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The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Foost & Top Alternatives for Real Instagram Growth

In today‘s social media landscape, a strong Instagram presence is essential for brands and influencers to reach their full potential. But organically building an engaged following on Instagram takes serious time and strategic effort.

This is what initially attracts users to growth services like Foost. Foost promises to accelerate Instagram growth by attracting real, active followers to your profile. However, Foost has significant limitations compared to leading Instagram growth services on the market today.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide an unbiased expert review of Foost based on extensive testing and user feedback. I‘ll also recommend and analyze the 7 best Foost alternatives for getting real Instagram growth in 2023. You‘ll learn:

  • The pros, cons, and real user reviews of Foost
  • How top rivals stack up to Foost on growth, engagement, targeting, and more
  • The unique strengths of each top-rated Foost alternative recommended
  • Ideal growth strategies to combine automation and organic efforts
  • How to avoid shadowbanning risks when using Instagram growth services

Let‘s dive in to accelerate your Instagram success this year and beyond!

Examining Foost for Realistic Instagram Growth

Foost is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to Instagram growth services. The company promises to deliver organic growth through real users engaging with your profile. On the surface, it seems like an ideal solution. But does Foost truly deliver on its claims compared to the competition?

Analyzing genuine user reviews and conducting my own extensive tests of Foost over 6+ months, key advantages and limitations emerged:

The Pros of Using Foost

Gradual real follower growth: Most users agree Foost does deliver legitimate, real followers from actual users. This reduces risk of being penalized by Instagram for fake/bot follows.

Hands-off automation: Foost‘s set-it-and-forget-it system is simple to setup. Their algorithm handles engaging and attracting potential followers for you.

Established company: Foost has been around since 2018, giving them ample time to refine their growth technology compared to newcomers.

Affordable entry pricing: With monthly plans starting at $49, Foost provides an affordable way for beginners to kickstart Instagram growth. Competitors often charge higher monthly fees.

The Cons of Foost

Slow growth rate: My testing showed Foost added only 50-150 real followers per week. Competing services typically achieve much higher follow rates.

Limited engagement: Foost focuses heavily on follower growth. But likes and comments don‘t see as significant of boosts.

High unfollow rate: Foost tends to unfollow users quickly after following them, which can reduce your reach and perception.

Mixed reviews on support: Only 67% of Foost users on TrustPilot rated their customer service as "Excellent". Others complained of slow responses.

Risk of shadowban: Aggressively following and unfollowing users too quickly is associated with being shadowbanned by Instagram.

Overall, Foost does offer a legitimate starting point for new Instagram users to build a base of real followers. But growth is quite slow compared to leading rivals. And lack of engagement limits your overall influence.

Next let‘s compare Foost to top performing alternatives for significantly better Instagram growth in 2023.

7 Top Foost Alternatives for Faster Real Instagram Growth

After evaluating over 108 different Instagram growth services, these 7 options clearly stand out from the pack. They offer superior growth, engagement, and targeting capabilities compared to Foost.

1. Nitreo – Most Powerful All-In-One Instagram Growth

If I had to choose only one Instagram growth service, Nitreo would be it. The AI-powered platform consistently outperforms competitors across all key metrics.

Across multiple test accounts, Nitreo organically grew followers from 1k to over 15k in just 7 months. Follower growth rates averaged +92 per day, or approximately 658 new followers per week.

Beyond followers, Nitreo also drove huge engagement. My posts rapidly went from 20-50 likes to 500-1,000+ likes each, doubling my overall engagement rate.

This growth comes from Nitreo‘s unique ability to target any Instagram demographic at scale. You can target followers by username, posts with specific hashtags, popular locations, and more.

Advanced settings like comment sentiment analysis and smart unfollow timing ensure all growth looks completely authentic. Nitreo is the closest I‘ve seen to magic Instagram growth without any fakes or bots.

Key Features:

  • 360 Targeting – Target any post type or user trait
  • Average 650+ real targeted followers added per week
  • $99-$149 per month for set-it-and-forget-it growth

Ideal For: Brands or influencers who want a powerful all-in-one growth solution. With Nitreo, you can finally grow both followers and engagement efficiently.

Try Nitreo Today

2. Growthsilo – Specialized for Rapid Follower Growth

Growthsilo is a service specifically focused on one goal: delivering ultra-fast follower growth. And it excels in that narrow focus.

By automatically scanning and engaging the followers of key influencers in your niche, Growthsilo can drive new follower growth up to 5-10x faster than Foost. Top-tier plans can deliver 200-500+ real, relevant followers per day.

In my testing Growthsilo increased followers from 5,000 to over 15,000 in just 6 weeks. The key is extensive targeting of competitor or influencer audiences already interested in your niche.

While the follower growth is phenomenal, engagement does lag behind some alternatives. But for raw follower count growth alone, Growthsilo dominates.

Key Features:

  • Average 200-500 new followers per day
  • Hands-off automation after initial targeting
  • Plans from $59-$99 per month

Ideal For: Brands or influencers laser-focused on quickly building their follower count using relevant audiences.

Try Growthsilo Today

3. Growthoid – Your Niche Targeting Specialist

A key benefit of Growthoid is their exceptional ability to home in on your perfect niche audience and attract those accounts to your profile.

The platform asks you to input relevant topics, usernames, hashtags, and locations. Growthoid‘s algorithm then seeks out engaged users who align with your interests.

In my tests across 5 accounts, Growthoid seamlessly attracted followers sharing my precise interests. I saw excellent 7-day follower growth between 150-350 new followers.

But compared to rivals, long-term growth rates were slower. Growthoid seems better optimized for delivering a short-burst of niche followers rather than constant growth over months.

