male Sim

  • Morning sickness and mood swings will start shortly after conception

The Pregnancy Period

  • Gestation lasts around 3-5 Sim days

  • Use the "Listen to Baby" and other pregnancy socials

  • Expect lots of napping, peeing, and food cravings!

  • At the end, a bassinet arrival triggers the birth

Caring for the Baby

  • The infant needs feeding, rocking, playing with, and diaper changes.

  • Crying babies make for moody, stressed parents! Take shifts caring for needs.

  • After a few days, the baby becomes a child Sim that can move around.

Having babies takes patience, but the work is well worth it to grow your Sims family. Now onto tips for speeding up the pregnancy process!

Speeding Up Pregnancy with Cheats

Waiting real-time days for Sim pregnancy to progress can feel like forever. Use these secret cheats to fast-forward through the trimesters:

  • add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1 – Instantly enters 2nd trimester

  • add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2 – Speeds up to 3rd trimester

  • add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3 – Triggers labor immediately

Be warned – using these can glitch your game if overdone. But judiciously applied, they immensely shorten the pregnancy waiting game.

Same-Sex Couples and Unconventional Families

The Sims Freeplay provides excellent options for same-sex couples and non-traditional families, including:

  • Same-sex Sims couples can fall in love, get married, and be romantic just like anyone. Love is love!

  • Gay and lesbian married couples can adopt children through the Adoption Agency building.

  • Single parent households are fully supported. A solo Sim can adopt or use the "Add a Baby" crib option.

  • However, only male-female couples can conceive biological children. Same-sex pregnancy is not possible currently.

So while natural conception requires traditional gender pairings, adoption and assisted birth support all loving families. The Sims Freeplay provides great flexibility.

Choosing Baby Gender and Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy

Many players want to select their baby‘s gender or influence the odds of having a boy vs girl. While natural conception is random, some tips may help sway chances:

  • Try to conceive on specific ovulation days – Days 1-2 favor males, while 4-5 favor females.

  • Eat strawberries and listen to alternative music to improve odds of a girl.

  • Eat carrots and listen to pop music to increase chances of having a boy.

  • Stay rested, energized, and minimally stressed during the pregnancy to avoid complications.

Though not guaranteed, these gender selection folklore tips are fun to try!

Final Thoughts

Finding your soulmate, exchanging vows, and starting a family are magical life events – even for virtual Sims! Follow this guide to smoothly navigate the relationship stages in Sims Freeplay. From first flirtations to pregnancy cravings, we‘ve got you covered.

With these tips, your Sims are sure to find lifelong partners and raise happy, healthy children. Bring some more love and joy to your Sims‘ lives!

Wishing you success in love and happiness in parenting!



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