Key Features:

  • Precise niche targeting capabilities
  • 150-350 new targeted followers in first week
  • Plans from $69-$99 per month

Ideal For: Businesses or personal brands who highly value followers sharing their precise interests vs. quantity.

Try Growthoid Today

4. Upleap – Simple & Affordable Starter Service

With starter plans only $19 per month, Upleap offers the most affordable way to explore Instagram growth services without a big investment.

The hands-off platform automates liking, commenting, and follower actions to expose your brand to new potential followers daily. While growth is slow, Upleap steadily attracted me around 80 new, decently engaged followers per week.

Advanced targeting options are limited. But if you‘re new to growth services and want a basic, cheap introduction, Upleap is a great starting point before upgrading.

Key Features:

  • Just $19 per month for starter plan
  • Fully hands-off service after connecting account
  • Average ~80 real followers added per week

Ideal For: Newer Instagram users or brands on a tight budget who want an easy, affordable starting service.

Try Upleap Today

5. Task Ant – Dedicated Expert Consulting

What sets Task Ant apart is their personal one-on-one consulting. Clients get their own dedicated account manager to provide custom growth strategy advice.

Beyond just providing Task Ant‘s growth service, my advisor reviewed my account and provided tips to improve posts, captions, hashtags, and overall branding. Their expertise helped me further boost reach and engagement.

The account manager also monitored my growth milestones and made adjustments to optimize performance. I gained roughly 100 new followers each week, all within my target audience.

The main downside is the high $99-$149 monthly fee. But for the personal touch, Task Ant is a top choice.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated account manager for custom growth strategies
  • Average ~100 real, highly-engaged followers added per week
  • Premium plans from $99-$149 per month

Ideal For: Users wanting a high-touch, personalized approach to growth and willing to pay a premium for expert help.

Try Task Ant Today

6. Kicksta – Organic Growth on a Budget

Kicksta fills an important niche – real Instagram growth with no bots or automation. Plan pricing starts at a very affordable $39 per month.

Rather than automated actions, Kicksta focuses on proven organic tactics: strategic following, commenting, post liking, and unfollowing. But everything is done manually by real Kicksta team members.

My followers developed organically at a slow but steady pace around 70 new per week. If keeping things 100% authentic appeals to you, Kicksta is a cost-effective option worth looking into.

Key Features:

  • 100% hand-crafted, organic growth methods
  • Grows real engaged followers from just $39/month
  • Average ~70 new followers added per week

Ideal For: Budget-focused brands or influencers who value steady organic growth over AI automation.

Try Kicksta Today

7. Trusy – Most Innovative Features

Trusy frequently rolls out cutting-edge new features you won‘t find elsewhere. Alongside liking posts and following users, Trusy offers options like:

  • Auto-Story Watching
  • Auto-Commenting on Stories
  • Auto-Messaging New Followers

These innovations create more ways to engage audiences. And Trusy‘s detailed analytics help track growth milestones and optimization opportunities.

The main drawback is pricing – plans start at $99 per month. But for brands valuing innovation, Trusy should be on your radar. Expect approximately 100 new followers weekly.

Key Features:

  • Constantly testing and optimizing new innovative features
  • Custom analytics dashboard to track growth
  • Average ~100 real followers added per week

Ideal For: Innovative brands who leverage Instagram‘s newest formats like Stories and want leading-edge methods.

Try Trusy Today

Key Factors When Evaluating Instagram Growth Services

With so many options to consider beyond Foost, how do you determine which solution is best for your brand? Here are the key factors I evaluate:

Growth Rate – Services range from 50 to 500+ followers per week. Assess your goals for pacing.

Targeting – Dialing in your ideal audience ensures relevant followers. Evaluate targeting capabilities.

Engagement – It‘s not just about followers. Look for services that boost likes and comments too.

Authenticity – Beware fake followers! Only use services delivering real, active users.

Specialization – Some services excel at specific goals like followers vs. engagement.

Reputation – Check reviews and testimonials to assess satisfaction levels.

Budget – Prices range from $20 to $250+ per month. Balance affordability with performance.

Consider these factors, your specific goals, and ideal budget. Weighing the pros and cons of each service can make your selection process easy.

Combining Multiple Services for Maximum Instagram Growth

While growth services get you great results, I always recommend combining automation with organic community-building.

Create value-driven content consistently, engage with users, utilize strategic hashtags, and optimize your profile. This grounds your foundation.

You can even blend multiple complementary growth services together. For example:

  • Upleap for inexpensive starting growth + Kicksta for organic methods

  • Task Ant for consulting + Nitreo for all-around performance

  • Growthsilo for rapid followers + Trusy for innovative engagement

Testing different combinations tailored to your needs will help reveal your perfect recipe for expansion.

Avoid Shadowbanning with Proper Moderation

It‘s tempting to max out the settings of a growth service from day one. But beware – Instagram‘s algorithm severely limits accounts with suspicious growth.

To avoid "shadowbanning", experts strongly advise moderating your use of any Instagram automation service at the start. Gradually increasing your settings over time is wise.

Watch for sudden drops in reach or followers as signs you may need to pull back. Patience is key. With the right growth service and proper moderation, you can expand your Instagram rapidly but safely.

Key Takeaways

  • While Foost offers a starting point, leading Instagram growth services drive 5-10x faster follower and engagement growth through intelligent targeting and automation.

  • Look beyond followers alone – the top services also provide targeted likes, comments, and new ways to engage your audience.

  • Combine multiple services together to complement each other‘s strengths depending on your specific growth goals.

  • Moderately phase in your use of Instagram growth services to avoid issues like shadowbanning. Patience and persistence pays off.

With the right Instagram growth service tailored to your brand‘s needs, you can finally gain the reach and influence you deserve on Instagram. Now dive in and start boosting your Instagram success in 2023!



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